Kissed Blind By Emerson Shaw – Release Day Blitz

Kissed Blind By Emerson Shaw - Release Day Blitz

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The next installment to the Hot Pursuit Series is LIVE!

Hollywood calls bodyguards Diana Cain and Vance DeLuca back into action, but guarding Tinsel Town’s hottest leading man proves to be more than they bargained for.

As Diana fights to keep her client safe, Vance fights for the affection of another woman. Rocked by jealousy and preoccupied by a secret kiss only she remembers, Diana can’t see who’s behind the repeated attempts on her client’s life.

In the land of smoke and mirrors, it’s easy to become blinded when a villain is hiding in the mist.

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Straight Flushed (Hot Pursuit #1)


Being a bodyguard is what makes Diana Cain tick. It wasn’t initially what she set out to do, but one night changed the course of her life, and she vowed to never let anyone be a victim again.

Then she met Vance DeLuca.

His polished physique, chiseled face, and magnetic charm make him everything a woman wants. The only problem? He’s her partner and office romances are prohibited.

When Diana meets a new man, tensions unexpectedly rise. His charisma and beach boy good looks make him irresistible. But he needs something from her—information only she can get. She’s forced to keep secrets, and her moral code is tested. She quickly learns victims could start piling up, including the one person always at her side—Vance.

An intricate mix of mystery, suspense and romance will leave you wondering who is holding all the cards.

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Acts of Desperation

“This is definitely an emotional roller coaster and will leave you begging for more.” Meagan, My Secret Book Spot

Sember Adler is a young attorney at the start of her career. When her sister is in need of legal rescue, Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the case and failure isn’t an option. The situation appears hopeless, until the handsome legal eagle, Jax Alexander, arrives at her firm. Is he the light at the end of a dark tunnel, or will his light only bring more darkness?

Secrets threaten to kill the innocent, danger lurks in the shadows, and vengeance is a perilous motivator.

In an artful blend of suspense, romance, and revenge, Acts of Desperation barrels down a thrilling and twisted road in search of the one thing that evades everyone—the truth.

Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

*This stand-alone novel was based on actual events and is intended for mature audiences due to strong sexual content*

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