Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Razing Grace Part 2 by Amo Jones

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Razing Grace Part 2 by Amo JonesRazing Grace: Part 2 by Amo Jones
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5 Stars

Can something that burns so rapidly calm the whispering chaos of your cries? Or is this all just an illusion. The perfect hypnosis. Like the humming of a sweet melody to your frantic brain.Drip.Blood trickled over the curve of Millie’s collarbone.Drip.Slithering over her shoulder.Drip.Sliding off and into the mass puddle of death surrounding her.The last petal has fallen, a queen is born, and the disarray of her world is about to shatter under her very throne.
Raze“She knows too much…”

Also by this author: Razing Grace: Razing Grace Part 1, The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club, #1)

After inhaling book 1, I immediately started this book…. OMG.. This book is sooooooo good!!!

Book 1 leaves you in a huge cliffy! you have no idea who is alive who is dead?  You have no idea if Millie is a pawn, is she just broken and insane?  Can Raze actually feel anything other than darkness?  Can love light the darkness and prevail?

I thought book 1 was crazy, but book 2 leaves you emotionally annihilated… you believe in the dark, you believe in crazy and you effing love it!

Millie and Raze’s crazy journey continues in this story.  You truly believe in soul mates, even crazy dark soulmates.  Millie is showing Raze that he does have the capability to feel love, to care about someone.  That is a crazy concept that doesn’t even enter Raze’s mind.  It is the impossible!  Add in some insane story lines with all the twists and turns you will NEVER see coming and you come out with the most amazing 2 part series of dark twisted hotness that you can ever read!



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