Princess Emma Reviews: Defying Gravity by Laura Farr

Princess Emma Reviews: Defying Gravity by Laura FarrDefying Gravity (Healing Hearts Book 2) by Laura Farr
on January 1st 1970
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4 Stars

Savannah Parker is miserable.

The reason: Josh Miller, her brother’s best friend.

Devastated by the unrequited love she has for Josh, she has no choice but to sit back and watch him play the field, her heart breaking a little more each time she sees him.

In an attempt to forget about Josh and move on, she distances herself from those who love her. Josh is never far from her thoughts though. In a desperate attempt to feel something for someone and fill the void, she makes a reckless choice—one that will change her life forever.

Once her secret is revealed, relationships are threatened, and Savannah stands to lose those closest to her. When she needs someone the most, Josh proves to be her greatest support, and soon the lines of friendship become blurred. When she confronts him about his feelings for her, he reveals a secret of his own—one that could destroy them before they’ve even started.

Can Savannah and Josh make a relationship work? Or are there some secrets that are too hard to overcome?

Series: Healing Hearts #2
Also by this author: Taking Chances, Whatever it Takes (Healing Hearts book 3)

4 Crowns

Book 2 in the Healing Hearts series. You do not have to have read book 1 to enjoy Defying Gravity, but I recommend you do as it will increase your reading pleasure and your connections with a great cast of characters.

There is nothing worse than unrequited love. Savannah Parker knows this first hand. Having loved her older brothers’ best friend Josh Miller for as long as she remember, her one attempt at winning him over was as mortifying as it was heart-breaking. Knowing it’s time to move on and try and heal her heart, Savannah makes some questionable decisions. Those decisions end up hitting her where she least expects it and changing her life forever. With a family she adores disappointed and facing the biggest challenge of her life, her biggest supporter becomes Josh. Sometimes things happen for a reason and what you thought you had lost suddenly appears.

Life is changing for Savannah, but will that be with Josh? Or are too many things against them?

This really is a great follow-up to Taking Chances, Libby and Mason’s story. Having met and experienced Savannah’s heartbreak in that book I was totally excited to know that Libby’s lovely cousin would be next. I love a bit of angst in my reads and this book was always going to head out on that train.

I don’t really want to say too much more on the storyline as it will spoil the read for you, but as with book 1 this isn’t an easy journey for either characters. If you have read book 1 then you will know that the attraction was without a doubt mutual, so what was holding Josh back? Well we do get to learn this and it is a surprisingly sad reason. But other factors get in the way as well and so don’t expect an easy journey for them; no cookie cutter romance easy read with this book.

Having said that, the joy of reading a Laura Farr book is that they are easy reads. Yes I know that contradicts my previous statement somewhat, but it is her writing that I comment on at this point. It flows, it is engaging and the storyline follows the path she has set out on, without the need to detour for the sake of it so you don’t know what the hell is going on. The angst is perfect, the sex scenes hot and the pace of Savannah and Josh’s story spot on.


So another great read from this new author. If you haven’t yet taking the plunge then I highly recommend you. I can’t wait to see what is in store next… although I have a slight inkling on who it will be about.


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