Princess Kelly Reviews: Undefeated by Stuart Reardon by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Princess Kelly Reviews: Undefeated by Stuart Reardon by Jane Harvey-BerrickUndefeated by Stuart Reardon, Jane Harvey-Berrick
on December 11th 2017
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4 Stars

A Rugby Romance

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Undefeated is a story of strength and determination whilst grappling with the possibility of failure.

A dream can only come true if you work hard and make certain sacrifices, that eventually help pave way for success. Nick Renshaw is no stranger to working hard. Finally it’s paying off and he’s in a good place – A new contract for a premiership rugby league club in the bag and a fiance on his arm; a positive outlook for a young man fulfilling a life-long dream… that is until a major injury brings his dreams crashing to a halt, followed by heartbreak when his girl and best friend are caught in a very compromising position.

Nick loses it and ends up being arrested for assault and battery – his promising career in tatters makes way for a major fall into the pit of despair.

Help is at hand when an American sports psychologist is hired by the club to help aid in Nick’s recovery – a new found ally and a friendship based on honesty is born… until that line between doctor and patient blurs and unstoppable forces set out to destroy everything they have both worked for…

And oh my goodness, what a joy this book was. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I’m not much for sport (Although I do enjoy a bit of rugby from time to time) but I found myself falling deeper in love with Nick and Anna’s plight – not just for the connection and love they shared, but for the sport itself.

A bloody hard slog with the scars to prove it showed so much passion that it was impossible not to get sucked in and that can only be contributed to Stuart Reardon’s passion and drive for the game. His portrayal of the industry and the public persona that comes with being a sporting celebrity has the ability of raise as well as destroy a person’s life and career. All it takes is one false move, one mistake and it’s ‘game-over.’

I also love a well rounded, smart and strong heroine and Dr Anna Scott had all of those keen attributes.

If you love sports romance with a good dose of reality in a world governed by social media, psycho ex partners and a thirst for success when the odds are stacked against you, then make this your next read!!


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