Princess Kelly Reviews: A Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks

Princess Kelly Reviews: A Life Less Beautiful by Elle BrooksA Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks
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4 Stars

Ellis Hughes has loved the girl next door since he was ten-years-old. She was his sun, moon, and every visible star in a clear night sky. She was also his biggest regret.

When a terrible accident rips Ellis and Harlow apart, it shatters both their hearts beyond repair. More than a decade later, Ellis has paid his penance, but his regret still lingers, and the love he once harbored for his childhood sweetheart has never faded.

What Ellis believes has been destroyed forever, slowly comes back to life, only for a cruel twist of fate to intervene. Knowing he cannot live his life without Harlow in it, he faces the ultimate test of selflessness.

He must sacrifice his own heart to mend hers.

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Ellis and Harlow will melt your heart in true classic romantic style and break it in the next. A childhood friendship turned teenage lovers with hopes and dreams of a content and happy future, turns to shock and bewilderment when one moment of anger and judgement changes their course.

Harlow is a sporty, fun loving, tough girl who has a luster for life. The final piece of her content jigsaw came in the form of a beautiful 11 year old boy and new neighbour, Ellis Hughes. Their initial meeting ended in tears when she shot him but that was soon forgotten when tears turned to an unbreakable bond of friendship.

Ellis never wanted to move but finding out that their were older boys next door was an exciting prospect. Although, the youngest sister made a painful impression, her empathy shone, as did her lust for fun and ability to give the boys a run for their money, alas a new friendship is born.

A chunk in the armour of what was an impenetrable relationship comes a little later when Harlow collapses. Frantic, Ellis undoubtedly saves her life only to be told that the love of his life has a heart condition that strips her of the athletic lifestyle she loves.

With her condition monitored closely and life back on track, laugher, love, the prospect of college and a happy future still beckons, that is until one moment destroys everything and that unbreakable bond is severed for ten years.

Now he’s back…

I can’t give you anything else in terms of plot overview but what I will say is I thoroughly enjoyed Elle Brooks new and deeply moving offering in A Life Less Beautiful.

Told in double POV in past and present tense, this book brought light, laughter and all things considered, a stunning love story to stand the test of time.

For me personally, I felt the first half of the book flowed better and I loved how two kids found solace and a commitment so young. Although, the second half was a good read, I had a couple of issues with the end which is very subjective. I prefer a well rounded, undeniable finale and I felt this to be more of a questionable cliffhanger hence the 4-stars. This is a personal thing because my blog sister loved how clever it was and gave it a 5 so don’t let this cloud any judgement when it comes to reading this book as it really is a wonderful story.

Yes there is angst and heartbreak, but most of all and enlightening and breathtaking tale of survival and love revival in the aftermath of tragedy. Soulful and beautifully written; A Life Less Beautiful is this summer’s read!


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