OMG!! S.C. Stephen released a new book!!!


It's All Relative by S.C. Stephens

OMG!! You all know how much we love S.C. Stephens!! The Princesses are die hard fans of Kellan Kyle….  So we are soooooo excited to read this new endevour!

It all started with a packed club, loud music, and a lot of alcohol. Recovering from a broken heart, Jessie couldn’t keep her eyes off the exotic man drinking by himself. New in town, Kai couldn’t keep his gaze from the beautiful woman laughing with her friends at the bar. Fate pulled them together, giving Kai and Jessie one perfect night that neither would soon forget. But when the pair is reunited, and a hard, irrevocable truth is placed between them, their once-fond memory turns painful.

As their paths cross over and over again, their ever-increasing passion must be denied, no matter what their hearts might say. Because some obstacles can’t be overcome.

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