Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Fury by Cat Porter


Holy Hell…. Cat Porter has gutted me!  WOW!

Fury is one hell of a story!

It spans 20 years of the lives of Serena and Finger….

Cat writes very rough and raw MC books… she holds nothing back ever… but in FURY she takes it up to a whole other level!  You need you big girl panties for this one!

This book pushed all of my emotions to the melting point… you will cry, you will scream, you will have to step away for a bit because it is that intense.  You feel like you are right there with Serena and Justin… side by side experiencing the pain and the bliss.  They have been broken, almost to the brink of never returning.  They live in pain and fear, but when they get those moments together, its just beyond beautiful.  The sacrifices they have made in their lives, to survive, to be with each other… are so excruciating, and you just want happiness for them in the worst way!  Life is unfair, we all know this.  But to live it in the raw with them… Absolutely 5+++ crowns.


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