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Dana Van Werner is riding a bus bound for nowhere.

In her pockets, she carries a bus ticket, $260, hope, her own wits, and an unbreakable will.  In her memories, she carries the nightmares of frequent beatings, growing up in constant fear, physical and verbal abuse, and her father’s unfathomable hatred.  Dana, a 19-year-old debutante born into wealth, privilege, culture, and social standing, ponders her new world–the “real” world–for which she is laughably ill-prepared.


She doesn’t know where she’s going, where her next meal is coming from, or where she’ll sleep tonight.  She does, however, take comfort in two certainties: that the brutal beatings at the hands of her father–a psychotic, powerful attorney–are finally over; and that her decision to run away from the palatial mansion she once called home has probably saved her life.


This lovable, down-to-earth teenager (more “girl next door” than debutante) grows up quickly as she confronts intercity buses, seedy motels, wet t-shirt contests, jail cells, honky-tonks, night people, and sexual predators.  All the while, she is relentlessly pursued by private investigators hired by her revenge-obsessed father to bring her back under his control.  


You’ll cheer the courage, strength, and determination of this endearing heroine as she searches for a new home and a new life, and finds a gentle, caring man–a bachelor deputy sheriff–who truly loves her.  


But she has no inkling of the nightmare awaiting her at the end of the road.


A dizzying chain of events is triggered by an accident that claims the life of someone Dana loves.  Suspicions surrounding the tragedy–and her own anger–force the teenager to return home.  Upon her arrival, a humiliating family secret kept carefully hidden for years is callously revealed.  This sets the stage for the inevitable final showdown between father and daughter as long-simmering anger, resentment, and hunger for revenge finally erupt into a terrifying flashpoint.


This emotional rollercoaster will lift you to heartwarming heights, plunge you into tearful depths, and amuse you with moments of wry humor.   


Join Dana Van Werner on her desperate journey.  Let this Child of Privilege inspire you, uplift you, and touch you in her uniquely personal way.  You just may discover a part of yourself in her.

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Ross Ponderson is a retired IT guy from the USA.  Formerly spending far too many hours writing programming gobbledygook, he is now writing actual, human-readable words in the hope that millions of people will enjoy reading them.  His favorite stories to write are those chronicling ordinary people meeting extraordinary challenges with extraordinary courage, strength, and determination.  He’s a FIRM believer in happy endings, both in life and in his novels.


He has enjoyed writing since his grammar school days when essay assignments delighted him while provoking groans of pain from his classmates.


His pleasure centers include writing (of course), reading, railroading, Subway sandwiches, history, surfing (the web, not the waves!), museums of any kind, 1970s music, wishing he had become a professional musician (much to the dismay of his weary keyboard), searching for new story ideas, and strolling through the local malls.  He ALWAYS brakes for book emporiums, ice cream shops, and music stores.


“Child of Privilege” is his debut novel; his second novel is currently being first-drafted.  Hopefully, many more will follow.

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