About Princess Elizabeth

I am a stay at home momma of a beautiful princess who just turned 7, 
and a very handsome 21 year old prince… 
(omg! just typing that made me feel old!! lol) 
I live in Sin City and am transplanted from Texas.  
I am a Texas girl forever! 
My first memories were sitting next to my Daddy in the living room and being read too.  I began reading at a ridiculous early age, and spent most of my free time growing up sitting next to my Daddy on the living room couch reading.  We would literally spend the entire day doing nothing but living in the book world and spending time together.  My Daddy has past on many moons ago, but he instilled in me this passion and I am eternally thankful! 
Luv u Daddy! 
(R.I.P. 6/1/85)
I love to read pretty much everything.  I have gone through so many genres from biographies and history, to western and horror.  I was deep into Stephen King for many years, and I once literally pulled a back muscle while I read His book The Long Walk in one sitting!  For the past few years, (thanks to my friend and author Kahlen Aymes…xox) I am seriously into romance novels of all kinds… especially the angsty, want to throw my ipad across the room kind of books!  I also enjoy the swoon worthy and darker stories (blushing now) but shhhhh… hubby would be shocked so it’s our little secret! 
I am pleased as punch and tickled pink about our blog… 

I hope you enjoy this site as much as we love reading!


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