Princess Emma’s Review of Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

Rough Justice (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcyle Club, #1) by Sarah Castille

Rough Justice by Sarah Castille


Emma Allsop – Perusing Princesses‘s review 

Feb 18, 15

Read from February 11 to 13, 2015

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Book 1 in the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series.

Arianne Hunter has lived her whole life surrounded by big bad biker men. The daughter of the infamous president of the Black Jacks MC; she is determined to not just escape the clutches of Viper but also bikers and the outlaw life they live in. Desperate to save her younger brother Jeff so that they can escape to Canada and seek help for his serious drug addictions, she finds herself following him as he takes part in a suicidal mission that Viper has sent him on. Instead of saving him she ends up being the one in a whole world of danger. Captured by her father’s rivals, The Sinner’s Tribe and more specifically their president the very hot Jagger, she must convince them that she is just an innocent in what is a declaration of war.

With a member dead, weapons missing and his club house in ashes, Jagger knows that The Black Jack’s are breaking the terms of the pact that has kept peace between the two clubs. War has been declared and he has to triumph to ensure his clubs reputation remains as the dominant club in Montana. What he doesn’t need is a woman to get in the way; especially his enemies blood. He has lost one woman to the world he lives in and stays away from relationships to protect himself and women from the threats that living this life brings. Arianne though captivates him, he believes her against his brothers better judgement and he will make her his; if only he convince her of that.

With a war imminent, a father determined to hang onto a daughter that hates him and a club suspicious of motives; finding a HEA is not going to be easy. Betrayal, trust and loyalty will play a part, but who will be victorious?

This was a great start to a new MC series. It is packed to the rafters with club politics and club life is very much the lead in this book. The relationship between Jagger and Arianne is a slow burn to a degree. The attraction is immediate but they aren’t bang on it straight away, like you tend to find in so many books regardless of genre. They both have reasons for keeping their distance and the book explores them throughout; as well as giving you a taste of steam that you would expect. If I am being super picky, I found it a little slow in parts, but the author certainly builds up to an exciting crescendo and the last 15% is a very exciting dash to the finish.

I loved both main protagonists. They have depth and Sarah really has put a lot of thought into the back stories that she created for them. She has also created a great cast of secondary characters and it has certainly left me looking forward to their stories; specifically Dawn, Cade and Zane’s.

A club focused new addition to the popular MC romance genre. An enjoyable read that will leave you looking forward to book 2.

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