Hot New Release! ~The Fine Line Between Love and Hate by Ashley Erin


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The Fine Line Between Love and Hate by Ashley Erin

Note to self: Do not allow my mother to choose a tenant for my house ever again.
I like things done a certain way.
Some call me uptight, I prefer precise.
I can’t understand why my mother thought Evie Jackson would be the type of person I want to rent my house. She knows me, knows how I live my life.
Instead of the quiet librarian I’m expecting, Evie’s a vibrant, tattooed woman who seems to find immense joy in making my life miserable.
She pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It’s called a comfort zone for a reason, and I have no interest in venturing from it.
I hate her, and I’m positive that feeling is mutual. Why else would Evie go out of her way to make my life difficult?
Author’s Note: This novella is part one in a four part serial.


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