Princess Emma Reviews: Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

Commander in Chief by Katy Evans
4 Stars
Series: White House #2
Also in this series: Commander in Chief
Also by this author: Legend (Real, #6), Ladies Man (Manwhore, #3), Commander in Chief

4 Crowns

Book 2 in the White House series, this book is a continuation of the brilliant Mr. President and is the conclusion of Matt and Charlotte’s story. Do not read this book without reading that first, or indeed this review as it will contain spoilers to book 1.

Having conducted a very steamy and secret affair during Matt’s campaign for presidency, both Charlotte and the President Elect decided to call time on a relationship that could potentially cause a scandal and damage the incoming President’s reputation before he has even entered the Oval office. The public would only see a politician in bed with a young woman from his campaign staff. So as soon as Matthew won, Charlotte took off to Europe to create distance and mend her heart because the man she loved she could never have.

This book starts as Matthew is preparing to take his oath of office. Still missing Charlotte after 2 months without her, he knows he can’t give her up. Can he be the man the country needs as well as the man Charlotte deserves?

Charlotte is heartbroken but determined to watch Matthew become the President that she knows he will be. As she prepares to attend a celebratory ball, she knows that all she can do is offer her heartfelt congratulations before turning her back on that part of her life forever… for him. But that won’t be nearly enough for the Commander in Chief.

So before I go any further, I have to say how much I have enjoyed this 2 book series. Being British, I was a little concerned that it would be too immersed in a political world that I don’t understand; happily this isn’t the case. The politics’ are just a backdrop to what has been a beautiful love story. If I am being completely honest, book 2 didn’t quite have the same magic for me as book 1, but only because I am a complete angst junkie. Whereas that book was a will they won’t they story, this was more about how they face the challenges of office whilst still finding time for each other. There were a few plots that I thought might have been explored a little more, but having said that it didn’t stop me enjoying the book. Look forward to plenty of steamy White House encounters.


If you are looking for a love story between a powerful man and the woman he can’t be without, the White House series is one I highly recommend. If only we had Matthew Hamilton to look forward to instead of bloody Donald Trump; I know who I would have voted for.

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