Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Break Me by Tiffany Snow

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Break Me by Tiffany SnowBreak Me (Corrupted Hearts, #2) by Tiffany Snow
Pages: 316
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4 Stars
Also by this author: Power Play (Risky Business, #1), Playing Dirty, Play to Win (Risky Business, #3), Follow Me (Corrupted Hearts, #1)

I freaking love Tiffany Snow!! She gives us hot and funny romantic suspense novels that just makes you want to start investigating crimes!! lol

Book 2 starts off a few weeks after the last book.  We have China Mack, techie guru and lovable nerd girl who is totally in a HOT relationship with Jackson Cooper, —one of Forbes’s Top Ten Eligible Billionaires.  And he’s is witty, a genius in his own right and did we mention gorgeous??!!  yeah.. totally!

So we have China in her new position as boss at the no one knows about government agency.  She can’t even tell Jackson, and he is not a happy camper with this.  But she is truly doing her job to protect him and his work.  Which of course in Tiffany Snow fashion, is what totally starts the trouble.


So China goes from behind the computer to actually participating in some 007 investigations, that she is absolutely not prepared for and totally throws her OCD schedule out of whack.  Thank goodness much to Jackson’s chagrin she has Clark to protect her.  Yeah.. you remember Clark.. the hottest of hottest alpha seal-ish type that used her for info.  Used her by pretending to be interested in her.  oh yeah.. him!

I have got to tell you that there is no one better at the 3’s a crowd thing than Tiffany Snow!  She absolutely is perfect at writing sexual tension between 2 men and one woman that does not go down the path of cheating or trivial blasé triangles.   She adds espionage, drama, bullets and oh yeah.. lots of hotness!  She is the expert at team alpha one or team alpha two, and at times you are totally switching teams and are absolutely jealous of the heroine!

Can not wait for the next installment!!

And… AAAAaaaAAAaaannnnnd!!!! OMG.. my heart almost burst out of my chest.. but we get a little Blane and Kade in this story!!!!!! SCRREEEEAAAM!!!


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