Princess Emma Reviews: What Happens After by Portia Moore

Princess Emma Reviews: What Happens After by Portia MooreWhat Happens After by Portia Moore
on January 1st 1970
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5 Stars

It was never supposed to happen.
'We' never should have happened.
Him and me... Our constantly crossing paths changed the unthinkable to the inevitable. It was magical, exhilarating, and life defining... despicable, and it ruined everything.
It destroyed me. It destroyed us.
He and I are what happened before. And everything else is what happened after…
~If you are turned off from themes dealing with infidelity this book is not for you. This book features flawed people that make imperfect decisions.~
~This is a Stand Alone full-length novel that does not contain a cliffhanger.~

Also by this author: What Happens After, The Trouble With Before, Before I Break (If I Break 1.5), Almost Broken (If I Break #2), Beautifully Broken (If I Break #3), If I Break (If I Break #1), The Trouble With Before, If I Break #4 Shattered Pieces, He Lived Next Door, If I Break #4 Shattered Pieces

5 Crowns

This book is a standalone, companion novel to the amazing If I Break series. If you haven’t yet read that series, you could quite easily read and enjoy this book. However, if you want to feel the full array of emotions that this book evokes, I highly recommend you read after the If I break series; a series that should be devoured. If you plan on reading those books, then stop reading this review NOW, as it contains MAJOR SPOILERS to the original series.

Okay, so usually at this point I give you an overview of the story and characters. I am so struggling with this review though. I seriously don’t want to give too much away. I loved that I was lucky enough to read it, without knowing too much about how the story would pan out. What I can tell you is that it picks up pretty much at the pivotal moment/ending of Beautifully Broken.

PEm 180

This is Gwen and Lisa’s story, and of course it therefore means you get William’s story as well. It’s a story that starts in the present, but that then takes you back into the past and into the 17 year old minds of 2 women, who fell in love with the same man many years apart. The women are very different, but their stories aren’t as different as you may think. They are both stories that answer questions, not just about 2 women in love, but of the man that came between them, breaking both their hearts.

I have to admit that the secrets that came to light in Chris and Lauren’s story left me reeling. It left me with questions. Why? When? And simply WTF. This book certainly answers your questions, delving deeper into not just Gwen and Lisa’s lives, but also Will’s too. I would like to say I hated Will, and I am sure many of you will, but to be honest I just felt sorry for a man that became so self-destructive. I actually never doubted his love for Gwen, but I do admit to wanting to kick him where it would hurt him the most on more than one occasion. As for the ladies of this heart-breaking tale. Again, I couldn’t hate either of them. Love and even lust makes you do silly things without thought for others; both know this more than most.

Well done Portia Moore. This is an amazing follow-up to the If I Break series. Her writing is flawless and she has this amazing skill of pulling you in, capturing your imagination, whilst breaking your heart with a storyline full of angst and emotion. The way she puts together her stories, twisting and turning the storyline is bloody brilliant. My favourite ever books are those that tell romance in a real way. This is real, it is raw and it is life.

For fans of the original series, this is not to be missed. I now look forward to seeing what Ms Moore comes up with next. I am a huge fan and cannot recommend this book, as well as her others enough.


Do not miss it!


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