Princess Kelly Reviews: Breaking Love (Broken Love, #4) by B.B. Reid

Breaking Love (Broken Love, #4) by B.B. Reid
on January 1st 1970
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5 Stars
Also by this author: Fear Me (Broken Love, #1), Fear You (Broken Love, #2), Fear Us (Broken Love, #3), Fearless (Broken Love Book 5)

Another incredible instalment in the Broken Love series. It was great to finally understand Dash and Willow’s relationship, one that started with cruel intentions turned into the unfathomable… Love, obsession, hurt, betrayal and understanding. Willow may have been the ‘best friend’ and wild card but she is tough and I loved her endurance when faced with life – threatening situations.

Dash has certainly grown into his own. Gone is the high-school pillar of strength, now a CEO of a multi – national conglomerate he has wealth, power and an insatiable need to finally take what is his, but nobody said it was going to be easy.
PK circle 400
The plot thickens in this book, and with more bodies on the pile it is still abundantly clear that nobody is safe… but nothing prepared me for that ending!! OMFG!

BB Reid has created a thrilling and sexy series with grit and alpha men to die for. I never want it to end but all good things must, so… Book 5 here I come.


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