Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Duck by MariaLisa deMora

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Duck by MariaLisa deMoraDuck (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #8) by MariaLisa deMora
on February 22nd 2016
Pages: 400
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4 Stars

Reuben Nelms has worked hard all his life. First to escape the West Texas town where he grew up, then to negate the legacy of his family. One of his worst regrets was failing to protect a young woman from evil dealt by his blood brother. For years afterwards, he watched and protected her from the shadows, most comfortable in that faceless role.
Now known by his road name, Duck feels he's finally found redemption in watching that woman blossom and grow, sheltered by her association with his brothers by choice, the Rebel Wayfarers motorcycle club. Things were settled, predictable, until a desperate call from home sets him scrambling and he is back front and center, home again in West Texas, finding himself confronted daily with reminders of his horrific family heritage.
Treading alongside the remembered fear and regret surrounding him walks a temptation, Brenda Calloway, the hometown woman he left behind. The efficient business manager of the cattle company he inherited from his father, his childhood friend is now a widow. More beautiful than ever, she’s a single parent with a secret, unaware of the power she still wields over Reuben’s heart.
Will their second chance love be able to take root and grow in the dry deserts of West Texas? Can Duck put aside the man he’s become, sloughing off the brotherhood and leaving that behind to become Reuben again, or will he be able to pick up the pieces of his teenage love and still continue his life in Chicago as a member of the Rebel Wayfarers MC?

Sweet sweet broken Duck…. so glad you have found your way!

Ms. deMora has told a very poignant tale with regards too Duck.  He is such a tortured soul.  His devil of a father and wicked brother were evil incarnate.  They inflicted pain on women that no one should ever experience just for their kinks and shortcomings… they almost destroyed Duck, but in the end love finds a way and always wins.

Reuben Nelms was born on a ranch with horses in his DNA.  His family has been into rodeos and breeding for generations.  He has survived the unthinkable… he gave up his life… he gave up the girl he loved to give them a better life… to keep them safe from the evil he believed is in him, in his DNA… he also dedicated his life to his brothers and to righting some of the wrongs his family inflicted.

But the past never really stays in the past does it? Brenda Calloway has never forgotten Reuben… not with an everyday reminder… not with working his ranch since his brother and father have been gone.  Now she has endured enough and needs to right some of her own wrongs… with Reuben…


Circumstances brings Duck home… a home he only ever dreamt of.  Brenda loves him and he loves her… will the past kill any chance they might have.  Outside threats and danger are front and center as well as the Rebel Wayfarers still have enemies and they are desperate to hurt the club regardless of who they need to use to do that.

I truly love the Rebel Wayfarers MC series.  It is very original combing not only a motorcycle club and its drama, but also weaves many a tale into professional ice hockey and the rodeo.  These elements truly give these books a unique twist and great storylines.


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