Princess Kelly Reviews: Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole

Princess Kelly Reviews: Deep Redemption by Tillie ColeDeep Redemption (Hades Hangmen, #4) by Tillie Cole
on January 1st 1970
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5 Stars

He was born to ascend.He was destined to lead.He was never meant to fail.
Prophet Cain lies broken and defeated on the floor of his cell. A cell he has been thrown into by the one person who was supposed to stand by his side until the end. His flesh and blood, his only companion. His beloved twin brother.
Cain has sacrificed everything for his people. He left the safety and security of his life of study to infiltrate the infamous Hades Hangmen. He lived with them, rode with them, and then betrayed them. All in the name of a faith he can now feel slipping away from him. Like everything else he once held dear…
But then his isolation is broken. Another prisoner is brought to the cell next to his. A woman fighting her own demons and fears. A woman who Cain understands needs him, as he needs her.
As the connection between them grows, so does Cain’s resolve. He will right the wrongs he has done. He will atone for the evil acts carried out in his name. He will save the one he loves…
… Even if the battle takes him to the gates of hell itself.
Contemporary Dark Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

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It has been two days since I finished Deep Redemption and I haven’t picked up another  book since. It is no secret that I adore Tillie Cole; her ability to bleed words onto the page make for an unforgettable reading experience and Deep Redemption did not disappoint, proof that this series just goes from strength to strength.

Rider’s story was the one that I knew would come with a health warning. You cannot betray your MC Brothers and turncoat without going unpunished for your sins. Rider knew it, has accepted there can be no going back and yet as he sits in a dark cell, ashamed, broken and betrayed by his own blood, the prospect of ever finding freedom and being part of a family again turns his destined dream into a living nightmare.

The thought of such abhorrent child abuse acted in gods name within the commune he was destined to lead defies everything he is. Regardless of the Order teachings, Cain could never condone such brutality and in turn has branded him a traitor.

Judas has duped the commune and stolen his twin Brothers identity in order to enact revenge on the Hades Hangmen MC for killing the Elders in the previous book.

Desperate to escape and protect the innocent from his Brothers madness it seems all hope is lost, until her.

PK circle 400

Harmony has arrived from another commune and upon being branded a cursed is thrown in the cell next to Cain. Never revealing his true identity he gives her his road name, Rider as they become acquainted through the wall with quiet whispers.

Harmony may be a cursed but coming from a different commune their ways differed vastly from this new one in Texas. Living in a dark cell may not have been the welcome party she hoped for but Harmony didn’t come alone, she has friends, and those may be their only chance.

But escaping a cell is one thing, bringing down the commune and helping the innocent is another entirely. There may be a way… One way, but for Rider it will be like opening the gates to hell itself.

And OMG I have to say, out of all the Hangmen MC books, Rider is the character who is the most fearless and compassionate. His connection with Harmony is based on trust, hope and a determination to survive the unjust horrors thrown upon them since birth. To escape a world within a world knowing the outside could still prove just as damning.

This book is a non stop fight for freedom and survival whilst nurturing a love story that becomes so vivid and beautifully passionate I just couldn’t put this book down. The depth of emotion, pain and guilt makes way for strength and unrivalled determination as we see this series give birth to our strongest heroine yet. This woman isn’t no pushover, her love for Rider literally turns her into a force to be reckoned with and I absolutely loved her. Compared to the quiet Maddie, tortured Lilah and voice of reason, Mae, Harmony is the spine, the crutch that holds it all together and as a huge fan of this series  it was much welcomed.

Rider,  I can’t tell you what this guy goes through but I can tell you he’s my hero. I cried for him, I learned to respect him, he certainly redeemed himself in my eyes and pushed a brilliant series to a whole new level. I didn’t think much would rival Flame and Maddie’s story but this is up there as one of the best. Tillie Cole does it again!


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