Princess Emma Reviews: Undo Me by M. Robinson

Princess Emma Reviews: Undo Me by M. RobinsonUndo Me: The Good Ol' Boys by M. Robinson
on February 26th 2016
Pages: 338
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5 Stars

I met her when I was sixteen. I fell in love with her when I was seventeen. She brought me to my knees when I was twenty. I loved her against reason. I loved her against hope. I loved her against all odds. Now she's back, a constant reminder of what I lost, what could have been. I hate her. I resent her. I still love her. Can I forgive her... Will she be my end once again or my beginning?"

Series: Good Ol' Boys #3
Also in this series: Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Crave Me: The Good Ol' Boys
Also by this author: Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Alejandro Martinez: A Good Ol' Boys Spin-off, Alejandro Martinez: A Good Ol' Boys Spin-off, Road to Nowhere (Road to Nowhere, #1), Ends Here (Road to Nowhere, #2)

5 Crowns

Book 3 in the Good Ol’ Boys series. This is a standalone series, however as I have said before please, please read the 2 previous books. Each book has interlinking characters and their stories and the bonds they have in their relationships with each other are pivotal. It will really enhance the emotions you feel for them as characters and the journey this book takes them on.

Dylan “Fuckin’” McGraw has always been the leader of the pack. Cocky, direct and honest to a fault, he makes no apologies for his behaviour or his attitude. The girls throw themselves at him and one thing he is good at is catching them and then throwing them back when he has had his fill… until her. She is his game changer.

Aubrey has moved to North Carolina from L.A following the breakdown of her parent’s marriage. She takes an instant dislike to Dylan and his treatment of her only friend, but soon he casts his net and she is unable to escape him.

She challenges him and brings out a side of him that only one other girl has been able to do. His need to protect and love her takes over and the love they share is beautiful and everlasting. Until one day it isn’t and everything they have becomes ugly and tainted… maybe forever!

PEm 180

My heart hurts so much after this book. All the books in this series have been deep and meaningful, but this book really explores an ugly side to love and how certain experiences ruin everything that is good. Before I go any further I have to advise that this books contains a very serious subject matter. I am not going to go into it as I don’t want to spoil the read for you, I will however say that it may be a trigger for some. Having said that I can also say that M. Robinson has dealt with it in a sensitive and honest manner. Yes it is a hard book to read at times, but by the end you will be glad you have experienced it.

I was never quite sure about Dylan in the previous books. He was always a little too cock sure of himself and very much an arsehole if I’m honest. This book unmasks the real Dylan and let me tell you, you will want a man like him in your life. His love and loyalty to Aubrey is unrivalled. But it is Aubrey who will break your heart. Her journey is such a torrid one and out of all the couples in these books, it really was these two that have the hardest path for many reasons. Angst is the wrong word for this book, poignant and raw is so much better.

As with all these books we start at the very beginning of their story, following both Dylan and Aubrey over the course of two decades. It is a real rollercoaster that throws in many a twist and turn that I for one wasn’t expecting. The quality of M. Robinson’s writing astounds me and her ability to create feelings that hit you deep in the solar plexus is up with the best. Is it a hard journey? Yes most certainly. But it is also a story about everlasting love, loyalty and the extremes we go to for “The One”.


Please do not let this series pass you by. It is a rare gem that I stumbled across, and one that I will never ever forget. I now await Austin’s book, Crave Me. He is the most enigmatic character in this series and one that has always battled with himself throughout each book. I am just glad I only have 2 weeks to wait to be back in North Carolina. Bring on the most epic of book hangovers!


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