Review: Tormented

Tormented by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jani Kay gives us the story of Harrison and Eva….

This is Ryders new found little sister Eva, And Jades older brother… it is a mess because Ryder hates Harrison (who is a cop and on a mission to annihilate any MC groups) …. Jade and Ryder are deeply upset at the loss of their child that although was an accident, Harrison was involved. And then it gets even worse, as Eva is the ex fiancé of the senator who is obsessed with her, but also her very very wealthy father can’t stand Harrison who will go out of his way to get him away from his daughter! so yeah… total mess!!!

Add to it that Harrison is a controlling (and i do mean beyond the normal and right into BDSM territory) man who wants Eva to submit to him, mind, body and soul… but not her heart. He wants nothing to do with it because he is heartless since his girlfriend and unborn child were murdered by gunfire from an MC….

Anyone of those and Eva should have just run away, changed her name, and had plastic surgery to change her appearance because this is a no win situation! But Eva… oh EVAAAAAAAA!!! the heart has a mind of its own.. and since hers was shattered by the cheating S.O.B. senator… it needs to be taken care of, even if that is done thru mind exploding sex and Harrisons own flavor of taking care of his submissive to be… it all translates into love for Eva.. and as much as she tries to not fall for him… it is impossible..

Harrison gets to get his head out of his Arse fast when fate and crazy men step in and make sure Eva is not going to be his…
Can he do it?? Will he admit that he has a heart and it belongs to Eva?? hmmmmmmmm…. read it and find out! lol

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