Princess Emma Reviews: Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

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Book 4 in the popular YA series, The Royals. This book follows Easton Royal and although I would advise you read the previous 3 books that follow Reed to get to grips with the complexity of Easton, it isn’t essential.

Easton Royal has it all… or does he? The middle brother of 5, he is rich, good looking and popular. Women want him and men want to be his buddy, so why is he so lonely? Easton still struggles with the grief and guilt over his mothers’ death, as well as his the addiction struggles that have continued to be an issue. When a plain girl who likes to fly under the radar starts school, he is instantly drawn to her. She is everything he usually wouldn’t see, but something about her attracts him. But unlike all the other girls, Hartley isn’t interested in Easton and of course the status being with a Royal can give her. Easton knows she hides her true self, but then so does Easton so maybe they are perfect for one another? Now he just needs to convince her.

Before I start I have to say that Easton Royal has been one of my favourite characters since book 1. There is just something about him that makes him stand out. I think I always knew he had a story much deeper than you initially think due to his big personality. But as we know from everyday life, quite often it is the biggest personalities that hide the biggest pain. This is without doubt Easton and I loved going deeper into his life in this book; his personal journey is enlightening, as well as a little heart-breaking as well. I did however feel the book fell a bit short on romance. Hartley had her own issues and I totally got that, but I would have liked to see more romance or a least feel the angst of the build-up; even more of a spark on Hartley’s side if I’m being honest. I just didn’t get it as much as I would have liked and this is what stopped it from being a 5 crown read for me. That being said, the story definitely steps up a notch in the last 25% and the ending was brilliant. I just hope we get a little more romance and spark in the 2nd part of their story when book 5 is released in January.


I look forward now to seeing where Easton and Hartley go from here. After that ending, who the hell knows? It will be a rollercoaster though, of that I am sure.


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