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Refresh by S. Moose


What’s left when perfection is gone?
Perfection slipped through Caroline Spencer’s fingers.  One moment she had it all, and then it was gone. All she has left are her memories, her pain, and her close friends.
And Mason Ryan was not part of her plan–wasn’t even on her radar.  After all, he was her husband’s best friend.  But now that her husband is gone, he’s the only person who understands her, feels what she feels, and knows her inside and out.
Together, they try to rearrange the shattered pieces of their pain.
Sharing their grief pulls them closer together–closer than either of them want to admit and Mason won’t allow himself to fall for his best friend’s widow.  Ultimately, he’s holding the one secret that will destroy Caroline–a secret he cannot even bear himself.
Will they find a way to refresh their lives when the pain of the past won’t dissolve?

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