Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Family Love (Love Brothers #4) by Liz Crowe

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Family Love (Love Brothers #4) by Liz CroweFamily Love (Love Brothers, #4) by Liz Crowe
on September 1st 2005
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4 Stars

A wealthy horse farmer’s rebellious daughter meets a sultry stable hand—but the result is far from the average tale of forbidden romance. When novelist Aiden Love publishes his parents’ story he has no idea the trauma it will cause.
The epic saga of one family’s turbulent beginning is entwined with the challenge of a mother’s relationship with her youngest child—the longed for only daughter, Angelique. But a secret Lindsay Halloran Love has kept for years could rip the tight-knit clan apart for good.
Resilient bonds of loyalty and blood are stretched to the breaking point, until tragedy strikes at the very heart and soul of the Love family, forcing everyone to take stock of what really matters.

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This series by Liz Crowe has been amazing!  The depth that she has gone with each character, with each and every high and low this family experiences is a true work of art.

In Family Love, we get 2 main stories.  First is the almighty parents – Lindsey and Anton.  And we get a main focus on Angelique.  What I loved about this was it is like going back and watching your fave daytime soap opera that you have not seen for a few months.  You feel like you come home with all the characters and at the same time you get to find out new insights on them as well.  You get trips down memory lane, and deeper explanations on stories you already know and love.

Princess Elizabeth

Lindsey and Anton… holy moly!!  Now you just know that passion and drama run deep in the veins to have been able to have that DNA be part of all their children.  Those kids did NOT fall far from the Love Family Tree! Lindsey and Anton’s story give anyone of those kids drama a run for their money!  You grow up knowing your parents as mom and dad, but you never really get to know them as they were as young adults, fiery passionate lovers, and the true depths of emotions that only parents like the Love Monarchy would have survived.  You can absolutely experience the wrong decisions that mapped out their lives, and influenced the future Love generations… Truly eye opening and poignant to read it.


Then in-between that incredible journey, we get Angelique’s story.  I swear to god that I did not know whether to hug her or spank her! She would have tested the patience of God himself on one of her good days.  But on those days where she made epic mistakes and choices… even He would have cursed! lol How she survived and had a long awaited HEA is beyond me…but she did!


Besides getting these 2 riveting stories.. you get great polar views from the stories of the other Love family members.. and a scary, hang on tight get your big girl panties on story that involves the entire Love clan.  Seriously kept me on the edge of my seat and knowing that it was going to hurt!  But Liz is a master at her craft, and as much as she guts us with shock and awe… she heals us with beautiful moments.. and in the end.. The Love Family is just that… a family full of love!


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