Princess Emma Reviews: When I’m With You by Harper Sloan

Princess Emma Reviews: When I’m With You by Harper SloanWhen I'm With You by Harper Sloan
on January 1st 1970
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4.5 Stars

It’s nearly impossible to be surrounded by love but not understand it. My parents, my sister, and just about everyone around us has no trouble accepting that love. To give your trust to someone else and believe they would die before hurting you. I’ve witnessed it—I’ve seen the power of it—but I’ve also seen the pain. Because for me, I’ve only loved someone I could never have, and my biggest fear is that by giving her my love, all I would do is ruin her. I should have tried harder, but I’m not sure I can because I only feel complete when I’m with her.
The only time I feel like I belong is when he’s near. His infectious smile warms me straight to my bones. Any insecurities I have vanish with just a wink from him. A sliver of his attention makes me feel invincible. But all it took was one drunken night of truths for me to lose everything I had begun to crave. Now, I’m not sure how to move on because I only feel complete when I’m with him.
He said I was too young. I said he was perfect. He said our families wouldn’t understand. I said we could weather any storm. He said he would ruin me. And he was right.

Series: Hope Town #3

4.5 Crowns

When I’m With You is book 3 in the Hope Town series. This is a spin-off of the hugely successful Corps Security series, featuring their kids now grown up and finding love for themselves. You don’t need to have read that series to enjoy this one, and each of the books in this series could be read as standalones, but I highly recommend reading them all. These are great reads and if anything else you will get to know each and every character that much more.

Emberlyn Locke has been in love with Nate Reid for as long as she can remember. 6 years older than her, he was her first and only crush. Having grown up together along with their close group of friends and their parents, he has always made her feel comfortable and confident in her own skin. So when she decided to tell him how she really felt when she graduated high school, she hoped that their close friendship that had affected her so much had had the same effect on him. What happened that night was the second most awful experience of her life… the first came just a few years later.

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Nate Reid is the joker of the pack. Always game for a laugh and keeping life as light-hearted as can be. However, there is one person that can bring him to his knees. The one person he can’t have, but the one he wants more than any other. Emberlyn poured her heart out to him 3 years ago. She bravely stood and proclaimed her love and he had to stand there and tell her he didn’t feel the same. It was a huge lie and one that he has had to live with ever since, made worse by the fact that now he doesn’t even seem to have the gift of her friendship. He knows he hurt her, but he doesn’t realise just how much. Will he ever be able to make up for the biggest mistakes he ever made?

Blimey O’ Rielly, what a great read. I am a huge fan of Harper Sloan’s Corps Security series and indeed of the Hope Town series as well. I feel so invested in these characters that one page in and I am struggling to put it down. I kind of feel that I have watched them grow from little people in the original series, to young adults taking their fledgling flights into love. Having loved Nate in the previous books, I couldn’t wait to read his story. When I found out his love interest would be the formidable Locke’s youngest daughter Emberlyn, I was practically jumping in anticipation of the drama this pairing would create, and the effect it would have on the characters of these series as a whole.

Get ready for drama, love and a man that takes after his dad in the Alpha stakes. This is a great story and one that will not come as a huge surprise to anyone that read Unexpected Fate (#1). I kind of had a feeling that there was more to these two despite, their age difference, and indeed there is; and a little bit more.

As always, Harper’s writing encompasses a plethora of emotions, and whilst involving all the many characters she makes sure the stars of the book shine. My only negative or more a suggestion is that because there are many faces, both old and young, a family tree at the start of the book would be helpful.


If you loved Corps Security it is an absolute must. But for anyone that loves there romance to have steam, friendship, family and a touch of angst, this is one book, indeed series that you shouldn’t let pass you by. I can’t wait for the next one.


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