Princess Kelly Reviews: The Ending I Want by Samantha Towle

Princess Kelly Reviews: The Ending I Want by Samantha TowleThe Ending I Want by Samantha Towle
on May 10th 2016
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4.5 Stars

Taylor Shaw had the perfect life—until she was sixteen. That was when everything changed. From that moment on, life went from bad to worse…to the worst.After recovering from a brain tumor, months later, she suffers the tragic loss of her whole family.Since that fateful day, she’s been coasting through life.
Now, the brain tumor has returned, and Taylor decides she’s had enough. She’s going to take her fate into her own hands.No more hospitals. No more surgeries. No more anything.She’s going to join her family.It’s her decision.What she longs for.The ending she wants.
She just has a list of things to do before she goes.First, go to England.Second, kiss a stranger…
Only, Taylor didn’t expect Liam Hunter, the stranger—with his handsome face, his six-foot-three of gorgeousness, and his oh-so-hot English accent—to change things.To change her.To change the ending she wanted.
What is a girl, who is standing on the edge of nothing, to do when offered the chance of everything?

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4.5 ‘Things to do before I die’ Crowns

The Ending I Want was an erotic tale with heart and I adored every single minute. If there is one good thing that Samantha Towle is good at, that is giving us strong characters who are not afraid to explore their more adventurous side, and this book delivers a hard-hitting, sexy, and un-put-down-able reading experience with a protagonist to die for. Even though this story is very hot between the sheets, it doesn’t deter away from the fact that this is very much the beginning of the end for our heroine, Taylor Shaw.

From the offset we know that this very brave young woman is on borrowed time as her aggressive brain tumour returns, but in knowing that, as a reader you get to appreciate her final journey in a way that will have you smiling at her fearless audacity, because let face it, what else has she got to lose?

PK circle 400

Armed with a bucket list and a final wish to see the country that her beloved parents first met, Taylor is ready for the adventure ahead, and ticking off those wishes her ode to a final farewell. It all starts on her outbound journey when ‘kiss a stranger’ gets marked off a little sooner than she expected when the beautiful man in the next seat becomes her travelling companion from Boston USA to London, UK. Losing her list to said man gives him a slight advantage when it soon becomes clear that this Boston girl needs a dose of adventure ‘British style’ as he promises to help tick off her list one-by-one, starting with the all-important promise of the best ‘oral sex’ that money can’t buy!

Taylor wants the dream; the movie moment, the risky outdoor sex and to stare her worst fear in the face, but she never wanted to fall in love. Not here. Not now. Not when she owes her family her life. Not when she has decided that leaving this earth to be with her loved ones penance for the guilt and responsibility she harbours for their tragic deaths.

Liam Hunter doesn’t do relationships, but he does do sex, and boy… does he do it well! This Boston girl is different to the others, she’s fun, feisty, a little adventurous and a hell of a lot mysterious and when Liam Hunter wants something, he will fight tooth and nail to get it…

This book was a fun read even though the theme was serious and somewhat upsetting. What starts as two strangers having a little fun turns into more, and as the relationship grows, the secret of Taylor’s illness becomes harder to hide or ignore. No good can come of finding the perfect partner when time is limited… the key is to make the most of it, and move on, but as we all know, nothing is ever that simple, and even though Taylor has made her decision, Liam Hunter is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer, and herein lies the real core of this story.

I enjoyed the dynamics of the plot and whereas this could have been another ‘bucket list’ read, the way the characters connected and his abrasive but sexy alpha exterior made this a real sexy read with Liam Hunter now making the hotty alpha book boyfriend list. Hell yeah… he just did it for me and I enjoyed every second.

I didn’t find this book overly emotional and I was actually quite thankful for that – but the post book hangover is a bitch! 😉


4.5 Crowns


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