Princess Emma Reviews: A Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks

Princess Emma Reviews: A Life Less Beautiful by Elle BrooksA Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks
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5 Stars

Ellis Hughes has loved the girl next door since he was ten-years-old. She was his sun, moon, and every visible star in a clear night sky. She was also his biggest regret.

When a terrible accident rips Ellis and Harlow apart, it shatters both their hearts beyond repair. More than a decade later, Ellis has paid his penance, but his regret still lingers, and the love he once harbored for his childhood sweetheart has never faded.

What Ellis believes has been destroyed forever, slowly comes back to life, only for a cruel twist of fate to intervene. Knowing he cannot live his life without Harlow in it, he faces the ultimate test of selflessness.

He must sacrifice his own heart to mend hers.

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5 Crowns

Harlow and Ellis were 11 years old when they met. Best friends and partners in crime, as they grew so did their feelings and they soon fell in love. Inseparable and tethered together by an intense love that nothing can break… and then tragedy strikes and the love that seemed so indestructible, shatters into tiny pieces. That was 10 years ago, 10 years that Harlow has struggled through without the other half of her heart. But Ellis is back and against all odds the embers of their lost love start to re-ignite.

Will they be able to move past the past and look towards a future together? Or are they destined to be pulled apart?

How far would you go for true love?

Blimey this is a seriously emotional book. Told from dual POV in both the present and past, we learn everything about our main protagonists and man did it at times hurt my heart. I use the phase emotional rollercoaster a lot in my reviews and that is because I love a good angsty romance; and this my friends is that and a little bit more.

Now I have to really rein myself in with this review as it would be so easy to get carried away. Writing down my thoughts and the emotions that this book pulled out of me, but without giving the game away and spoiling the whole bloody book just isn’t possible. What I can assure you is that once you have read this book you will totally get where my head and heart are at the moment. This is a book that will blindside you so much that it will leave you needing a few days to gather your thoughts on it. One of those books that you re-read the last couple of chapters to get it straight in your mind.

And how does it end… well you need to read it yourself and make your own decision on that. I am happy with how I felt it ended, I would just read carefully and think about what you are reading. You will be in a heart palpitating state, or certainly I was hence why I had to re-read when I was feeling a little calmer. Will it be everybody’s cup of tea? Show me a book that is. But what this book is, (and it really is) is a beautiful love story. A story of selflessness, of compassion and it was a pleasure to read.

Elle Brooks is without doubt a fantastic writer. She has a beautiful way of telling a story. Every book she writes has this way of grabbing you and immersing you in the story with characters that are not just relatable, but more importantly are loveable as well. Her story structure is always unique and the phrasing she uses has a real poetic flow to it. She is certainly a talent that continues to grow and grow with every book she publishes.


A beautiful story about how far people are prepared to go for love. I loved it and I hope you will too, but if I had a request it would be a novella to complete the story and show us a glimpse into the future… I am not too proud to beg at this point either!


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