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Princess Emma Reviews: Come Undone by Penny Dee

Princess Emma Reviews: Come Undone by Penny DeeCome Undone: A Hockey Romance by Penny Dee
on January 1st 1970
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4.5 Stars

JAKE “You want to know why I train? It’s because it’s the only time I’m not thinking about Tyler and the fact that I killed him.”
Jake Pennington is a hockey super star. Hot. Rich. Gorgeous. And super talented. But when a personal tragedy rocks his world, Jake’s life is ripped apart as he is brought to his knees. Broken and completely devastated, he retreats to his family cabin in Canada desperate to forget the world and something he once knew as happiness.
MACKENZIE “My therapist would say it was me trying to reclaim my life back. To recapture the girl I had once been—frightened of nothing and living life on a whim.”
Mackenzie Eden is battling her own demons. After a horrific incident in college, Mackenzie throws herself into her job as a means to outrun her pain and her litany of phobias. When her path crosses with Jake Pennington she sees a way to bring them both out of the darkness and back into the light.
Come Undone is a story of two people finding each other in the darkness. A sports romance, it will make you laugh, cry and fall head over heels in love with two very broken and stubborn people.

4.5 Crowns

Come Undone is a standalone sports romance, unrelated to any other book by this author.

Jake Pennington knows he is skating on thin ice. A super successful Ice Hockey player, he has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since his world fell apart a year ago. If he is to remain at the top of his game then he must stay away from the women, drink and parties because they aren’t doing him any favours. He doesn’t think his life could get any worse… until it does in the most awful way. Turning his back on the sport he loves and the life of privilege he leads is his punishment, but not punishment enough as far as he’s concerned.

Mackenzie Eden is out to prove herself. Working for one of the biggest Sports/Entertainment agencies owned and run by her father, she needs to make sure that people know she has the job because she is damn good at it; and not because of who she is. When she finds herself battling her cousin and best friend for the newest signing, she makes a bet. She knows nothing about Ice Hockey, but she knows that she can convince former NHL Superstar Jake Pennington back on the ice. In fact she is so confidant, she decides not only will she get him on the Ice, but she will get on a Texan team lying in the doldrums. Now all she has to do is find Jake Pennington.

I am a huge fan of Sports Romance, particularly when it relates to Ice-Hockey. Often though they can be overly technical on the sport itself and being British, it can take a bit getting my head around the NHL terms. What was wonderful about this book was that for me it had the perfect balance. Yes, it is set in the world of Ice-Hockey, but this book is so much more than that. It really is a great love story and I struggled to put it down.

I don’t want to go too much into the storyline, but I can say that Jake isn’t the only one fighting demons. They may have had different experiences, but these characters really do fit so well because they have experiences that effect the decisions they make and the way they lead their lives. They become a real balm to one another, providing light and optimism even if they try and fight it.

Penny Dee is a new author to me, but I will definitely be reading more of her work. I loved the chemistry she created, the storyline, but most of all I loved that she threw the massive OMG moment into the prologue. It is pure genius really, because it suckered me in after punching me hard in the gut first.

A great story with great characters. If you are new to Sports Romance then this would be a great place to start. If you want high emotion and laughs and you want your heart to swoon, this book needs to be added to your TBR today.


4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Mr. Rebound by Kat T. Masen

Princess Emma Reviews: Mr. Rebound by Kat T. MasenMr. Rebound by Kat T. Masen
on October 30th 2016
4.5 Stars

Moving across the country was supposed to be a fresh start. I’d made mistakes, but I told myself I’d no longer prey on emotionally unstable women. I don’t do relationships—I’m a selfish bastard that enjoys not answering to anyone—and relationships mean being with only one woman. More often than not, one that carries emotional baggage, like cheating exes or worse—kids.
After landing myself in trouble, again, my cousin Charlie dared me to settle down with one woman. I’m not one to shy away from a dare, so I chose Scarlett Winters, the most wanted actress in Hollywood. The sexiest woman on Earth.I just needed to get past the roadblock—her assistant, Morgan Bentley.
The wicked bitch of the west.
Between her multiple personalities and the giant stick up her ass, I should’ve seen it coming. I’d been with enough women to read the signs. Morgan Bentley was after one thing, and one thing only. A rebound.
That’s me, right?
Mr Rebound.
But what if this time I wanted more?

Also by this author: #Jerk, Roomie Wars

4.5 Crowns

Mr. Rebound is a standalone romantic comedy, although fans of this author will recognise the secondary characters that pop up throughout.

Noah Mason is a predator. Nowhere near to settling down and dealing with the emotions of a relationship, he preys on women looking for a rebound. It has really worked for him and he is never short of a woman to warm his bed, a closet or club restroom. Until he chooses the wrong woman and finds himself flying across the country to start afresh. His Cousin Charlie is well aware of his reputation and is determined to challenge him to change his ways after another near miss that could have had him moving on once again. So to put her off the scent he chooses Scarlett Winters, Hollywood leading lady, and someone so far out of his league that it is bound to get Charlie off his back and his happily relationship free. What he doesn’t expect is to suddenly find himself working alongside her. Even more unexpected is the gorgeous Morgan Bentley, Scarlett’s assistant. As beautiful as she is, she makes his life hell. She is one woman that won’t fall for the infamous Noah charm. But you know what they say, treat them mean to keep them keen. Noah soon finds himself in unchartered waters, but will Mr. Rebound meet his match? Or will he find himself doing what he does best?

I absolutely LOVED this book. One thing Kat T. Masen does well is comedy, and believe me this book will have you roaring. Told pretty much exclusively by Noah, the narrative is spot on. Is he a user, well abso-blody-lutley, but he feels he is providing a service… until it all goes wrong for him. It is the wake-up call he needs and he is determined to choose another path; although not the relationship path I might add. Reading about his thoughts and where they lead him was entertaining, light-hearted and I couldn’t help falling in love with him.

In Bentley Morgan he meets his match, but this isn’t a formulaic, disposable love story. It might be light-hearted and fun, but Bentley Morgan has issues that they must both overcome if he is to become more than just Mr. Rebound. And that is probably what I love most about this book. It would be so easy to churn out a funny rom com, light on storyline and for want of a better word generic, but by adding another layer of story, this has turned Mr. Rebound into a delicious story that you will devour like I did.

Shout out to the secondary characters. If you are a Kat fan you will adore it. Charlie, Lex and Kate from The Dark Love series are here, as are Presley and Haden from #Jerk. It was like spending time with old friends and it enriched the book all the more for it.

A great, hilariously funny read and one that I highly recommend. If you have yet to dive into any books by Kat. T. Masen then what are you waiting for. A great author, with a gift for writing love stories with gripping and often humorous storylines. Another great book Kat, can’t wait for the next. (Kate… PLEASE)


4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Retreat by Jay Crownover

Retreat (The Getaway Series Book 1) by Jay Crownover
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5 Stars

Every once in a while, you need to get away from it all.
I was a woman on the edge, shaken and shattered after a breakup that felt like it tore my entire world apart. My best friend, sick of watching me drown in misery and melancholy, harassed me until I agreed to go with her on a week-long wilderness retreat.
She promised days spent bonding and getting in touch with our inner bad-asses. It was supposed to be all about the two of us roughing it and making do with the bare minimum. She assured me we were going to be pushed to our limits in ways that were unimaginable. Neither one of us could have ever guessed just how right she was.
Nowhere in the glossy brochure did it say anything about the fact I was going to have to battle the insufferable but deliciously rugged and sexy trail guide instead of the elements. The brochure also forgot to mention the part that warned when you left civilization behind, there was no place to pack your inhibitions and fears.
I was told that I would be facing a week where the only thing I should expect was the unexpected. However, no one mentioned that I was going to have to fight for my life…and my heart as soon as I ventured into the unknown.
I was a pro at hiding from my feelings but when it came time to face a real threat, one that could change everything, I learned I was more of a no surrender, no retreat kind of girl.
Retreat is a standalone novel, the first in the Getaway series which centers on the hardheaded and brokenhearted Warner brothers and the women that dare to love them. These boys are very good at putting the wild in wilderness.

Series: Getaway #1
Also by this author: Built (Saints of Denver, #1)

5 Crowns

Book 1 in The Getaway series, each book will be a standalone featuring the lives and loves of the Warner brothers. It is completely unrelated to any other series written by this author.

Leo is coming off the back of a really bad relationship. It has left her questioning everyone and everything in her life, but mostly it has left her questioning herself. Fed up of the pity party she is throwing, her best friend Emrys persuades her to go on a wilderness retreat, to get back to nature and to find herself away from the stresses of her life in San Francisco. So when they arrive in the mountains of Wyoming she expects to be greeted by some hot Cowboys; instead she is greeted by the Warner brothers, her hosts for the weeks.

So Cowboys, eh not quite. The Stetsons and chaps are definitely missing, but hot… hell yes. It’s just a shame that their customer care leaves a lot to be desired. Lane the youngest is the friendliest, but Sutton struggles to raise a smile and Cyrus the eldest, well he is just plain rude. If Leo didn’t think this week could get any tougher, having to deal with Cyrus may just finish her off.

So I am purposely stopping right there in my story overview. The synopsis Jay Crownover gives, although lengthy, doesn’t give too much away and man she is spot on in her decision to do that. I went in pretty much blind with this book, but clicked it because of my love for this author. I thought it would be a great romantic story between a city girl and a cowboy, and yes for all intents and purpose it is that. Retreat however is not your run of the mill cookie cutter romance, this book is sooooo good and so much freaking more. It throws a story at you totally out of leftfield. I so didn’t see it coming, and quite frankly I didn’t expect this book to be as bloody brilliant as it was.

So whilst I would usually talk about characters and my thoughts on them, I won’t for this book. I seriously don’t want to give you any spoilers whatsoever. What I will say is that each Warner brother has an interesting backstory and if each brothers story is as good as Cyrus’, then we the reader are in for a hell of a bumpy ride. Told from Leo’s POV, you might question whether this gives you everything you need from the book. Let me assure you it does. Jay has a quality in her writing that ensures that we get the full story without being overloaded with words, inner thoughts and story fillers. I actually think a dual POV would have been too much in the pace of the storyline. As she herself says, it is Leo’s journey into the Warner world. Again she is bang on the money in her thought process on this.

I am a huge Jay Crownover fan, and have been with her since Rule (still one of my top 10 reads EVER) I have loved the Marked Men series, am loving the Saints of Denver, whilst found the  Welcome to the Point series so so. This book, indeed this series is a complete departure from anything she has ever wrote before and I congratulate her on going off her usual path. By doing so she has created a book that is as totally unexpected as it is amazing. So if you aren’t sure, if the cowboy thing maybe isn’t your bag, all I can do is implore you to give it a chance; I can promise you won’t be disappointed.


A MUST READ start to a series that is nothing you would expect from this author. I now look forward to Sutton’s story; I have a feeling it will be just as epic as Retreat.

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Tapped by Liz Crowe

Princess Emma Reviews: Tapped by Liz CroweTapped (Brewing Passion, #1) by Liz Crowe
Published by Totally Bound Publishing on January 17th 2017
Pages: 232
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4.5 Stars

A hot hook-up in a cold beer cooler changes everything…
When wealthy brewery owner Austin Fitzgerald meets sexy saleswoman Evelyn Benedict, angry sparks fly. They seem destined to clash, until a hot hook-up in a cold beer cooler changes everything.
For Austin, it's a life-altering moment that sets him on a path away from his birthright, while Evelyn must face her fears about committing to a man considered the playboy of the micro-brewing world.
The power of preconceived notions nearly tears them apart—until they meet up with brew master Ross, who opens their eyes to a deeper, even more erotic connection.
But three strong personalities don’t always make for the best emotional mix and when a simple misunderstanding causes chaos, it’s up to Ross to repair the tattered shreds of their relationship.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of explicit sex, including scenes of M/M intimacy.
General Release Date: 14th February 2017

Series: Brewing Passions #1
Also by this author: Family Love (Love Brothers, #4)

4.5 Crowns

Book 1 in the new Brewing Passions series.

Everlyn Benedict is at the top of her game in the world of Craft Beer sales. But when an over privileged, rich, stupidly handsome brewery owner is thrust upon her for a day, she can’t hide her dislike for him or the situation. But Austin Fitzgerald is not at all what she expected and he doesn’t just charm the customers, but also gets under her skin. From opposites sides of the track, Everlyn and Austin find it hard to fight the mutual attraction that burns between them, soon finding themselves together despite the opposition from his overbearing family and an almost fiancé. As they get to know each other they open up that little bit more. But it is Austin’s tales of his time in Germany and his close friend Ross that really get them both thinking of what could be. But fantasies are just that… until Ross appears.

Will Ross be the link that forges the gap between 2 people from very different worlds? Which begs the question… Do the best things in life really come in threes?

I have been really looking forward to this book. It is no secret that am a huge fan of this author; in fact she is my most read author by far. But what I really loved when starting this book was knowing that this was going to be the start to a whole new world that she was creating. And if this book is anything to go by, it’s going to be another corker of a series.

Set in the world of Craft beers and the breweries that make them, Liz has created 2 characters in Everlyn and Austin that couldn’t be more opposite. Everlyn has had a tough and challenging upbringing. As much as she is independent, she is also stubborn and can be flighty to say the least. She is certainly intimidated by the world that Austin comes from and whilst that is understandable, it makes her a bitch at times. But as much as she is frustrating, she is totally balanced out by the understanding and loving Austin. He is trying to escape the shackles of his family and the money and power they have. In Everlyn he finds someone that shares his passions and love of the brewing business, someone that understands him. The only other person that has shared that with him is his friend Ross. So when Ross arrives on the scene, he adds another dimension to their loving, passionate and hot relationship. But this is Liz Crowe and she never navigates smooth waters. She will always show us the pros and cons to relationship rather than the hearts and flowers; and so ensues a relationship that will certainly twist and turn a plenty.

So it does end rather abruptly, but I think that is a masterstroke by Ms. Crowe. It has left me absolutely chomping at the bit for the next story which will delve more into Ross’s life. This in itself leaves me with loads of questions. I hope I don’t have to wait long to have them answered as I am eager to continue this journey, full steam ahead.


So if you want a sizzling hot MFM read that has a great storyline, well developed characters that are both frustrating and endearing, and a story that tackles issues that relate to real-life romance, this is a MUST READ book, indeed author.

4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Teach Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant

Princess Emma Reviews: Teach Me Something by Aubrey BondurantTeach Me Something (Something, #4) by Aubrey Bondurant
Published by Aubrey Bondurant on February 9th 2017
5 Stars

Life is short, and sometimes you have to take chances...
Catherine Davenport is successful in her career, but doesn't have the same skill when it comes to her love life. After a painful divorce, she's finding the new world of dating both intimidating and frustrating.
Tired of striking out, she takes the extreme measure of enlisting the help of an instructor in a private club who offers sessions on how to improve her dating strategy as well as her overall sexual confidence.
'Calvin', the masked man with the piercing blue eyes and husky voice not only challenges her to step out of her comfort zone, but encourages her to unlock her repressed adventurous side with various lessons.
She feels like she's making progress until her worlds collide and the identity of the man privy to her most intimate details is shockingly revealed as someone she knows.
Can Catherine put her insecurities aside to take a chance on love where she least expected it? Or will her past interfere with her ability to plan a future with the one man who truly knows the real her.
Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Fourth book of the “Something Series”Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content.

Series: The Something Series #4
Also in this series: Ask Me Something, Bet Me Something (Something, #3)
Also by this author: Tell Me Something, Ask Me Something, Bet Me Something (Something, #3)

5 Crowns

Teach Me Something is book 4 in the Something series; a series of standalones featured around a group of friends. You do not need to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one, however because they are so good I recommend you do. You will get to know the characters that bit more and you will feel like you are revisiting old friends as soon as you start reading.

Catherine Davenport is a very successful business woman. Editor-in-Chief of the world famous Cosmo Life magazine, her knowledge and influence in the fashion world is unrivalled. Life should be perfect, and professionally it is; it’s her personal life that leaves a lot to be desired. Married and undergoing IVF for a much wanted baby, her husband suddenly up and left her for a younger model. That was 2 years ago and he left behind a woman insecure in her personality and what she can bring to a relationship. She absolutely sucks at dates and the small talk that is so important in finding “the one”. So she secretly starts taking classes at a sex club to give her the tools she needs now that she is ready to move on and dip her toe in the dating pool.

Calvin is her masked instructor. Strictly no sex, he advises her on the do’s and don’ts of starting a relationship. He makes her really evaluate her wants and desires, encouraging her to be confident and assertive; even if this is totally out of her comfort zone. But a trip to Vegas with her closest friends changes everything. Sometimes the person who fits you perfectly, comes in a package you don’t expect. When Catherine finds her something, it turns out to be closer to home than she thinks.

Will she put Calvin’s advice into practice or will the insecurities and heartache of her past and her influential career ruin what could be a love she never saw coming?

I could write pages and pages about how much I adore this series. Aubrey Bondurant’s Something series never ever lets me down; in fact it just seems to go from strength to strength. At the heart of every book has been a butterfly inducing love story. They are always my favourite, but because of that I am seriously picky. They are either too superficial, too repetitive, have too much sex or just don’t have any substance to them. All of those things can never be said about Aubrey’s books. Her stories and characters have depth. They aren’t just hearts and flowers and they always have just the right amount of sexiness to them. In a nutshell they are carefully crafted in every way. Each time I pick her new offering from this series I think “She will never out do the last one”, but she does every time. Where sometimes you feel too much similarity to previous books in a series, you never do with hers.

I loved both Catherine and her man (who shall not be named to avoid spoiling it for you). You often find in life that a successful woman never has it all, and Catherine is the perfect example of that. I loved reading her story and the unexpected twist and turns her life takes.


If you love good old fashioned romance that is guaranteed to give you all the feels, do not miss this book or indeed this series. I now wait patiently for the next instalment, so get writing Aubrey… I am addicted to this series and the characters you have created. – A MUST READ!

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

Princess Emma Reviews: Anything You Can Do by R.S. GreyAnything You Can Do by R.S. Grey
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5 Stars

Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy.
It’s been a decade since I’ve seen him, but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and more of a temporary cease-fire. Now that we’re both back in our small town, I know Lucas expects the same old war, but I’ve changed since high school—and from the looks of it, so has he.
The arrogant boy who was my teenage rival is now a chiseled doctor armed with intimidating good looks. He is Lucas Thatcher 2.0, the new and improved version I’ll be competing with in the workplace instead of the schoolyard.
I’m not worried; I’m a doctor now too, board-certified and sexy in a white coat. It almost feels like winning will be too easy—until Lucas unveils a tactic neither of us has ever used before: sexual warfare.
The day he pushes me up against the wall and presses his lips to mine, I can’t help but wonder if he’s filling me with passion or poison. Every fleeting touch is perfect torture. With every stolen kiss, my walls crumble a little more. After all this time, Lucas knows exactly how to strip me of my defenses, but I’m in no hurry to surrender.
Knowing thy enemy has never felt so good.

5 Crowns

Anything I Can Do is an all new standalone romantic comedy and is unrelated to any other book or series by this author.

Daisy is back in Hamilton, Texas after a decade away at medical school. Now a fully qualified Doctor, she is hoping to take over the McCormick Family Practice; the only practice in town and one that she hopes to head up when Dr McCormick retires. Little does she know that she has stiff competition. Lucas has always been her nemesis. Next door neighbours and rivals at EVERYTHING through school, they hate each other; and the whole town knows it. So when she realises that they will have to work together and that managing the practice isn’t the dead cert that she originally thought, Daisy reignites the old feud. But Lucas is older and a whole lot sexier, but it’s his arsenal of ammunition against Daisy that comes as the biggest surprise of all.


I seriously love R.S Grey books. This author knows how to make me laugh and for me she is the queen of romantic comedy. Her last book, A Place in the Sun was amazing and I have to say was much more of an emotional read with the added quirkiness that I love and expect from this author. Anything You Can Do has R.S Grey going back to funny and sexy and it was bloody fab.

Daisy is hilarious. She is determined to win the war for the practice, but her old foe knows her oh too well. He cuts her off at every turn, making Daisy even more hilarious in her frustrated actions. As for Lucas, well he was perfect. I loved his patience and humility. The chemistry between them sizzles and I was turning the page to see what situation they would find themselves in next.


Another amazing, engaging and very funny romance. I love this authors’ work but this I have to say is my favourite. If you want a light-hearted romance with a lot of laughs this book is just what the doctor ordered… A MUST READ!

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Franco by Kim Holden

Princess Emma Reviews: Franco by Kim HoldenFranco (Bright Side, #3) by Kim Holden, Amy Donnelly
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4.5 Stars

Franco Genovese is the drummer for world renowned American rock band, Rook. He’s got it all. A killer smile. Tattoos. Talent. Razor sharp wit and humor. And a heart as big, and generous, as they come. Life is good. Steady. Uncomplicated. Just the way he likes things. Until one night at an unassuming L.A. bar changes everything. Enter Gemma Hendricks. She’s a successful young architect from Northern England with an adorable smile, sarcasm for days, and an unparalleled trusting heart. The attraction is instant. So is their friendship. It’s also temporary because they’ll both be heading home, thousands of miles apart from each other, in a few days. Or is it? There’s something Gemma wants more than anything else. And when Franco propositions her to provide what she’s looking for, everything changes. Will it transform friendship into love, or will it be their ruin?

Series: Brightside #3

4.5 Crowns

Book 3 in the brilliant Brightside series, this book could be read as a standalone. Having said that, this is one series that shouldn’t be missed. So do yourself a favour and read both Brightside and Gus before starting Franco.

Franco Genovese is the fun-loving, tattoo covered and very hot drummer for the ever popular rock band Rook. Alongside his best friend and bandmate Gus, he is finally starting to enjoy life again following the tragic loss of a friend. Back in the recording studio in L.A, he has suddenly become a little pickier when it comes to his women. So when he unexpectedly bumps into a British girl called Gemma, he is surprised at how quickly she ticks all the boxes. But with recording coming to an end and Gemma due to fly back home, alas it looks like it’s a dead end… or is it?

I am such a huge fan of this series and the author Kim Holden. If you have read the previous books in this series, then you like I will have been through the proverbial ringer. So although I LOVE this series, this book has sat on my kindle for a few weeks whilst I put on my big girl knickers ready for the emotions I might have to deal with. Before I go any further, do not make that mistake. This book has a completely different vibe. It is about a man who is sweet to the core and a friendship that is funny, honest and quite beautiful.

I am not going to go into the storyline too much as I don’t want to spoil it. But I am seriously crushing on Franco (My god, that cover model has my mind full of <3 <3) He is without doubt one of the most fun, kind and selfless characters I have ever read about. The banter between him and Gus is perfect and had me roaring, but it’s the relationship that builds between him and Gemma that melted my heart. Gemma, well she was a girl after my own sarcastic heart. As a Brit, I am always going to be super critical. So many American authors try and write British characters, but if the quintessential British humour goes awry or if just 1 word is used that isn’t one I would use, it turns me right off. So it makes me super happy to say that Kim has done her homework BIGTIME. Her character is one that I recognised. I loved her humour, her wit, her dryness and hell her Britishness. She was just perfect for me the reader across this side of the pond, but more importantly she was perfection for Franco.


A lighter hearted addition to an already brilliant series. You may not need the tissues you needed in the previous books, but that doesn’t make it any less epic. I now hope that we get to see where Keller is in life. If anyone deserves a happy ending then it that man. Another MUST READ.

4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Preppy Part Two: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater by T.M Frazier

Princess Emma Reviews: Preppy Part Two: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater by T.M FrazierPreppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two by T.M. Frazier
Published by Everafter Romance on February 6th 2017
4.5 Stars

Preppy finds himself back in a world he once loved, but no longer recognizes. His dim smile can’t hide his inner turmoil and the people he views as family all suddenly feel like polite strangers.
Except for one person. A girl with dark eyes and even darker hair. A girl who isn’t even an option.
At least, not anymore.
Dre can’t decide who she’s going to listen to. Her heart, her head, or her body. Because two out of those three things have her heading right back to Logan’s Beach. Closure is what she tells herself she’s seeking, but when she unlocks doors that were never meant to be opened she soon discovers that when it comes to Samuel Clearwater, closure might NEVER be an option.
This is book six in the King Series and the second part of Preppy and Dre's story.

Series: King #6
Find the Author: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon
Also in this series: King (King, #1), Lawless (King, #3), Lawless (King, #3), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two
Also by this author: King (King, #1), Lawless (King, #3), Lawless (King, #3), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), All the Rage, All the Rage, All the Rage, Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two

4.5 Crowns

Preppy Part 2 is book 6 in the amazing King series. Although not essential to read the first 4 books I highly recommend that you do. It is however, essential that you read book 5, Preppy Part 1. This book is a continuation and so this review will contain some spoilers if you haven’t read Part 1. My advice, stop reading this and go start on the beginning of Preppy’s story.

So holy cliff hanger, Part 1 really did leave us teetering on the edge wondering exactly where T.M. Frazier was going to go with this book. Well let me assure you that straight off the bat, we are immersed into life back at Logan Beach, Florida, and I couldn’t have been happier.

So where Part 1 really gave us parts of Preppy we didn’t know from the past, specifically his relationship with Dre, as well as glimpses of his time spent in captivity, Part 2 centres on the here and now.

Preppy is free but in a seriously bad way, both physically and emotionally; but he isn’t the only one back, so is Dre. A stranger to the people closest to Preppy, they want answers; they are not the only ones, so does Dre. Amongst all of the questions they have though is Preppy. Gone is the happy, always joking, pretty boy psycho. Preppy is back in body, but his mind and emotions are back in the dark hole he was kept and tortured in for so long. So while his friends’ lives have moved on, Preppy’s has stayed still. He is struggling, and no one understands. This book is less about romance and more about the aftermath of his miraculous resurrection. But make no mistake, this book won’t answer all his questions or ours; we will have to wait for Preppy Part 3 for that.

A great, dark, essential part of Preppy story. This is a character that is loved by many and someone that will stick in your mind because of his complex personality and behaviour. Violent, dark, but with a sweetness and humour that makes him super unique, I can’t wait to find out how his story ends. Roll on Preppy Part 3: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater.

4.5 Stars

About T.M. Frazier

T.M. Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and baby girl.

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents although her spelling could have (and could still) use some help.

It only took her twenty years to start the next book.

The Dark Light of Day was her debut novel.

King will be released June 15th 2015.

She LOVES talking books with her readers.


Princess Emma Reviews: Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

Commander in Chief by Katy Evans
4 Stars
Series: White House #2
Also in this series: Commander in Chief
Also by this author: Legend (Real, #6), Ladies Man (Manwhore, #3), Commander in Chief

4 Crowns

Book 2 in the White House series, this book is a continuation of the brilliant Mr. President and is the conclusion of Matt and Charlotte’s story. Do not read this book without reading that first, or indeed this review as it will contain spoilers to book 1.

Having conducted a very steamy and secret affair during Matt’s campaign for presidency, both Charlotte and the President Elect decided to call time on a relationship that could potentially cause a scandal and damage the incoming President’s reputation before he has even entered the Oval office. The public would only see a politician in bed with a young woman from his campaign staff. So as soon as Matthew won, Charlotte took off to Europe to create distance and mend her heart because the man she loved she could never have.

This book starts as Matthew is preparing to take his oath of office. Still missing Charlotte after 2 months without her, he knows he can’t give her up. Can he be the man the country needs as well as the man Charlotte deserves?

Charlotte is heartbroken but determined to watch Matthew become the President that she knows he will be. As she prepares to attend a celebratory ball, she knows that all she can do is offer her heartfelt congratulations before turning her back on that part of her life forever… for him. But that won’t be nearly enough for the Commander in Chief.

So before I go any further, I have to say how much I have enjoyed this 2 book series. Being British, I was a little concerned that it would be too immersed in a political world that I don’t understand; happily this isn’t the case. The politics’ are just a backdrop to what has been a beautiful love story. If I am being completely honest, book 2 didn’t quite have the same magic for me as book 1, but only because I am a complete angst junkie. Whereas that book was a will they won’t they story, this was more about how they face the challenges of office whilst still finding time for each other. There were a few plots that I thought might have been explored a little more, but having said that it didn’t stop me enjoying the book. Look forward to plenty of steamy White House encounters.


If you are looking for a love story between a powerful man and the woman he can’t be without, the White House series is one I highly recommend. If only we had Matthew Hamilton to look forward to instead of bloody Donald Trump; I know who I would have voted for.

Book 1:

4 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Love Rehab by Louise Bay

Princess Emma Reviews: Love Rehab by Louise BayLove Rehab by Louise Bay
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4.5 Stars

Ever wanted to fast forward to your happily ever after?
My name is Mackenzie Locke and I’m a loveaholic. I haven’t got a handle on men. Not even a little bit.
So I staged an intervention and booked me and my two best friends into Love Rehab, complete with a love shaman, horse therapy and a bunch of stones that promise to change my life. I’m not leaving until I’m cured.
Lesson #1: the first night of your stay, don’t have a one night stand with the hottest guy you’ve ever seen in your life.
Lesson #2: make sure your one night stand isn’t planning on sticking around, teasing you, tempting you right back into his Levis.
Big Fail.
Lesson #3: Whoops. I forgot this one. I was too busy daydreaming about Blake McKenna’s mouth on mine and the way his five o’clock shadow feels on my thighs.
Epic Fail.
So maybe I’m not the best student. Maybe I wasted my time and money on Love Rehab. But I can’t help that I want to spend every minute with Blake, naked under the stars. Perhaps he can teach me every lesson I ever needed to learn.

Also by this author: King of Wall Street: a sexy, standalone, contemporary romance, Park Avenue Prince

4.5 Crowns

Love Rehab is a standalone and does not relate to any other titles by this author.

MacKenzie is at a crossroads in her life. A self-confessed loveaholic, she has just be dumped by her 3rd fiancé and is perplexed at how she seems to be getting it so wrong. In a last ditch attempt to stop rushing into relationships that go nowhere, she stages her own intervention and heads to Oklahoma with her 2 best friends in the hope that Love Rehab will give her the answers she seeks. What she doesn’t expect is to fall at the first hurdle and have a one night stand with Blake, who she meets in the town’s only bar. And when a one night stand turns into more, is she falling into old patterns? Or is Blake going to teach her more about herself than Love Rehab actually is.


I really enjoyed this book. I am going through a bit of a Louise Bay binge after reading King of Wall Street, and I am loving all her work. Love Rehab is a bit of a departure from the previous books of hers that I have read. Where they take place in big cities like London, New York, Chicago, Love Rehab’s back drop is a back water in Oklahoma. I loved how 3 girls from Boston struggled to adjust to country life and the back to nature rehab of camping, horses and shamans; I found myself giggling away on more than one occasion. But obviously, although in the most light-hearted, this is a romance about 2 people from different backgrounds who have so much in common and have both reached crossroads in their lives, so it is more than just a fluff fest.

So as much as I loved the secondary characters in this book, Louise Bay makes sure that Mackenzie and Blake shine bright. They both find a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of places and at a time that isn’t the best. It is romantic and will give you that warm feeling in your belly, before making you hot with their sizzling chemistry. But don’t expect a straight forward, cookie cutter HEA, this book has more about it than that.


Another great read from an author that is becoming an automatic 1-click for me.

4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Road To Nowhere by M. Robinson

Princess Emma Reviews: Road To Nowhere by M. RobinsonRoad to Nowhere (Road to Nowhere, #1) by M. Robinson
5 Stars

From USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson
A new MC standalone series. Synopsis and cover coming soon.

Series: The Good Ol' Boys Spin-Off #2
Also in this series: Alejandro Martinez: A Good Ol' Boys Spin-off
Also by this author: Undo Me: The Good Ol' Boys, Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Complicate Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #1), Alejandro Martinez: A Good Ol' Boys Spin-off, Alejandro Martinez: A Good Ol' Boys Spin-off

5 Crowns

Road to Nowhere is a spin-off from the fabulous Good Ol’Boys series. You do not need to have read these books or indeed El Diablo which is the previous book in this spin-off series, however I recommend you do. All these books have been 5 Crown reads for me, and you will be invested in the characters immediately if you have read them all.

Creed Jameson’s life has been mapped out for him whether he likes it or not. Born into an MC, his father is the President of the Devil’s Rejects and expects all 3 of his sons to fall into line. The darkness he has experienced is not what he wants for his life, or for the lives of his 2 younger brothers. He watches his mother suffer at the hands of his philandering father and tries to protect them by exposing himself to the life he hates even more. The Fog of his life continues to get denser as one tragedy after another follows him. But one little girl always make the sun shine through.

Mia is the youngest of 3 siblings and the only girl. Even at 9 years old she feels suffocated by her overbearing and protective father and envious of the freedoms her older brothers Bo and Mason get. When she meets one of her oldest brother’s best friends, he fascinates her. She is drawn to the sadness that drips off him. Everyone says she has the ability to be everyone’s friend and she is determined to be Creed’s.


And so begins an innocent friendship that continues for years. Until one day things change for them both.

So I have literally been on tender hooks for this book since the brief introduction to Creed and Mia in the latter part of El Diablo. I am not going to say anything about that, however if you have taken my advice and read the previous books you will know exactly what I mean. This book goes way back to the beginning of their relationship. This is very much Creed’s story with snippets of a young, innocent, frustrated girl who is mature beyond her age and who harbours a crush on the much older man. Don’t be getting your panties in a twist, it is a very innocent and sweet friendship. Creed doesn’t look at Mia in any other way than a cute little girl who understands him way more than she should.

So anyone that has read Monica’s books will know we can always look forward to a full backstory to the characters and that they tend to be told over several or many years. So major things happen along the way that have massive impacts on Creed’s life and how he deals with his MC as well as the issues with his family. I loved him. He is a total bad boy, but one that would so love to be good. He feels he will never be good enough for anyone and he is very destructive with the choices he makes. But he is also a good man at heart, if only someone can pull that out of him. As for Mia, well it was lovely to see her grow into a young woman on the cusp of becoming an adult. The crush she has on Creed never dies, even though sometimes it can be years between seeing him. But it is not until she reaches 15 that she decides that she needs to open up to him, even if it may result in breaking her heart.

Bit of a warning. As I got closer and closer to the end I had a funny feeling in my gut. The book was either going to be rushed at the end to conclude their story or it was going to end on a cliffhanger. Now anyone that loves M. Robinson’s books as much as I do will know that there is no way she could rush a storyline, it just isn’t her style. So alas, it does mean you get the dreaded “To Be Continued….” Arghhh!!!!

There are so many twists and turns in this beautifully written book and lots of questions I need answers to. Monica assures readers we won’t be left hanging for too long and I believe her. This is one author who never lets me down with her stories, and I may be hating her a little bit now, but in the best possible way. Her stories kick arse, and Mia and Creed’s story isn’t one that could be kept to one book.


Another great story from this very talented writer. If you haven’t already, you MUST read her books.

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: A Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole

Princess Emma Reviews: A Veil of Vines by Tillie ColeA Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 27th 2016
Pages: 352
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5 Stars

To most people, princes, princesses, counts and dukes are found only in the pages of the most famous of fairytales. Crowns, priceless jewels and gilded thrones belong only in childhood dreams.But for some, these frivolous fancies are truth. For some, they are real life. On Manhattan’s Upper East Side, people have always treated me as someone special. All because of my ancestral name and legacy. All because of a connection I share to our home country’s most important family of all.I am Caresa Acardi, the Duchessa di Parma. A blue blood of Italy. I was born to marry well. And now the marriage date is set. I am to marry into House Savona. The family that would have been the royals had Italy not abolished the monarchy in 1946. But to the aristocrats of my home, the abolition means nothing at all.The Savonas still hold power where it counts most.In our tight-knit world of money, status and masked balls, they are everything and more. And I am soon to become one of them.I am soon to become Prince Zeno Savona’s wife…… or at least I was, until I met Achille. And everything changed.

Also by this author: Reap (Scarred Souls, #2), Reap (Scarred Souls, #2), Raze (Scarred Souls, #1), Sweet Hope (Sweet Home, #4), Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen, #3), Sweet Soul (Sweet Home, #4; Carillo Boys, #3), A Thousand Boy Kisses, A Thousand Boy Kisses, A Thousand Boy Kisses, Deep Redemption (Hades Hangmen, #4), Ravage (Scarred Souls, #3), A Veil of Vines

5 Crowns

This is a standalone romance unrelated to any other book or series written by Tillie Cole.

Caresa Acardi has always dreamt of marrying a Prince. Having been born in Italy to a blue blooded Italian family, she has lived most of her life in Manhattan. Also known as the Duchessa di Parma, royalty and all the hierarchy that goes with it has long since been abolished in her native Italy. But make no mistake, they still hold considerable clout in the landowning gentry that still respect its traditions. Of course part of that tradition is marrying into a family that matches the status of your own, and Caresa soon find herself being shipped back to Italy, to the beautiful Umbrian countryside to marry her fathers’ business partner’s son, Prince Zeno. He is the direct descendant of the crown of Italy and following the recent death of his father, he will be King and she his Queen; albeit in name only.

So finding herself at the House of Savona’s beautiful estate, full of the vineyards that generate their riches, both she and Zeno are resigned to a marriage of convenience… Until Archille.


Yep folks, you are so not getting any more from me; okay, well maybe a little.

Let me start by saying that this is a beautiful, classic love story. Once again Tillie Cole switches sub genres and kicks arse. Seriously is there anything she can’t write? Every book she releases shows her growth as a writer. The passion she puts into her books transcends the pages and her writing always reaches out to me, practically yanking into the world she has created. This books is a very atmospheric book, and man does she give you all the feels. I am always so amazed at her talent for being detailed in her storytelling without being wordy. How she can tell you every little detail without boring you. She is in my opinion a genius and this book only cements that for me.

A very unique storyline, I loved the dynamics between all the characters. For all of you thinking this crosses into the offensive for some love triangle situation, be assured that it doesn’t. I never had any doubt that Caresa and Zeno were completely wrong for each other. This is to shore up there wine business and it is what is expected of them. It is the world they were born into and they know they have no other options, despite their misgivings.

Archille is a wine maker and completely different to anyone Caresa has ever met before. She is as fascinated in him as he in her. Of course no good story comes without the twist and although it is a twist, you are led in the way the story is told to not be so shocked by it. That is not a bad thing, it would have thrown the beautifulness of the story if there had been this never saw that coming moment; once you read it, you will totally get where I am coming from.


So again, Tillie Cole gives us perfection. I itch to give this author less than a 5 crown rating because how can she keep generating such amazing, beautifully written stories. But she does and I can’t ever see that changing, so I will keep writing her 5 Crown reviews for her amazing books. A talented writer, who excels in every story she puts out there. Big up Tillie Cole, you have done it again – A MUST READ!

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Lucas by Jay McLean

Princess Emma Reviews: Lucas by Jay McLeanLucas (Preston Brothers, #1) by Jay McLean
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 1st 2016
Pages: 354
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4.5 Stars

In a sprint, every millisecond counts.  When you’re waiting for love, those milliseconds can feel like eons. 
High school senior Lucas Preston has it all: star of the track team, a scholarship waiting for him, an apartment to himself and a revolving door of girlfriends. He also has an older sister, five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don’t kill each other.  His saving grace? Lois “Laney” Sanders, a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven. A girl who became his best friend, his confidant, his courage. 
It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love.   Eight life-changing seconds.  It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her.

Series: A Preston Brothers Novel #1
Also by this author: Kick, Push, Kick, Push (Kick Push #1)

4.5 Crowns

Book 1 in A Preston Brothers Novel series. This book is a spin-off from the brilliant More Than series, however you do not need to have read that series to enjoy Lucas.

Lucas Preston is the typical all American High Schooler. Star of the track team and super popular with the girls, he is also the oldest of 5 Brothers who look up to him. Following the death of his mother and the departure of his older sister Lucy to College, Lucas really had to step up to the plate to support his Dad and of course his younger brothers. Always by his side though is Lois Sanders; or as she is known to the Preston’s, Laney. They have been best friends since they were 11, and whilst Lucas has become Mr Popular, Lois has always been happy to sit in the background harbouring a secret crush that she has had on Lucas since the first minute she laid eyes on him.

As they mature feelings between them grow and shift. The friendship that has been so important to them both becomes something so much more. Will they be able to grow with the changes? Or will the friendship that has been everything to them be ruined forever?


So I, along with many others, first met Lucas in the More Than series, which features his sister Lucy. But actually we got to know the whole Preston family and their story in More than Forever. I seriously loved the Preston’s. They were this huge family of 6 kids who had to deal with the death of the mother they adored and a father who grieved so deeply. This left Lucy and her boyfriend Cameron, alongside Lucas having to step in to the void to care for the younger kids. So when I found out that each of the brothers would be getting their stories I was super excited. I really enjoyed the original series, and couldn’t wait for what Jay had in store for 5 very different brothers. Lucas as the oldest gets to kick it off and it is a brilliant start to what looks to be an equally brilliant and addictive series.

One thing I have come to learn about Jay McLean is that she loves messing with our emotions. But that is what makes her books such a joy to read. I was laughing one minute, swooning the next, onto wanting to throw my kindle, before wiping the tears from my eyes. This story has everything. It is a love story that deals with the pressures of family, friendship as well as some tougher issues that sadly effect many people daily.

You will adore Lucas. He has a heart of gold, but as with everyone he isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes along the way and the person most effected by his mistakes is Lois. Lois adores Lucas and has watched from his side as he goes form girl to girl never fully confidant in herself to let her true feelings for him show. When eventually their feelings are out in the open they both make mistakes and the communication that has never been a problem for them suddenly becomes their biggest obstacle; but not the only one. I loved their connection and rooted for them even if the odds were stacked against them. Of course though, this isn’t a book just about them, it incorporates the whole family, and we get a glimpse at each brothers’ character and it just left me wanting more.


So as I said right at the start, reading the More Than series isn’t essential. But if you want to be immersed in this world as much as I was, I recommend you do. It was like falling in with old friends that you haven’t seen for ages. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next 5 brothers stories.

4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

Princess Emma Reviews: Say You Want Me by Corinne MichaelsSay You Want Me by Corinne Michaels
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4.5 Stars

There’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hennington.
He can keep his Southern drawl, irresistible smile, and those pick-up lines all to himself. I made the mistake of sleeping with him not once, but twice. I’m not stupid enough to give him round three, especially after he left me in the middle of the night so I could see myself out. I vow to return to Philadelphia and forget him.
It proves easier said than done.
When the doctor informs me I’m the winner of door prize number two, I put my life on hold and head back to Bell Buckle. Three months and if we can’t make this work, I’m gone.
The problem is—when the cards are stacked against us, and I can’t bring myself to leave him, I’ll finally know if he truly loves me or if all my fears were real . . .


4.5 Crowns

This is a standalone book, but if you have read Say You’ll Stay you will recognise these characters as well as the quintessentially southern town of Bell Buckle. In my personal opinion I think it is well worth reading it before embarking on Wyatt and Angie’s story.

Wyatt Hennington is hot. No surprise there, hell all the Hennington brothers are. But he is also charming, kind and irresistible. What was a one night stand with Angie, turned into two, but Angie didn’t take kindly to waking up alone, so she hightailed it back to Philadelphia before he charmed her into his bed for a third time. It was all so easy, until she realises she is pregnant. But returning to Bell Buckle isn’t so bad when her best friend and nephews are there, it’s just having to face Wyatt that may be difficult. But he deserves to know he is going to be a father, even if Angie is determined that she will do it alone and several states away. What she doesn’t plan on doing is sticking around. Wyatt might be irresistible, but he is also capable of breaking Angie’s heart and she isn’t going to let him.

I so enjoyed going back to Bell Buckle. Being British, you have ideas of what the Deep South is like. Bell Buckle is exactly what I though. Full of busy bodies with hearts of gold, families linked for generations and of course the hot cowboys full of southern charm who work on the ranches.

You are going to love Wyatt Hennington. Of course if you have taken my advice you have read Say You’ll Stay at this point, so you will be in love with him already. He is such a loveable character. He and Angie are really thrown together, but of course the attraction was there and through a lack of communication it has taken this unexpected surprise to get them to where they are now. Angie makes it hard for him and I can understand why. She has her own issues with self-confidence and can’t quite believe that Wyatt, the ladies’ man wants her just for her, rather than because she come with his baby. Be prepared to swoon ladies, but also be prepared to go through it with these 2 great characters. As expected with Corinne Michaels, there story isn’t plain sailing. She couldn’t write a story without creating drama that is real life and love.


Another great book by Corrine. Once again her writing, characters and storyline will suck you in. I now can’t wait for my next trip to Bell Buckle and the eldest Hennington brothers’ story.

4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Black Swan Affair by K.L Kreig

Princess Emma Reviews: Black Swan Affair by K.L KreigBlack Swan Affair Goodreads
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5 Stars

I’ve loved him as long as I can remember.
The gangly boy with big brown eyes and unruly hair who grew up into an intoxicating man. He wears scruff like he invented it and ambles with a swagger that makes panties drop.
Killian Shepard.
We grew up together. We played Ghost in the Graveyard. Had our own rock band. It didn’t matter that he was five years older than me. It didn’t matter that he looked at me as a kid sister even as I grew into woman. It didn’t even matter when he left me behind to go to college and start his adult life.
He’d be back. He was always meant to be mine.
He came back, all right. But instead of smelling of promises, he stunk of betrayal. And he destroyed me—us—the day he married my sister instead of me.
So I did the only thing a girl like me in my position could do.
I got my revenge. I married his brother, Kael. Now we’re one big happy f*cking family.
***mature content appropriate for 18+


This is a standalone book and doesn’t relate to any other books by K.L Kreig.

The day you marry should be the happiest day of your life. But how can you be happy when your heart belongs to somebody else? To a man that is ingrained in your very soul? This is the dilemma that faces Maverick DeSoto. Does she walk away from Kael Shepard, her best friend and protector? Or does she marry him knowing she is still in love with his brother Killian? The man she has loved for as long as she can remember, who also happens to be married to her sister and who shattered her heart into a million pieces?

So that is as far as I can go with a story overview as you really need to go in as blindly as I did. If you do you will finish the book with your heart having been ripped out, stomped on a few times and then put back together. So folks, avoid those pesky spoiler reviews, they really will ruin what is a brilliant journey.

So before any haters start, this isn’t a love triangle per se. Yes there are 3 characters involved in this love story, but no cheating goes on in the flesh. This is more about how you mourn a love, whilst trying to build a love with someone else. How you mend a broken heart to fall in love with someone else. Poor Maverick really has had her heart broken by Killian. Could she really build a love with his brother Kael? Someone that has always stood by her side and loved her more than she will ever know?

This journey is an emotional one. You will want to slap a few heads and you will will her to choose the right brother. But the twists and turns will come unexpectedly and it isn’t until the end when you find out what choice she makes. The author notes at the end that readers will be very much placed in 2 camps and I wholeheartedly agree with her. My camp won (btw), but the person who ultimately won in this book was Maverick.

This is my first K.L Kreig book, and admittedly it has sat on my kindle for a good few weeks. But aren’t they always the best books? They sit there, and you keep eyeing it up, but then a favourite author drops a book and your eyes are swayed. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE. This book is EPIC and deserves to be read ASAP.

It should be everything I hate as I am not a great fan of shifting time lines, but I have to say the author got it spot on with this story. It layered the story beautifully, and because of differing POV’s it had me all twisted up inside. Seriously… this book puts the capital A in angst.


An original story that is written beautifully and will keep you guessing right until the end. An absolute MUST READ!

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: What Might Kill Us by M.N. Forgy

Princess Emma Reviews: What Might Kill Us by M.N. ForgyWhat Might Kill Us (The Devil's Dust, #5) by M.N. Forgy
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4.5 Stars

Brotherhood is what Bull bleeds and all that he knows. Being the king of The Devil’s Dust and surrounded by easy women was his everyday… until having his heart broke rooted him to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Heartbroken, and drowning in lost memories he’s unsure of the direction of his life, when the answer – consisting of a terrified Mexican girl- nearly knocks him off his feet. Determined to get his act together and rectify his club, he rides to Texas for answers, only to be confronted with the emotional ghosts he isn’t ready to deal with. He sees Anahi, and he wants her. But she may come with more baggage than Bull is ready for.
Anahi used to be prim and proper. She used to wear dresses and keep up appearances to impress people she didn’t know. I guess you could say she was a fucking lady. But that was when she lived in Mexico with her parents. Before her uncle turned on her. Before, the only man she ever loved, her step-brother, betrayed her. Before she was forced to be a drug mule for the Cartel. Evening gowns a lost memory, expensive heels traded for boots, and a nine millimeter in her hand instead of a limited edition purse. Anahi sets aside everything she’s ever known including the fairytale stories her mother told her about America. She’s angry, determined, and looking for a way out.

Series: Devil's Dust #5
Also by this author: Reign (Sin City Outlaws, #1), Reign (Sin City Outlaws, #1), Mercy (Sin City Outlaws, #2), Mercy (Sin City Outlaws, #2)

4.5 Crowns

Book 5 in the very brilliant MC series, The Devil’s Dust. I recommend reading the previous 4 books as some of this storyline relates to them and it will give you a much better understanding of both the character’s and their club.

Bull has lost his way. President of the infamous Devil’s Dust MC based in L.A, he has spent the last few years nursing a broken heart at the bottle of any kind of alcohol he can get his hands on. Bab’s was never his old lady and he broke every club rule by hooking up with her, but worse than that, he can’t forgive himself for being unable to protect her. Following yet another night drinking, he literally bumps into a young, distressed Mexican girl. Before he knows it she is taken away kicking and screaming. But there is something about this girl that he can’t forget and he is determined to get answers.

Anahi Gomez was born into a family that walks on the wrong side of the law. Following the death of her mother and the later death of her father, she finds herself under her Uncle Benito’s protection with the step-brother she adores. But the person she needs protecting from most is her Uncle. After being held captive for 3 years, and having to endure watching the boy she thought she loved slowly change, she knows she has to escape. But life isn’t that easy. The only way she can escape is by muling [EA1] drugs to Texas. For her it is a risk worth taking. She wants to escape the hell of the Cartel and finally live the American dream.

Will Bull be able to save Anahi? Or will it be Anahi doing the saving?

PEm circle 400

There are not many authors who would be able to get me out of a MC book slump; but it is guaranteed M.N Forgy would be one of them. I have championed this series from the start and I am so pleased I have. This series just gets better and better. With each instalment M.N raises the bar, but more than that she changes the flow of the series. What do I mean by that? Well, each book is different, no two storylines are the same and the tempo beats to a different drum every time. She is able to do all this whilst keeping elements of previous storylines alive, so that they weave throughout each book, connecting the dots and keeping you as the reader on your toes.

I have been waiting for Bull’s story for ages. I have loved him since he was first introduced in Shadow and Dani’s books. A true Alpha, my heart wept when he lost Babs. I seriously worried he was forever destined to be a lone wolf leading his pack without a Luna alongside him; because let’s face it, he is one hard-core president, so it would take someone special. But in Anahi he finds the perfect mix of innocence and darkness, he just has to hold on to her, and that may be the hardest part for several reasons. I loved his story, it totally worked and it was great to see him re-emerge from his fog and take the bull by the horns again (scuse the pun!)

Well done M.N Forgy, once again you have delivered a great MC book with a cast of characters that I love. As Hot as it is dark, your writing gets better and better with each book you give us. Long live the Devil’s Dust and roll on book 6. Loving Kane (hint… hint!!)

If you enjoy MC Romance, then this series is one of the best.



4.5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: The Trouble with Before by Portia Moore

Princess Emma Reviews: The Trouble with Before by Portia MooreThe Trouble With Before by Portia Moore
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5 Stars

Our history made things harder.
We were associates out of convenience.We tolerated each other.I never saw her that way.She never saw me that way.She and I were never meant to be friends.
You’re not supposed to fall for your best friend’s enemy, even if the enemy is YOUR ex-best friend.
This isn’t the story of falling in love with your best friend.It’s about falling out of hate.

Also by this author: What Happens After

5 Crowns

The Trouble with Before is technically a standalone romance. It does however, come under the umbrella of the very brilliant If I Break series. So yes, you can read it as a standalone, but I highly recommend that you read the previous 5 books to get to know the characters, their history (which is an integral part of the story) and the mistakes of the past. It really will enhance your reading experience if you do, and this series isn’t one you should miss.

Lisa really is the product of a bad childhood. Having grown up in a household with no father and a drunk as a mother, she always felt her pathway was destined to go in one direction; and then she fell in love. But that love was very wrong and the repercussions of that love have spread far and wide, hurting all those touched by it. When once again she finds herself at rock bottom following her supposed fresh start, a man that she was best friends with through association. A man that should hate her, comes to her rescue. But will their history become their fate? Or will he see the true her inside?

Aiden has always loved the Scott’s. His best friend Chris is like a brother and Mrs Scott is like a mother, having lost his many years ago. However his respect for Mr Scott vanished the moment secrets came to light that blew everyone’s world apart. Now he has to find Lisa, his and Chris’s oldest friend or his frenemy for want of a better world. What he finds is a shell of a woman, wrecked by the mistakes that seem to follow her around. But like the friend he is, he is determined to help find her sparkle again. Little does he know that she might just spark something in him as well.

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Okay, stopping there as I really don’t want to give any spoilers.

So as I have already said. This book needs to be read after the others in my opinion. Why? Because if you do you will be sucked back into this world before even turning the first page. If you haven’t, then without doubt you will enjoy it, but man, if you know these characters you will just devour it. I seriously struggled to put it down.

I don’t want to go much further into it then I have already, but Lisa, well she has serious issues that really stem from childhood. But it’s her mistakes that have left her very alone. Aiden was her best friend, alongside Chris during their formative years, but it was Chris was the cement that held them together and he is no longer around. Aiden has been hurt by Lisa’s actions, but he isn’t ready to give up on her like everyone else. He has enough on his plate, being a commitment phobe with a supposed no strings girl… friend that has become a little clingy (added light relief to the angst, she is a nutter LOL!!), but he recognises the truth about Lisa, even if she doesn’t herself.

So in all honesty I went in loving Aiden, but I did have major issues with Lisa’s character. I wasn’t sure whether I would once again give a 5 Crown review for a story about a character that I disliked so much in the previous books. But once again, as with the previous book in this series, Portia Moore had me feeling unexpected warm emotions for this character as we delved further into her mind, getting her story warts and all.

So as sad as I am that this story looks to finally be at an end, I do so with a gratefulness that I stumbled upon this unique and well thought out series. You will get all the “feels” during the journey, but it’s a journey that I can’t recommend enough. Portia Moore is a fabulous writer, who tells a story with true heart and rings out every emotion as she does it. The story and characters she has created in this series are first class and they will all stay with me. I really, really look forward to future titles from her.


A book and indeed series that is not to be missed.

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: A Place in the Sun by R.S. Grey

Princess Emma Reviews: A Place in the Sun by R.S. GreyA Place in the Sun by R.S. Grey
on October 24th 2016
Pages: 274
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5 Stars

When her mother’s incessant matchmaking hits an all-time high, Georgie Archibald does what any sensible woman would do: she flees the country.
Seeking refuge in the picturesque seaside village of Vernazza, Italy, Georgie’s only plan is to lie low, gorge herself on gelato, and let the wine and waves wash her troubles away... that is until she wakes up in a bed that belongs to the most romantic-looking man she’s ever seen.
After going out of his way to rescue her, the former London financier turned mysterious recluse makes it clear that despite acting as her white knight, he has no plans to co-star in her fairytale.
But Georgie isn’t asking for his heart—she’s merely intrigued. After all, Gianluca isn’t just gorgeous—tall and tan from days spent in the sun—his touch sets her world on fire. With him, Georgie experiences the most intoxicating passion she’s ever known, and it only takes a few steamy nights for her to realize that sometimes running away from trouble is the best way to find it.

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A Place in the Sun is a standalone romance. However, if you have read R.S Grey’s, The Summer Games: Settling the Score, you will recognise our heroine as she is a secondary character in that book. You do not need to have read it though to fully enjoy this one.

Georgie Archibald needs space. Space from her mother’s need to match-make and meddle in her sad and pitiful love life. She seriously needs to find herself. So what better way than placing a pin in a map and hopping on a plane to get herself one, right?

Finding herself in a beautiful Italian harbour village, she is determined to find Mr Right. Unfortunately after arriving looking her absolute vomit covered worst, the one to come to her rescue may just be her knight in shining armour; now she just has to convince him of that.

Gianluca has spent the last 5 years back in the Italian village he called home, every summer of his childhood. A virtual recluse, he is happy to play the town grump whilst he recovers from his tragic past. When a British girl crashes into his life, he makes it plain that he has no interest in even a friendship with her, but she is like a rash that won’t go away. Little does he realise that she may just be everything he never knew he needed.

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Firstly, I have to say that okay, it didn’t surprise me that I would enjoy this book. I have read most of R.S Grey’s previous work and I always enjoy them; some more than others of course. But this book for me is a real step up in her writing in general. It wouldn’t be a R.S Grey book without her humour and the quirkiness that we expect, but this book had so much more than that; it has real heart.

So taking out the elements that I have come to expect as a given from this author, what really struck me was how descriptive and atmospheric this book was. I read it and seriously felt like I had spent my weekend in Italy. The writing is beautiful, and the romance is both heart-warming and heart-breaking. It was a book that had real light and shade and that wasn’t just in the little bubble R.S Grey has created, but also in the characters we meet.

Georgie is totally zany and I loved her. She just has a heart of gold and her goofiness and love of life is special. As for Gianluca, well he is a complex character that has a history that I will leave you to read about. He is difficult and moody, but beneath his hard exterior lies one hot Italian.


So as much as I love this author, and would recommend her to anyone, A Place in the Sun will be number 1 one on the list. A beautiful, atmospheric romance with a good dash of goof and fun. R. S Grey’s best work to date and one of my top reads of 2016… FACT!

5 Stars

Princess Emma Reviews: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part 1 by T.M Frazier

Princess Emma Reviews: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part 1 by T.M FrazierPreppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5) by T.M. Frazier
Published by T.M. FRAZIER on October 25th 2016
Pages: 300
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5 Stars

Bowtie...'till I DIE.

Samuel Clearwater, A.K.A Preppy, likes bowties, pancakes, suspenders, good friends, good times, good drugs, and a good f*ck.
He’s worked his way out from beneath a hellish childhood and is living the life he’s always imagined for himself. When he meets a girl, a junkie on the verge of ending it all, he’s torn between his feelings for her and the crippling fear that she could be the one to end the life he loves.
Andrea ‘Dre’ Capulet is strung out and tired.
Tired of living for her next fix. Tired of doing things that make her stomach turn. Tired of looking in the mirror at the reflection of the person she’s become. Just when she decides to end it all, she meets a man who will change the course of both their lives forever.
And their deaths.
For most people, death is the end of their story.For Preppy and Dre, it was only the beginning…

Series: King #5
Find the Author: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon
Also in this series: King (King, #1), Lawless (King, #3), Lawless (King, #3), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two, Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two
Also by this author: King (King, #1), Lawless (King, #3), Lawless (King, #3), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), Soulless (King, #4), All the Rage, All the Rage, All the Rage, Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King, #5), Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two, Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two

5 Crowns

Part 1 in a 3 book series called Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater. This is related to the awesome King series which includes the stories of King and also Bear. It is essential that you read these books in my opinion, because if you have, you like me, will be seriously desperate for this book.

So anyone who reads my reviews will know that at this point I will give you a brief, spoiler free overview of the story. On this occasion I find myself stuck with what to say to be honest. This book as I have previously suggested is the one everyone has been waiting for. Preppy above all the other awesome characters in this collection of dark and violent stories, is the star; and that is for many reasons. I am not going to go into why as I would hate to give away spoilers relating to the story arc as a whole, but if you have read them you will know; believe me.

Samuel Clearwater is one fucked up dude, but one that will also melt your heart. He is dangerous, dark, a sexual deviant; seriously the list could go on. But in this one character you also have someone who is loyal to those he loves and has a kindness to him and light-hearted personality that is such an opposite to everything we think we should know about him. Preppy: The life & Death of Samuel Clearwater is his story warts and all and I absolutely devoured it.

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We go back in time to before the start of the original stories. We get to see the danger that Preppy can bring in the blink of an eye, but we are also introduced to Dre. Dre is a junkie, a hardened Heroin addict who has really hit rock bottom. From dark beginnings, she and Preppy form an unlikely bond. Don’t go in thinking this is hearts and roses… Have you read T.M Frazier’s take on romance? This is twisted and dark and at times pretty damn sick, but it is what it is and it works… or does it? As always with this authors books, you never quite know where the road will take you, but you are certain of a really wild ride. We delve further into Preppy, and what makes him tick. It isn’t pretty, but anyone who knows this character knows that as much as your stomach will be turned, you will laugh and cry with him as well; his humour filter knows no bounds. And this my friends is why I couldn’t get enough of this book. Yes at its core this book is a dark, dangerous novel, set in a world not many people would wish to visit. But it is also light and funny and shows a man who is charming and charismatic and has so much love to give if he lets himself love.


So guys, if you are yet to jump into the lives of those who inhabit Logan’s Beach… DO IT! These are books not to be missed. Preppy is a perfect addition, and yet another 5 Crown read from me for this author. He is as he calls himself a “Bad-Ass Mofo”, but one I dare you not to fall in love with. Bring on part 2!

5 Stars

About T.M. Frazier

T.M. Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and baby girl.

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents although her spelling could have (and could still) use some help.

It only took her twenty years to start the next book.

The Dark Light of Day was her debut novel.

King will be released June 15th 2015.

She LOVES talking books with her readers.


Princess Emma Reviews: The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

Princess Emma Reviews: The Sexy One by Lauren BlakelyThe Sexy One by Lauren Blakely
Pages: 188
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4.5 Stars

From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O, comes a sexy new standalone romance…
Let me count the ways why falling into forbidden love is not my wisest move…1. She works with me every single day.Did I mention she's gorgeous, sweet, kind and smart?2. She works in my home.Playing with my five-year-old daughter. Teaching my little girl. Cooking for my princess. Which means…3. She's the nanny.And that makes her completely off-limits…But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her. All of her.
The other nannies in this city don't call him the Sexy One for nothing. My boss, the amazingly wonderful single father to the girl I take care of every day is ridiculously hot, like movie star levels with those arms, and those eyes, and that body. Not to mention, the way he dotes on his little girl melts me all over. But what really makes my knees weak are the times when his gaze lingers on me. In secret. When no one else is around.
I can't risk my job for a chance at something more…can I? But I don’t know how to resist him much longer either…

Also by this author: Well Hung

4.5 Crowns

The Sexy One is a standalone romance, but anyone who has read Lauren Blakely’s recent releases will recognise the characters and a couple of cameo’s that appear.

Simon, oh Simon… be still my beating heart.

Simon is a 34 year old, single dad who is a very successful business investor. Having primary custody of his 5 year old daughter following his divorce, finding a Nanny that would work around his schedule and also be the perfect guardian for his daughter was always going to be a tall order… until Abby appeared. Now he just needs to make sure he ignores his attraction to her. Easier said than done.

Abby is a wiz at languages. To supplement her earnings from teaching part-time and to make sure she pays off the dreaded college loans, nannying is the perfect solution. Hayden is the sweetest little thing and her boss Simon, well, she has had some very unprofessional x-rated thoughts about him. So what happens when it appears the guy she has been crushing on, might just feel the same about her?

Will they remain professional? Or will their attraction sizzle and burn?

PEm circle 400

This book is called The Sexy One for a good reason; it is H.O.T.

I am seriously loving Lauren’s Blakely work at the moment. Yes, all her recent releases are standalones, but they are all linked in one way or another and it really works. We met both these characters in Mr. O, but who knew that their story would be this bloody good.

Simon, well just swoon. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a Chris Hemsworth lookalike who is the perfect Daddy? Well I certainly did. The chemistry between him and Abby really was electric, and because it is told in dual POV, you get every little bit of their story. The book has a bit of everything I like in a light-hearted romance. The story flowed and the characters were loveable. Equally sexy as it was funny, and without unnecessary drama. It was just a really enjoyable read and I look forward to the next few books to follow that’s for sure.


So if you need a book that will make you laugh and warm your heart, you need to read this book. Well done, Lauren, another fab read!

4.5 Stars
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