Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snow

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Playing Dirty by Tiffany SnowPlaying Dirty by Tiffany Snow
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4 Stars
Also by this author: Power Play (Risky Business, #1), Play to Win (Risky Business, #3), Follow Me (Corrupted Hearts, #1), Break Me (Corrupted Hearts, #2)

OMG… I needed to dive straight into this book after reading book 1!!!

I freaking loved all the power plays for Sage, all the danger that they were in… the way these hotties protected her, while at the same time Sage shows the strong character she is and protects them both as well.

Well now a blast from the past that was dead and buried is now front and center in their lives and Sage is lost… and has lost her 2 loves.  While she is trying to protect Dean and Parker and mend their friendship a new threat gets thrown into the mix and Sage just can’t figure out her angle… but knows she is not on the up and up with her miraculous appearance.

Princess Elizabeth

How do you protect the people you love while being in danger and just trying to survive… you kick in your didn’t know you had bad ass skills and just dive in with both feet and try and get control of the chaos!

Tiffany has mastered the love triangle while delivering a very intricate suspense story that you have know clue where the twists and turns will lead you. There is a real story that keeps you on the edge of your seat beyond the who will win the girl story.  And she kills it and leaves you wanting the third story!!!


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