Princess Emma Reviews: RoomHate by Penelope Ward

Princess Emma Reviews: RoomHate by Penelope WardRoomHate by Penelope Ward
on February 3rd 2016
Pages: 280
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4.5 Stars

Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?
Not when it’s Justin…the only person I’d ever loved…who now hates me.
When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.
The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.
The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.
I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.
The worst part? He didn’t come alone.
I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection.
The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more.
Author's note – RoomHate is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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4.5 Crowns

RoomHate is a standalone romance and is unrelated to any of Penelope Ward’s previous titles.

Amelia is a school teacher living in Providence. The summer following her beloved Grandmother’s death she heads off to Aquidneck Island, the place she grew up and the place she ran away from. It will be a bittersweet visit. The island holds both good and bad memories, but it is also now her summer home, having been left half of her Grandmother’s house in her will. And here lies the problem. The other half belongs to her childhood best friend, the boy’s whose heart she broke and the boy she ran away from all those years ago. But Justin is no longer a boy, he is a drop dead gorgeous man, and this won’t be a joyful long overdue reunion. She faces a summer from hell, living with a man that still holds her heart, but who hates her with a passion.

Princess Emma

I love Penelope Ward’s books. I have to be honest though I didn’t jump on this book quite as quickly as her previous ones. The last book of hers that I read was Sins of Sevin and to be honest, it wasn’t for me. That being said, I can wholeheartedly jump up and down and say RoomHate is.

I seriously loved this book. The storyline was really entertaining. We start and continue in the present, but with snippets of the past to give us the back story; that really worked for me. Told from Amelia’s POV, it is a bumpy road and both Amelia and Justin have a mountain of bitterness from the past and feelings of the present to battle through. There is a bit of a twist in the story which I didn’t see coming and it made the book so much more than a second chance romance. It made it a story about not just love and romance, but of watching these 2 individuals grow separately in the hope of one day finding a future together.


If you like your romance with more than hearts and flowers, RoomHate is a book I can highly recommend. It kept me riveted and I struggled to put it down. Another MUST READ from this incredibly talented author.


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