Princess Emma Reviews: Blood & Rust by Cat Porter

Princess Emma Reviews: Blood & Rust by Cat PorterBlood & Rust by Cat Porter
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5 Stars

The bad boy.
The fuck up.
The thief.

That was me.
Once a king,
Now a wanderer.

I’d thrown the best parts of me away, over and over again.
I was reckless.
Still am.
I’d been exiled.
I did my time.
I’ve cleaned up.
Well, sort of.
I got plans.
Yeah, good ones.

Then I ran into her.

A bolt of lightning
Out of reach.

The woman I once scorned years ago
is now the woman I can’t live without.
I need what I didn’t think I’d ever need again.
I want and want and want.


She’s the epicenter of the war I’ve triggered,
of the battle in my rusted heart.
I may be as reckless as I ever was,
but I’m determined as fuck.

To hell with it.

I want it all.

Series: Lock & Key #4
Also by this author: Random & Rare (Lock & Key, #2), Iron & Bone (Lock & Key Book 3), Fury

5 Stars

Book 4 in the Lock & Key series. This has a series storyline that in my opinion needs to be read in the order in which the author wrote it. Will you get lost if you pick this book up first? No not really. But what you will miss is a brilliant back story full of club history, relationships and what led to the here and now. So do yourself a favour and read them all, it will make this read even better.

Butler had it all and he blew it all away. Through his own fuck-ups, he ruined his reputation within his club, lost his wife, lost his presidency and the woman he always held a flame for. His club quite rightly showed him the door and he has spent the last year trying to find himself and the key back into the only life he has known since he was taken in by Dig all those years ago. Clean for the first time in way too long, he is finally in a position to make his return. And then he runs into a face from his past. They have a history that only they know about, but they are both different to the people they were 20 years ago. Maybe she can be the unexpected future Butler doesn’t even know he needs.

PEm circle 200

Tania has had it with her loveless, sexless marriage. It is time to live the life she wants, instead of living just to make her husband happy. With her mother suffering from MS, and her best friend back in South Dakota, she knows it time to head home and follow her dreams of opening a gallery in her hometown. When she bumps into Butler on her journey, she is shocked at how quickly they fall into a friendship. There last encounter was 20 years ago and it didn’t end particularly well. Now they are more mature, have overcome heartbreak and are both seeking a fresh start. But will it be together? Or will the club or indeed the self- destructive Butler get in the way?

Butler… How I have waited for your story, but it was going to have to be a great story. This character has been around since book 1 and as a reader, out of all the characters, he has been the one that has provided me with the whole gamut of human emotions. He is reckless, complicated and he wears his heart of his sleeve. Cat Porter had a task in front of her that’s for sure, so I can’t tell you how pleased I am to say that she knocked it out of the bloody ball park. This story is everything I wished for and more. It adds to his past that we are already know about, but more than anything it shows his redemption, his hopes, but most importantly the fears that continue to plague him.

If you have read the previous books, then you need to know that this book really starts prior to him returning in Iron and Bone (#3). Some of the book runs alongside that, as you get reacquainted with Butler and the impact of his return on the club. There is a real slow burn between him and Tania, and it is full of angst, club politics and a relationship that could be the perfection they have both spent their lives seeking.

I thought I knew Butler, but I only knew the surface. That being said, even at his worst I had a soft spot for him. So to find out more about what he has been through and how the past has affected his whole life, well let me tell you, it means that he fights Dig for the top spot in my affections.

So, this may well be the end of this series, but I have it from a very reliable source that it is just the beginning for some side characters. Cat Porter has dangled the carrot and I can’t bloody wait to eat it.

If you love MC romance, this series really is a MUST READ! Cat Porter’s writing is amazing, the characterisation is first class and the cast are everything you want in this genre. The entire series storyline is captivating, fast paced and encompassing. Cat has once again put out a story which is well thought out and brilliantly executed.


I once again now find myself anxiously waiting to see what comes next. An automatic 1-click author for me and a series and author I highly recommend.


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