About Princess Emma

Born in Manchester in the late 70’s but bred in the very southern and leafy Hampshire, England. I am your typical English lady… (Yeah ok, that may be pushing it a little) I am a stay at home Mummy to my Son Harry who is 8 and my very strong minded daughter Elysa who is 5…. going on 25. Married to my teenage sweetheart, I enjoy spending time at my family holiday home in the beautiful Dorset, going to the gym and of course reading.
Reading is truly in my genes. My father is a huge reader and I grew up surrounded by books and visiting 2nd hand bookstores with him. I have loved reading from an early age and my first books were childhood classics such as Enid Blyton stories and Little House on the Prairie to name but a few. When my teenage years crept up on me I discovered and read the complete Sweet Valley High series. I can remember saving up my money just to buy the next one, and having to wait until I had enough pennies to get my next instalment.
Teenage fun, party’s, exam’s, college, work and finally becoming a mother reduced my reading to holidays; but I always crammed as much in as possible… There is nothing quite like a bit of Jackie Collins smut beside the Mediterranean.
It has been said by many people and without it sounding cliché, my passion for books was reignited  when a certain Christian Grey entered my life. I had to see what all this fuss was about and it truly made me realise that the written word is the most entertaining medium for me. It lets my imagination flow and a good book really sucks me into it’s bubble; it is my escapism and I go nowhere without my kindle. I have got very skilled at doing everyday tasks such as cooking with 1 hand.
My reading soon became something more when I started reading Indie authors. I discovered new genres, (my ultimate favourite being MC romance) started joining forums and liking blog and author pages on social media. I soon found myself beta reading for a very talented Indie author and discovered that actually my passion was becoming something that I was quite skilled at myself. Let me say now that, I certainly don’t possess the skills to write a book myself, but I begun to enjoy reviewing books and this led to an introduction to the lovely Kelly through a mutual friend.
I can’t begin to tell you how honoured I am to have joined Elizabeth and Kelly  at Perusing Princesses. I am feeding my passion and hopefully helping fellow book lovers select and enjoy the amazing variety of books that we have at the click of our fingers.
My Name is Emma, and I happy to call my self a complete and utter reading addict! 


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