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Meet The Princesses

We are Elizabeth, Kelly and Emma.

We are three women who joined together in creating

our little corner of heaven to enjoy our passion…. Reading!

We met online on a facebook reading group, and became fast friends.  We have read hundreds of books together and love discussing and reviewing them.  We have laughed a lot! We have moaned, been angry, we have cried, been in shock, and we had to take many a cold shower with the books we read.  So we came up with the idea to extend what we love with others…. and have some more laughs and swoony sighs…  Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

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Castle Ratings


1rc 200

1 Crown

This was just an “Ugly Duckling” for us.  Not that it could not be the beautiful swan for someone else though. We just could not finish it, but did just because we have serious issues with not finishing a book.  This type of book normally just did not cause any emotion and we could not identify with it at all!


2rc 200

2 Crowns

This was like Cinderella’s step sisters for us.  you may not love them but they are family.  It was ok, but we were impatient to finish it and get on to the next read.  we didn’t hate it, but definitely had issues with it.  Or it could just have not been our type of book, or necessarily our taste.  it was an easy read, no complications, and might be a good one to read after a particularly difficult read.

3rc 200

3 Crowns

This is like the Beasts red rose under glass.  Beautiful to look at, but you just cant smell it. We think this is a good book with a decent story, just didn’t like it or dislike it really…



4rc 200

4 Crowns

This is like the prince finding the glass slipper, you are just soooo close to a beautiful happy ever after but not quite there yet.  We think this is a great book, a book we enjoyed, a book that stayed with us for days, we had to digest it… we would recommend it.  This book would cause us some emotions, whether happiness, sadness or frustration.  We sighed with the romance… even had butterflies in our tummies.  We reached for the kleenax or yelled at the characters.  

5rc 200

5 Crowns

This book is every dream come true… We think this book is amazing! It made us believe in love again… it gave us incredible butterflies, made is sigh with desire, it made us cry, not just a few tears, the ugly snotty type of crying! Scream in anger or shock or omg! Laugh – not just a giggle or a snicker, a full on laugh.  It had angst so severe, or frustrated us to the point of wanting to throw our e-reader against the wall.  This book made us swoon and possibly run for a very cold shower.  This book just hit all our emotions and was a great story with amazing characters!  We fell in love, we have a new book boyfriend to our ever growing list!

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Review/Arc /Policies

The Princesses Love to read, discuss and review books. Reading is their passion!!

The Princesses place their reviews on www.PerusingPrincesses.net, Goodreads and amazon.

We link and promote our reviews via the site, our 3 Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, RebelMouse, Booktropolous Social, Blogger, and Tint.

Authors and Publishers, please contact us to send us your ARC’s.  We would love to read them!

Submit your review request here: Review Request

If an ARC is sent to the Princesses, it will be stated in the review.

 The Princesses will always give an honest review, whether it be from an ARC or a gifted or purchased book/ebook.

If the book is sent prior to publishing, please let the Princesses know if you have a time frame you would like it reviewed by.  The Princesses will do their best to accomodate all requests.

Do you have any giveaways for our followers?  We would love to receive your swag and host contests and giveaways and promote your book.

Want the Princesses to be part of your blog tour? We would love to host your blog tour as well. Lets conduct some interviews, give us some outtakes and deleted scenes.

The Princesses take pride in providing honest reviews, connecting with amazing authors, connecting with our followers and many publishing houses.  The Perusing Princesses will NEVER charge anyone anything in exchange for providing any promotion.  The Perusing Princesses receive no payment from anyone being promoted on this blog.  If we share anything it’s because we want too, never because we are being paid too.

We thank you for taking the time to visit the Castle of Literary Love.

 Submit your review request by clicking here: Review Request

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Perusing Princesses often use pictures, gifs, videos and trailers from the internet via search sites like Google. Perusing Princesses  claim no credit for any images linked to or on this site unless otherwise noted.  Images on this blog are copyright to their respective owners.  If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it to appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Perusing Princesses is an ADULT blog.  This blog contains content only suitable for adults.  (21+)  This blog may contain content, images, reviews and comments by the bloggers and followers that are for adults only.  There may be Images of a sexual nature.  There may be profanity in the reviews and comments, etc.  Anyone who visits this blog is aware of all its content and agrees to all this blog contains.

The Princesses live across both sides of the pond, and our time differences are quite extreme… usually one is in the future while the other is living in the past…  we will do our best.

FTC STATEMENT- all of the books reviewed on this site are either purchased by the bloggers, some books may be provided by the publisher, author, or publicist/agent in exchange for an honest review.  Some books may be shared between the bloggers via Kindles lending page or otherwise.  The owners/bloggers of Perusing Princesses blog/site receive no monetary compensation for reviews, giveaways, book tours, or opinions.  We do have an Amazon Affiliate link and may use those in our posts, pages etc.  That is the only form of monetary receipt we may get.  We blog because of our passion for reading, reviewing and connecting with authors and followers, not because we are making money from blogging.  Anything we might receive from an affiliate link does not even cover 1% of the expense in running the website, giveaways we personally may do, etc.  The views expressed on this blog/site are solely the their own and do not reflect those of various publishers, authors, publicists, agent or commentators.

Sooooooooooo basically, we want you to come and enjoy this blog, share our passion for reading.  We want you to have fun in our discussions, here or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to say Hey!!  Please drop us an email!

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