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Hidden in the Stars (H.I.T.S) 
Book 2 in The Falling Stars Series
Jackson Shaw is the lead rhythm guitarist for the chart topping rock band The Forgotten.  He’s also the step-brother of their lead singer, Christopher Mason. Jack’s had his heart shredded by a girl he thought was The One. Drowning his heartache in alcohol, women, and drugs, Jack hides his heart in a sea of fellow stars.

That is, until he meets Miz Liz. A woman who’s perfected the art of teasing and ensnaring her audience with leather, lace, satin, and a voice like a siren’s call.  She turns on all the right body parts, but also rejuvenates one particular muscle in his chest that he was sure he could keep hidden.

Eliza Campbell is a single mother who will do whatever it takes to support her family.  Even if that means giving up on the dreams she’s had since she was a child. Stubbornly independent at times, Liza’s carefully scheduled days and plans aren’t ready for almost seven feet of dirty, rocking, tattoo covered Jackson Shaw.  But then again, one night won’t change everything.

(language & sexual content warning)

His eyes narrow on mine. The left side of his mouth twitches devilishly. My hands tighten on the chair just before it disappears, slamming to the floor next to Bethany. She shrieks, hurrying out of the room.
Long, too familiar arms wrap around my waist. He lifts, carrying and pressing me against the wall.
One arm untangles, his hand cupping my chin and thumb pressing against my lips, silencing me.
I grab his wrist.
“I don’t care about him.” Jackson’s voice is thick and unsteady.
“Kristyna,” I say the words in a muffle against his thumb.
“I sure as fuck don’t care about her,” he sneers.
The pad of his thumb presses and swipes my bottom lip before his mouth crushes mine.
Squeezing my eyes shut, my left hand tight on his wrist, I fist my right hand at my side.
Don’t give in. Fight against it.
All my senses fill with Jackson—the sound, scent, and feel of him. His lip ring pinches my unresponsive lips.
Christ, I want him.
He pulls back and his fingers slip into the hair at the back of my head, fisting. My head tilts in response and lips open on a gasp. He captures my mouth, plunging his tongue inside. The arm around me loosens enough so his hand can slip over my ass and squeeze—hard.
The sound of my heart beats between my ears. The rapid rise and fall of my chest against his through the silk robe hardens my nipples. I moan, sliding my tongue against his. A salty, chemical taste hits my taste buds.
What the hell?
The flavor isn’t Jackson. It’s wrong. Slipping my hands between our bodies, I place my palms against him and push. He doesn’t move, so I push again, harder, and turn my head away from him. The pull of my hair stings my scalp.
“Stop,” I pant.
“Never.” His mouth moves against my cheek and over my jaw.
Pushing even harder, I bring a leg up and dig my knee into his thigh, separating us.
“Stop, Jackson,” I growl.
Hands fisted at his sides, chest heaving, his eyes grow hard.
“Now you care?” His brows raise in amazement.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I blurt. “But I know Kristyna is here for you, with you, or whatever. Pretty hypocritical, aren’t you?” I only hope he doesn’t hear the tremor in my voice.
Pressing forward again, he traps me against the wall with an arm on either side of me. He leans in, his face coming to the side of my head.
“I don’t give a shit about Kristy.” The husky words warm my ear. “And if you gave a shit about him, we never would’ve happened. Yet, you let my tongue and cock between your legs.” A shiver runs down my spine. “So, I don’t give a fuck about anything else. I’ve had you.”
I jump when his fingers touch my bare thigh.

** This book is a part of the Falling Stars series, BUT can be read as a standalone (without having read the other books). However, it’s more fun to know the characters from the beginning **

Book 1 – Falling Stars (Chris & Mia)
Book 1.5 – Stellar Evolution (Chris & Mia) – not a standalone (FREE on Smashwords)
Book 2 – Hidden in the Stars (Jackson & Liza)

** Contains drugs, alcohol, sex, dirty talk, a rejected rock star who doesn’t need or want love, and a single mother who’s done everything within her power to take care of her family **

Author Info:

Sadie Grubor writes contemporary romance with sexy times and secondary characters who almost steal the show.



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