Princess Emma Reviews: Bound by Jennifer Foor

Bound (seven year itch, #5) by Jennifer Foor
on January 1st 1970
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4 Stars

How many times can someone be forgiven? How long does it take for a man to change? What if the person you're married to isn't who you're in love with anymore? What if infidelities have caused a person to lose trust and hope in their relationship?
I don't recognize the woman I've become. I'm bored. Lonely. Unsatisfied. Weak. It's crippling me.
After seven years of marriage I'm throwing in the towel and starting over.
Bennington Winthrop is my boss. He's made it clear he wants me. When I think my life can't get more complicated I become involved in a sexual relationship that both terrifies and excites me. I can't resist the pleasure, or the pain he gives me. I need to feel something again, even if I get lost along the way. I have to decide if his lifestyle is the change I'm looking for or something I need to run from and never look back.
I'm Macy Stone, and this is how I let go of the woman I used to be in order to discover hidden desires I never knew could exist. My only obstacle now is coming to terms with the consequences, and being able to accept who I've become.
Fulfill your deepest desires Give in to temptation *contains adult content. 18+ suggested*

Series: Seven Year Itch #5

4 Crowns

This is book 5 in a series of Standalones called the Seven Year Itch. This is the first book I have read in this series, but not by this author. I am not sure if it has interlinking characters, but it is very much a standalone and the fact I haven’t read the previous 4 books didn’t spoil this story whatsoever.

Macy Stone is a successful lawyer, but was an unsuccessful wife. Her marriage of 7 years has come to an end, her husband has cheated on her and she doesn’t even blame him. She should never have married him in the first place, but she did and he tried in his own way to make her happy. However, all the marriage achieved was leaving her lonely, depressed and someone that she barely recognises anymore. It is time to start fresh, she just needs to avoid the man that gets her blood pumping in all the right places… Her boss.

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Avoiding Bennington Winthrop might be difficult given that she needs to work with him, but it is made even harder when he makes it known he wants her too. But will she want what he is offering? Will the lifestyle he can offer be her sexual awakening? Or will it be too much too soon given the damage her divorce has done to her self-confidence?

So I am a massive Jennifer Foor fan. I have read all her Mitchell Family series and its spin off Mitchell – Healy series, as well as the brilliant Love’s Suicide. So when the opportunity came to read and review a new book by Jennifer I jumped at the chance. Straight away I knew this was something different. Of course all the books I have read by her have had the sexy element that goes hand in hand with NA romance, but this goes one step further. This book puts the capital E in erotic. It is sexy, very steamy and I loved it.

This really is a sexual awakening for a woman that had become bored in her marriage, it becomes the tonic she needs, but how will affect the man in this story? I really liked Ben. He knows what he likes and what he wants, and he lets nothing and no-one get in his way of getting it. Of course that in itself presents it challenges and indeed Macy becomes a challenge for not just Ben, but also the lifestyle that has suited him for so long.

A really good erotic office romance with a difference, and one that shows that Jennifer Foor’s talent can cross over into different genres. If you are looking for a book to get you a little hot under the collar, Bound is a book that will certainly raise your temperature and leave you needing a cold shower afterwards.



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