Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Lies by Jade C. Jamison

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Lies by Jade C. JamisonLies (Nicki Sosebee, #10) by Jade C. Jamison
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 203
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From here on out, the Nicki Sosebee series is getting darker.
Like a dog with a bone, Nicki cannot help but continue to pursue realtor-turned-politician Gina McCafferty as the woman persists in making her play for Winchester's open City Council seat. But Nicki is learning over and over again that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her fair city. Meanwhile, her personal life is topsy-turvy, and a tattoo artist named Hunter makes Nicki’s life a living hell.
Alliances are tested. Lines are drawn. And events are set in motion that will play out in deadly ways…

Also by this author: Locked and Loaded (Bullet, #6), Locked and Loaded (Bullet, #6), To Save Him

4.5 amazing Crowns!!

OMG…. I have missed Nicki Sosebee!!!
Throughout this amazing series we have seen Nicki grow up into the intelligent woman she is now. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get herself in messes and situations, it just means that she is now thinking through situations instead of just going in blindly. That is really refreshing to read, and to love the character even more as each book progresses!


Jade definitely ups the bar in intrigue, danger, and HOTNESS!! Although my heart is still broken that Nicki and Sean are not together, that doesn’t stop Sean from protecting Nicki, and Nicki from needing Sean. But in the meantime there is some definite hotness with a dominant tattoo artist!

Nicki is also growing strides as a journalist. Although there is a shakeup at the paper, Nicki sticks to her guns and dives deep into a story to expose the bad guys and make her home a safer place to live. You know that this is not going to be without bumps and danger, and Nicki is still headstrong in trying to divulge the truth!!

Ahhhhh Jade… I need some more Nicki, like yesterday.. and heal my heart with Sean and her… plz!


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