Princess Elizabeth Reviews: American Queen (American Queen Trilogy #1) by Sierra Simone

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: American Queen (American Queen Trilogy #1) by Sierra SimoneAmerican Queen (American Queen, #1) by Sierra Simone
on October 25th 2016
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5 Stars

It starts with a stolen kiss under an English sky, and it ends with a walk down the aisle. It starts with the President sending his best friend to woo me on his behalf, and it ends with my heart split in two. It starts with buried secrets and dangerous desires…and ends with the three of us bound together with a hateful love sharper than any barbed wire.
My name is Greer Galloway, and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.
This is the story of an American Queen.

Also by this author: Midnight Mass (Priest, #1.5), American Prince (American Queen Trilogy, #2), American King (New Camelot Trilogy, #3)


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Stolen kisses, broken hearts, and dangerous desires, this story has it all!

Sierra Simone does it again… she makes you pant with the power and intensity of another erotically original story.  This time, not a priest… but a President! Oh, and a Vice President, because, why not?!

This is King Arthur’s tale with America’s royals, the Presidency.

And don’t forget the kink.. because Sierra Simone is the Queen of taboo!

Greer Galloway is the granddaughter of a former Vice President. She has been preened for her role, even though she has no clue all the hands that are in play and control her fate.  Friends and enemies collide and at times you really don’t know which way is up… but such is politics.  As a little girl she suffers tragedy that forges her future like a tsunami that can not be stopped.  She is destined to be with her Ash…

Ash on the other hand is also playing into the hand dealt him, and he wants what he wants, especially who he wants… and God help who gets in his way or takes whats his…

I am panting for the rest of this series…. Need them now!


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