Reveal by Elle Brooks – Princess Review

My GOD!! Elle’s brain… I just want to crawl in there and stay forever!!!
Reveal is amazing… it is original, fresh, sexy, gritty, suspenseful… and HOT!!
You are immediately sucked into the story!!  
And then you have to hang on for the ride…
The characters are amazing.. 
you just connect from the first page.. 
and you live each scene out as if you were there!!
Literally all the feels, heart stopping breathless feels!!

This story is about a dancer… Robyn
She is in a really bad way.. her boyfriend Daniel up and left her, 
but he also left her in a heap of trouble owing money to loan sharks.
She needs to work, and isn’t catching a break!
A friend gets her an audition at a Burlesque club.

She immediately meets 2 men.. Cole and Callum.
Cole she meets by drenching him in coffee.
Callum is her new boss.
The last thing she needs is to get in a new relationship.
oh.. but fate is a very twisted lady sometimes..
This story goes in directions you never expect.
and has your heart in your throat
with everything that happens!

I don’t want to give anything away… so read it!

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