Princess Kelly Reviews: Loyalty and Lies by L.A Cotton

Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, #1) on January 30th 2015
Pages: 250
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4.5 Stars

Eighteen-year-old Savanah Parry just moved three thousand miles across state to escape. The memories…the whispers…the pain.
Chastity Falls Academy is supposed to be her fresh start; her salvation. And when Ana meets mysterious Jackson, she begins to think it is. She hasn’t smiled in almost sixteen months; not since the night her life changed forever, and despite her guilt…her loyalty, Ana can’t deny that Jackson is breathing life back into her. With Jackson by her side, Ana wants to believe she can heal and move on. But she isn’t the only one living a lie, and the small private Academy has secrets of its own. All is not what it seems, and Ana is about to find herself in a tangled web of lies; fighting for survival, again.
Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told. Welcome to Chastity Falls.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a college romance and this book, by far has got me back in to full swing with young love and the emotional and dramatic consequences that come with it.

From the offset, I knew our heroine had gone through a pretty tough ordeal. Her closed off persona and reluctance to push forward with new people in one of the most important and life changing moments in a person’s life was a sure tale of buried secrets and irreparable heartbreak that told of a broken girl battling demons at a pivotal time of her life.

Savannah Parry could play her part well but nothing was getting past her new and feisty Latina roommate, Elena. To keep up the pretense Ana has no choice but to attend the college parties and initiate herself as a fully fledged freshman in one of the smaller colleges in rainy Oregon. Leaving behind her life in Florida this new start could only be a good thing, that was until him…

Braiden Donohue is a household name. Captain of the Fallen football team he is not to be messed with, or turned down by a pretty girl he has his eye on for that matter. Terrified of his obnoxious advances, Ana is saved by a man hidden in the shadows, the best friend and right hand man of the one whose family holds power over the town.

Jackson is a sweet English major who befriends Ana, proving that not all college guys are out for one thing. Never has she been made to feel again since the accident that destroyed her world but his love for Shakespeare and poetry calls to her as a very private love story unfurls. 

Braiden doesn’t forgive easily and as underground family business threatens the safety of those close, Ana finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place when her world looks to crash around her for a second time. 

And WOW… what a story this was! Yes, there is a real semblance of a deep and profound love story here but there is also a real underlying threat throughout that gave this book real dramatic impact and I’m still reeling from it.

At one point I wasn’t even sure if that undercurrent of fear was of the paranormal kind which proves that this story did keep you a little on your toes.

Jackson and Ana’s story is very much a modern day Romeo and Juliette, the likes of which I have come to adore but also hate due to hidden circumstances that threaten the very foundation of it. Life doesn’t always have happy endings but you literally hope and pray these characters find it.

L.A Cotton has done a fantastic job in creating a college romance with a twisted dark undertone that appealed even to a mature reader – I’m already halfway through the sequel and it only gets better. 

4 Crowns


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