Princess Kelly Reviews: Beautiful Victim by Claire C Riley

Princess Kelly Reviews: Beautiful Victim by Claire C RileyBeautiful Victim by Amy Jackson
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5 Stars

The perfect villain… or the perfect victim?

Growing up, Carrie was Ethan’s one true love, his fixation and his constant obsession. Friends to the bloody end, they were each other’s rocks whilst navigating through their dark and monstrous childhoods together. But then Carrie died and Ethan was almost destroyed by the secrets that were revealed in her wake.

It’s now fifteen years later and Carrie is back from the dead… and Ethan is forced to confront a truth he’s tried to deny himself for all these years.

With his obsession renewed, the situation rapidly spirals out of control as their story escalates towards a dark and startling conclusion. Because now Ethan has a singular focus;Keep the girl, no matter what the consequences!

The truth should set you free, but what happens when the truth is the one thing that can destroy you? Can Ethan’s obsession for the girl he’s always loved ever really be more than that? Or is the idea of her the only thing left to fight for… because perhaps, the illusion of Carrie was the only thing he ever really had.

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Carrie was a victim, and her circumstance was life. And mine was thinking I could ever save her.” Ethan Cowells

Beautiful Victim is one of those books that lures you in, pulls you deep within its clutches and doesn’t let go.

There are no heroes here, only broken souls created through unjustified evil perpetrated by others; a puppet on a string, dictating, luring, causing unspeakable actions, as innocence shatters.

Carrie and Ethan’s story is no fairy-tale but a darkened and shocking view into a dirty window. A deeply dark and twisted tale as past and present collides where lies, secrets and crimes take their toll on the once innocent, paving way for a life shrouded in destruction and toxicity.

It could have been so different for these kids, and this story with the way it is so beautifully written is the perfect thriller. You feel for the characters, despise them even, hate others, think you have them worked out, then you start to question everything only then to have the proverbial rug pulled from beneath your feet wondering what the hell just happened.

Victim turned monster, Saviour turned criminal. Both broken. Both a victim of life circumstance. Both trying to find freedom in a jaded world, but it comes at a price, that is until you realise… you’ve never really been free at all.

I can’t go into a full story overview because it would be an injustice, you must get inside Ethan’s mind and travel this journey alone. Granted it’s not always pretty but my goodness, was it a page-turner and trust me when I say this is one story you won’t forget in a hurry!!

5 Crowns!


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