Princess Emma Reviews: Ask Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant

Princess Emma Reviews: Ask Me Something by Aubrey BondurantAsk Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant
on November 26th 2015
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4.5 Stars

How do you ask the question, when you know the answer may change everything?
Sasha Brooks has been focused on one thing her entire life: her career. Newly promoted as the vice president in a New York advertising company, she has beauty, brains, and one hell of a fierce reputation. But she also has a secret that she keeps carefully guarded.
Brian Carpenter is finding out that managing his newest VP isn't without its challenges, but when it comes to Sasha, he'd expect nothing less.His easygoing personality and Southern charm are the yang to her yin and the calm to her storm.
Over the last eight years of their friendship, the flirtations, innuendos, and chemistry have almost led to more, but Sasha has convinced herself they're better off just friends.Almost. Until the moment she thinks he's with someone else.
Is she too late to admit her feelings? Gathering the courage to ask the question, Sasha discovers she isn't the only one keeping secrets.
You think you know someone....
Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Second book of the “Something Series”Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content.

Series: The Something Series #2
Also in this series: Bet Me Something (Something, #3), Teach Me Something (Something, #4)
Also by this author: Tell Me Something, Bet Me Something (Something, #3), Teach Me Something (Something, #4), Show Me Something (Something, #5)

4.5 Crowns

Book 2 in the Something series. This book can be read as a standalone, however I would urge you to read book 1, Tell Me Something as it really is a great read, with overlapping characters and will give you a little more background on the main protagonists in this story.

Sasha Brookes, otherwise known as Sasha B Fierce is at 32, riding the successful wave that is her career in Advertising. Recently appointed as the VP in the New York branch of Gamble Advertising, she is living up to her reputation as fierce, dedicated and okay, maybe slight workaholic. It leaves little time for friends or relationships, which suits Sasha down to the ground given the issues that Sasha faces and has to deal with on a daily basis. But one man continues to distract her; too bad it’s her boss.

Brian Carpenter is laid back, professional and bloody good at his job. Based in the Charlotte office, he oversees the various branch VP’s, but it’s one VP in particular that keeps him on his toes. They have a friendship and business relationship spanning 8 years, and although he tries to keep a professional distance, Sasha is his siren and he blindly follows her call. But Brian isn’t into a cheap one night stand, he can get one of them any night of the week; no, he want a lot more. It’s going to be a challenge. Sasha is hard enough to manage in the boardroom, how difficult will she be in the bedroom?

Squeee…. Loved this book!! Having recently finished book one, I couldn’t wait to jump on this baby.

Would Aubrey’s talent continue to shine through?

Would she be a one book wonder?

Let me assure you that everything I loved about book 1, continued in this book. The writing is effortless and flowing, and the characters and their story captivates you very quickly. As with book 1, there is also a deeper subject matter dealt with, however it is done in a light way and you aren’t bogged down with seriousness.

Just loved Brian, he is one determined SOB and when I closed the book, I did it saying well played Brian. He knows what makes Sasha tick and he uses it to his advantage. As for Sasha, well never judge a book by its cover is all I will say. Looks can be deceiving and there is a lot more to Sasha than a pretty face, pencil skirt and 4” Louboutin’s.

If you like your romance to have loveable characters, hot sex, humour and a bit more depth, this book, indeed this series is a MUST READ!! Now my only question is… Will it be Catherine or Kenzie next?



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