Princess Emma Reviews: Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe

Princess Emma Reviews: Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren RoweMisadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9) by Lauren Rowe
on February 27th 2018
Pages: 280
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5 Stars


Straitlaced freshman Zooey Cartwright has arrived at UCLA determined to have a heck of a lot more fun in college than she did in high school. What’s the first item on Zooey’s agenda before classes start in two days? Losing her pesky V card. She’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, so where can Zooey find the right guy to do the deed and move along without a backward glance? At a party thrown by a bunch of football players, of course.

Enter Tyler Caldwell. A beast on the field and off, cocky as heck, and often wearing T-shirts with sayings like “God’s Gift to Womankind,” Tyler is most definitely not boyfriend material.

After a make-out session with Tyler leaves Zooey entirely unsatisfied, she is determined never to see him again. But her schedule lands her in not one but two of his classes, and it doesn’t take long before Tyler is giving Zooey exactly what she wants—and a whole lot more she never bargained for. Can Zooey surrender her body to this bad boy without giving him her heart, too?

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5 Crowns

This book is part of the Misadventures series; a series that is a collection of standalone books wrote by an array of fab authors. You don’t need to have read any other book in this series, or indeed read them in order to enjoy this one.

Zooey Cartwright is heading off to College and the first experience that needs to be ticked is… Losing her V-card. Enter Tyler Caudwell, football star, and Mr. God’s Gift to Womankind. After a disastrous first effort to discard her virgin status follows 5 weeks of the “The Miseducation of Zooey Cartwright”

Will Tyler teach her everything he knows without her becoming a stage five clinger that slashes his tyres? Well you will just have to read it and find out.

I was lucky enough to meet Lauren Rowe last weekend. Having loved Captain and in particular Ball Peen Hammer, I gushed to her about how amazing they were. She promised me that I would LOVE this book, and man she wasn’t wrong.

If you have read any of Lauren’s books then you will know that she has the most engaging way of writing. Her characters are totally loveable, and the humour she weaves into her plots makes the story suck you in. I can’t put into words how much I adored this book. It has everything I love in a read, but the best thing, it has two characters that were so refreshing and for want of better words… damn bloody cute!!

If Lauren is a new author for you then this book is a great of way of popping your cherry (excuse the pun) I think it really highlights everything that I love about her writing. With humour, romance, hot sex, and a great storyline, you really won’t regret it!

Another MUST Read author for me.


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