Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Patchwhore (Devil’s Renegade MC #2) by Kim Jones

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Patchwhore (Devil’s Renegade MC #2) by Kim JonesPatchwhore (Devil's Renegade MC, #2) by Kim Jones
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5 Stars

The girl who thought she was living her happily ever after.The one who fell for the lies.A victim of infidelity.
After months of heartache and loss, anger ensued.Rage replaced sadness. Fury took over heartache. Revenge became irresistible. Now he’ll feel what I felt. One by one, his brothers will take his place in my bed. They have a name for me in the MC world...
And this is my story.
If making her ex jealous is what she wants, Devil’s Renegades Prospect Cook is more than willing to oblige. He only has one rule: He doesn’t share.
She can seek her revenge. Follow through with her plan.But her body will be his. He’ll own her fantasies. And her pleasure. But in her eyes, he’s just a lowly PROSPECT—nothing more. Little does she know, she’s about to be enlightened.

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Carmen’s heart has been ripped out and shattered… Her boyfriend Jud cheated on her… a multiple offender…. She has to rearrange her entire life to try and get past the devastation…

When that doesn’t work, and she and her BFF come up with a plan…. stalk him… stalk his MC friends and sleep her way through all his brothers and give him a taste of his own medicine…

In that lovely plan… it leads her straight to a Prospect… to Cook… and He is Sin on a Stick… or a Stick of Sin… whatever.. just OMG MELT YOUR PANTIES….

I honestly have to say that Patchwhore is an amazing story… My fave of Kim Jones so far.  She just really went out there and hit a real story with real feelings and true emotions.

If you are ever on the fence about MC stories… this one is a definite must!!!

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