Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Challenged by Ryan Michele

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Challenged by Ryan MicheleChallenged (Vipers Creed MC, #1) by Ryan Michele
on January 1st 1970
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Lust, love, and second chances.
Growing up in the fast-paced and rough life of a motorcycle club wasn’t easy. Cleaning up the mess his father had made of Vipers Creed meant sacrifice. Cade ‘Spook’ Baker had given up everything to bring the club life back to what it was supposed to be: a family.
The choices he made were not what he wanted, but they were necessary for the club as a whole. Second chances rarely came to Spook, so when his Trixie walked boldly into his clubhouse, the decision was made. Trixie would once again be his, this time for good.
Trix Lamasters was raised by a master—a master con. All grown up, she made her life solid by making it about her club, Sirens. But one bad business decision brought her to her knees, forcing her to call on the one person she had sworn she would never trust again.
Pasts have a way of not staying there. Things that were buried deep have a way of finding themselves in the light of a new day. Could something that had once crashed and burned for Spook and Trixie find a way out of the wreckage? With the odds against them, can they find a way to overcome the challenges, or will it all blow up in their faces?
**Due to content, mature audiences only.**

ahhhhh…. second chance stories are awesome!  But second chance stories in the MC genre are freaking awesome!!!

Cade and Trixie were in love in high school.  The happiest couple!  Trixie’s dad was an overprotective tyrant, and was not thrilled with their relationship.  But it didn’t matter, they had each other.  Well, until it didn’t.  Cade completely obliterated Trixie in the most dickhead move ever!

Tribe survived but never healed from Cade’s loss… she made sure to make her dad proud and became very independent.  15 years after not seeing him again, one of her employees does the one thing she has been avoiding.  Makes Trixie have to contact Cade and ask for his help.Princess-Elizabeth-300x252

Cade and his MC know the story behind his abandonment of Trixie.  It was something he had no choice in doing, but 15 years later he absolutely doesn’t give a damn.  She walked back into his life and he is not letting her go!

Ryan Michele does a fantastic job in this new series.  You will really get to know a lot of the characters and you just know the rest of the series will just get better!



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