Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Locked and Loaded by Jade C Jamison

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Locked and Loaded by Jade C JamisonLocked and Loaded (Bullet, #6) by Jade C. Jamison
on January 1st 1970
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3.5 Stars

Is it too much to believe that someone keeps returning to your life because it’s meant to be?
Zane Carson is an idealistic young man with one big skeleton in his closet when he first meets Jennifer Manders in college. They date only to break up soon after. The sexual attraction is like an electromagnet but they fight like alley cats. The relationship just isn’t worth it.
Zane’s band Fully Automatic breaks big about the same time Jennifer finishes college. One summer afternoon, they meet for coffee and sparks fly once more. It’s off again, on again, but they just can’t make it work and break it off for good, deciding it’s not worth the effort.
But Zane is drawn to her and, during a break in the music action, he tracks her down again, willing to change himself for her and needing to give her one last try. The attraction is as strong as ever, but now Jennifer is hiding something from Zane—something big, something that threatens to extinguish the spark for good. When Zane discovers her secret, will he be able to forgive her or will that be the end?

Also by this author: Locked and Loaded (Bullet, #6), Lies (Nicki Sosebee, #10), To Save Him

Jade C Jamison’s Bullet series is a rocker fave of mine!!  He characters are multidimensional, and you never quite know what to expect.  One thing for sure is that the writing will be fantastic and definitely HOT!!  They are rockers… of course it’s HOT!!

In Locked and Loaded, Bullet #6  you will get bass players Zane Carson’s story.  Now I loved him in the other books… he was witty and wild.  Never did I expect to read such a deep story about him.  He is a broken spirit with many demons.  The only way to calm them is with sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  He has lived the epitome of rocker life… but he loves a girl.  And he wants what his bandmates are all getting…. the true love of an amazing woman and a peaceful life.  But when the demons won’t stay at bay, it leaves you with little hope.


Jennifer Manders has known Zane for many years.  They have been on again and off again since college, way before the fame and fortune.  Their passion is off the charts, but so is the fighting.  Jennifer has some demons of her own, and they are both broken and hiding some pretty big skeletons in their closets.  One thing that does not waiver is their love for each other.  With Jennifer being broken by Zane a few times now, how can she trust him to finally own and care for her heart and soul, and how can she even trust him with her secret?

This story did not go rocker crazy, it was very in depth to dealing with their demons, especially Zane’s.  Was not my fave of the series, but it was definitely surprising in the direction that it went. It was fantastic to have the gang all together, and seeing them be prosperous, in love both with their significant others, their children, but especially the family they had created in their friendship with the unity of the band.


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