See Through Me by Sera Bright

only one person I want to see when I return home. But I know he won’t be
waiting. It’s the reason I feel safe enough to come back.

I’m so wrong.

Ash isn’t the same quiet boy from next door. He’s tall, dark, and demanding
answers. He wants me, but he doesn’t trust me. Who can blame him? When his own
family tried to break him down, he still sheltered me in this town full of
liars. And I repaid it by leaving him without a word.

But I’ll do anything to protect him. I have the scars on my wrist to prove it.

NOT a standalone novel. There are always two sides to every tale, and this is
Katie’s story.

Contains strong language, sexual situations, and mature themes. This novel is
not intended for readers under the age of 17.

breeze rose up and my hair fluttered into my face, covering my eyes. I brushed
the strands away while Ash reached toward me to do the very same thing. He
quickly lowered his arm to his side. My whole body pulsed in disappointment,
and it struck me how this was a split-second snapshot of our story.
I attempted to walk away, but he braced his other arm on the wall, blocking me
from leaving. I forced myself to look at him. Really look at him, and let him
look at me. I owed him that much. His gaze stayed on my eyes, daring me to hold
the connection.

To my surprise, his face had changed. Ash was always handsome, but his face had
taken an edge, losing some of the softness of youth. Only his eyes were the
same, starbursts of green and gold framed in thick dark lashes. But the shape
of his jaw was stronger. His cheekbones sharper.

I bit the inside of my lip. His nose wasn’t blade straight anymore. There was a
slight tilt and bump, as if it had been broken. And a small pink scar over one
of his eyebrows. Possessiveness overtook my thoughts. I wanted to know what
happened, who hurt him and where I could find them so I could tear them apart
myself. I gave myself a mental shake. He wasn’t mine to be possessive about. Or
maybe I meant obsessive.

“We need to talk,” he demanded. “You made me think you left for Michigan when
you took off.”

“You know how I am.” I tilted my head to hide the fact I was lying to his face
again. “I just decided at the last minute, and didn’t think.”

“Bullshit.” He leaned in closer. The air thickened as his breath tickled my
cheek.“ Changed your phone number and deleted your email accounts at the last
minute, too?”

I’m not plotting elaborate schemes in my head, I’m having a fabulous time with
my own real life story. That’s what happens when you have three awesome kids,
two fluffy (useless) cats, and one very patient husband. Currently, we live in
the mountains of West Virginia. 

I can cook like a fiend but prefer to eat doughnuts with sprinkles for
breakfast. Sprinkles make everything taste better. An avid reader of all
genres, I shamelessly admit romance will always be my favorite. And while I
enjoy the safe and familiar, I’m always up for an adventure.

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