Princess Kelly Reviews: Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole

Princess Kelly Reviews: Deep Redemption by Tillie ColeDeep Redemption (Hades Hangmen, #4) by Tillie Cole
on January 1st 1970
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5 Stars

He was born to ascend.He was destined to lead.He was never meant to fail.
Prophet Cain lies broken and defeated on the floor of his cell. A cell he has been thrown into by the one person who was supposed to stand by his side until the end. His flesh and blood, his only companion. His beloved twin brother.
Cain has sacrificed everything for his people. He left the safety and security of his life of study to infiltrate the infamous Hades Hangmen. He lived with them, rode with them, and then betrayed them. All in the name of a faith he can now feel slipping away from him. Like everything else he once held dear…
But then his isolation is broken. Another prisoner is brought to the cell next to his. A woman fighting her own demons and fears. A woman who Cain understands needs him, as he needs her.
As the connection between them grows, so does Cain’s resolve. He will right the wrongs he has done. He will atone for the evil acts carried out in his name. He will save the one he loves…
… Even if the battle takes him to the gates of hell itself.
Contemporary Dark Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

Also by this author: Reap (Scarred Souls, #2), Reap (Scarred Souls, #2), Raze (Scarred Souls, #1), Sweet Hope (Sweet Home, #4), Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen, #3), Sweet Soul (Sweet Home, #4; Carillo Boys, #3), A Thousand Boy Kisses, A Thousand Boy Kisses, A Thousand Boy Kisses, Ravage (Scarred Souls, #3), A Veil of Vines, A Veil of Vines, Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen, #5), Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen, #5), Sick Fux

It has been two days since I finished Deep Redemption and I haven’t picked up another  book since. It is no secret that I adore Tillie Cole; her ability to bleed words onto the page make for an unforgettable reading experience and Deep Redemption did not disappoint, proof that this series just goes from strength to strength.

Rider’s story was the one that I knew would come with a health warning. You cannot betray your MC Brothers and turncoat without going unpunished for your sins. Rider knew it, has accepted there can be no going back and yet as he sits in a dark cell, ashamed, broken and betrayed by his own blood, the prospect of ever finding freedom and being part of a family again turns his destined dream into a living nightmare.

The thought of such abhorrent child abuse acted in gods name within the commune he was destined to lead defies everything he is. Regardless of the Order teachings, Cain could never condone such brutality and in turn has branded him a traitor.

Judas has duped the commune and stolen his twin Brothers identity in order to enact revenge on the Hades Hangmen MC for killing the Elders in the previous book.

Desperate to escape and protect the innocent from his Brothers madness it seems all hope is lost, until her.

PK circle 400

Harmony has arrived from another commune and upon being branded a cursed is thrown in the cell next to Cain. Never revealing his true identity he gives her his road name, Rider as they become acquainted through the wall with quiet whispers.

Harmony may be a cursed but coming from a different commune their ways differed vastly from this new one in Texas. Living in a dark cell may not have been the welcome party she hoped for but Harmony didn’t come alone, she has friends, and those may be their only chance.

But escaping a cell is one thing, bringing down the commune and helping the innocent is another entirely. There may be a way… One way, but for Rider it will be like opening the gates to hell itself.

And OMG I have to say, out of all the Hangmen MC books, Rider is the character who is the most fearless and compassionate. His connection with Harmony is based on trust, hope and a determination to survive the unjust horrors thrown upon them since birth. To escape a world within a world knowing the outside could still prove just as damning.

This book is a non stop fight for freedom and survival whilst nurturing a love story that becomes so vivid and beautifully passionate I just couldn’t put this book down. The depth of emotion, pain and guilt makes way for strength and unrivalled determination as we see this series give birth to our strongest heroine yet. This woman isn’t no pushover, her love for Rider literally turns her into a force to be reckoned with and I absolutely loved her. Compared to the quiet Maddie, tortured Lilah and voice of reason, Mae, Harmony is the spine, the crutch that holds it all together and as a huge fan of this series  it was much welcomed.

Rider,  I can’t tell you what this guy goes through but I can tell you he’s my hero. I cried for him, I learned to respect him, he certainly redeemed himself in my eyes and pushed a brilliant series to a whole new level. I didn’t think much would rival Flame and Maddie’s story but this is up there as one of the best. Tillie Cole does it again!


Hot New Release! ~ Playing His Game by Audrey Randall


Playing His Game by Audrey Randall


Learning the moves from the best…

Aimee, a teacher, never wanted to be in the limelight, but when her pro-videogame playing twin sister asked her to fill in for her at the regional championships, how could she say no? Especially, when the best player of The Celestial Prophesy is her teacher… in more ways than one. All she knows is that she is dying to lick his Star Wars Rebel Alliance tattoo and see if he is the Superman that his other body art implies.

He’s going to school the teacher…

Daemon Ivanov has lusted after Aimee for years. One taste of her and he knows that she will be his. A few nights will not be enough. Daemon plays to win.

Caution: This story is full of lust. So much lust that you might find that you need a fan due to the rising temperature in the room. It’s the first in a series with an HEA, but is a standalone story.


The Virgin and the Cowboy

Carey is having the worst day ever! Her expensive new shoe breaks causing her to fall, but to make matters worse, a hot cowboy witnesses it. She never expected that her worst day ever would land her in the arms of her dream cowboy. Don’t forget to read to the end to see Carey’s HEA.

These stories are meant for an adult audience. If your 18+, enjoy! 



Hot New Release! ~Love Addicts Anonymous by J.C. Reed


Love Addicts Anonymous by J.C. Reed

“My life sucks. I’m not a sex addict. Honestly, I’m not. That word makes me cringe. Me, an addict? I don’t think so. I’m not even sure why I’m here, but apparently the board thinks my healthy sex life is spiraling out of control…Well, they are wrong. It’s not addiction if I enjoy every minute of it.”

A novel you don’t want your nan to read! Told from alternate point of view, this novel will have you blushing hard and laugh out hard.




Scott Hildreth | The Gun Runner (Mafia Made #1)-New Release


Aug 7- Scott Hildreth | The Gun Runner (Mafia Made #1) Click to Purchase

Once, I took down terrorists on the frontlines as a marine.
Now, I’m in the business of bad.
I’ve sold guns to people others might not approve of.
I’ve eliminated the the criminals, the lowlifes and the thugs who’ve tread on my turf.
And I looked the Sicilian mafia boss in the eye and told him to f*** off.
No one tells me no, unless it’s their last word.
I didn’t just act the part of bad—I lived it. Then she stumbled into my life.
I tried to stay away from her. Tried focusing on moving my merchandise. But one smile from Terra was like a shot to the heart.
She’s mine now. And no one threatens what’s mine.
I’ve seen a lot of terrible things in my life.
I grew up around lies and deception, and I ran away from all of them.
Until I met him.
I knew he was corrupt. I knew he was dangerous.
I should have stayed away, but my attraction to him, my need for him, overrode my logic.
Now I love him.
If he finds out who I am, we’re done and I’ll be nothing.
I never wanted to be the mafia princess they tried to make me, but mia familia had other plans. And what mia familia wants…it gets.
Only Michael Tripp can save me.

Saved by the Music by Kaitlin Shepherd – Release


Saved by the Music by Kaitlin Shepherd

Sam Brooks, the musical genius behind international success Saints and Sinners, is battling a past few people know about. When their management suggest the band work with a consultant to launch a charity project, the last thing he expects is the wave of protectiveness he experiences when he starts working with Ashlee Daniels.

Ashlee Daniels loves working with charities but lately, she’s been feeling the need for a change. The last thing she expects is an offer from Saints and Sinners. Hurt and betrayed more times than she cares to think about, she doesn’t need the added complication of Sam Brooks.

When Sam’s past becomes his present, will their love be saved by the music?


STROKES OF GOLD by K E Osborn – Release



July 22nd: First Chapter Reveal

August 5th: Release Blitz with Read/Review Option

About Strokes of Gold:


A lot can happen at the Olympic Games… you just have to get there first.

My name is Lacy LaBelle. I’m a swimmer, and my story is a rocky one.
My life hasn’t been easy, my father kicked me out at sixteen making my dreams of Gold a hell of a lot harder. But with my best friend’s parents taking me under their wing, my dreams became something to strive for.

Now I’ve found my way to the Olympic trials, and nothing will stop me from securing my ticket to the Games.


Except, maybe my brain telling me I’m going to freeze, the girl who’s intent on seeing me fail, and not to mention the hot guy who’s taking my breath away.

Everything is a distraction.

Will I get my ticket to the Olympics?
Will my hard work see me swim the epic strokes of Gold?


Hot New Release! ~You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross


You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross

Model Finley needs someone to help her shed her “good girl” persona, so she’ll try Eddie on for size.

New York City model Finley is fed up with hearing the same feedback at castings: she needs to take some serious action to wipe the “good girl” stamp from her resume if she wants to launch to stardom.

Enter Eddie Wells. He’s shallow, predictable…and just as lost as Finley feels. Deep down, Finley is drawn to Eddie’s bravado, his intensity. Except Eddie is hiding something. A big something. And when it surfaces, both loving and leaving Finley will become so much harder.




Hot New Release! ~Hitched: Volume Three (Imperfect Love #3) by Kendall Ryan


Hitched: Volume Three (Imperfect Love #3) by Kendall Ryan

On the heels of her smash hit and New York Times bestselling SCREWED series, Kendall Ryan brings you HITCHED, a romantic comedy that delivers heart and heat. A NYC playboy turned business mogul has ninety days to win over the woman he’s always desired in order to save his father’s company. One tiny problem: She hates his guts. This is the third and final volume in the story.

I’ve ruined everything.

I’ve broken the cardinal rule and fallen in love with my fake wife, and then I went and did the worst thing a husband can do.

Winning her back will be nearly impossible, but I’ve never backed down from a challenge before and I’m sure as hell not about to start now. Olivia will be mine, and I can’t wait to put a bun in her oven.

You won’t want to miss the final installment in Noah and Olivia’s love story, and especially the way this over-the-top alpha male wins over his bride once and for all.

This is the third and final volume in the story.




Hot New Release! ~ It Ends with Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover



It Ends with Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover


The newest, highly anticipated novel from beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author, Colleen Hoover.

Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.

Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She’s come a long way from the small town in Maine where she grew up—she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. So when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily’s life suddenly seems almost too good to be true.

Ryle is assertive, stubborn, maybe even a little arrogant. He’s also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily. And the way he looks in scrubs certainly doesn’t hurt. Lily can’t get him out of her head. But Ryle’s complete aversion to relationships is disturbing. Even as Lily finds herself becoming the exception to his “no dating” rule, she can’t help but wonder what made him that way in the first place.

As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan—her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened.

With this bold and deeply personal novel, Colleen Hoover delivers a heart-wrenching story that breaks exciting new ground for her as a writer. Combining a captivating romance with a cast of all-too-human characters, It Ends With Us is an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price.



Hot New Release! ~ Rogue by Michele Mannon


Rogue by Michele Mannon




Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Rogue by Michele Mannon

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Rogue by Michele MannonRogue (Deadliest Lies #1) by Michele Mannon
on August 2nd 2016
Buy on Amazon
4 Stars

My lover is dead.
And they think I killed him.
I'm running rogue. Hell bent on both revenge and redemption. Whatever it takes, I'm going to finish a job that began nine months ago. An unauthorized assignment that turned horribly, devastatingly wrong. My miscalculation. My fault. My heart left shattered into incomplete pieces which will never wholly fit back together again.
But first I have to outsmart my former organization and the hired killer they've sent after me; a killer who knows my every move, who’s been inside my head, my heart, and my dreams.
I'm the traitor, Kylie. The rogue mercenary. Jaxson's newest assignment. And this is our love story.

This is my first read from Michele Mannon.

I really enjoyed this book! It is really fast paced and original.

We get the story of Kylie. A young girl who is surviving a tragedy. She is surviving this tragedy by planning revenge!! Coincidentally, this revenge is going to include a top secret mercenary group that is also taking roots in her town along with the bad guys. With all of this she is also dealing with her mothers illness and trying to protect her sister.

This is a story of suspense and love both found unexpectedly… but both very intense! Especially when the love of your life believes you became a traitor, and is set to hunt you down and terminate you!
Yeah.. not your usual love story!

PE circle 200


Hot New Release! ~Worked Up (Made in Jersey #3) by Tessa Bailey


Worked Up (Made in Jersey #3) by Tessa Bailey

Factory mechanic Duke Crawford just wants to watch SportsCenter in peace. Unfortunately, living with four divorcee sisters doesn’t provide much silence, nor does it change his stance on relationships. But when a fellow commitment-phobe stumbles into his life, getting him good and worked up, he can’t deny his protective instincts.

Samantha Waverly’s brother just put her in an impossible situation. The only way out? Marry huge, gruff, gladiator look-alike Duke—for show, of course. She doesn’t make promises—she knows too well how easily they can be broken—and this is no exception.

As the blistering attraction between them grows, the lines around the no-strings relationship blur. But Duke and Samantha’s marriage is only for show…or is it?




Hot New Release! ~Out of Bounds (The Summer Games #2) by R.S. Grey


Out of Bounds (The Summer Games #2) by R.S. Grey


I despise Erik Winter.
He’s arrogant and cruel—a man I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy—and by some twisted turn of fate, he’s my new Olympic gymnastics coach.
I’ve had to contend with gruff coaches in the past, but Erik is far worse. His stern demeanor complements a body built for intimidation, and his reprimands come from a mouth so cunning, I know it could strip me of my defenses—if I let it.
Though each of us would love to be rid of the other forever, we are bound to each other by need and necessity. I’m his rising star, his best shot at proving himself to his critics. And without a coach, I have zero chance of winning gold in Rio.
The easiest way forward would be to wave a white flag and make peace with the man I’ll be sharing close quarters with for the foreseeable future, but he is intent on war.
Fine. By. Me.
If he pushes me, I’ll push back harder. If he wants to test me, to play with my head, I’ll show him just how many boundaries I’m willing to cross. Because I know it’s not a choice between winning or warring—not if you can have them both. At the end of it all, I plan on leaving Rio with gold around my neck and his icy heart in the palm of my hand.



July Book Releases!

Did you miss any of these HOT Releases in July???

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Hot New Release! ~Something So Right by Natasha Madison


Something So Right by Natasha Madison

The moment everything changed didn’t happen in that cliché rockets-red-glare kind of way, it happened in the form of a waking nightmare. I caught my husband, my high-school sweetheart, the father of my children, balls deep in a sordid affair.
That was when I gave up on men and love.
I didn’t count on the NHL’s golden boy, the beautiful, arrogant Cooper Stone turning my life and my hockey rink upside down.

My kids are why I wake up in the morning.

Hockey is what Cooper breathes for.

We’re from different worlds and places in our lives but when our hearts collided something so wrong and different turned into something so right.




Hot New Release! ~Idolized (Hollywood Stardust Book 3) by Kim Carmichael


Idolized (Hollywood Stardust Book 3) by Kim Carmichael

He has the fame but she has the fortune…
The only word to accurately describe Ryder Scott’s life is charmed. A superstar on all counts, he gets everything he wants with a wink, a smile and a promise he never plans on fulfilling. With his sights set on having the movie he wrote produced, he takes the easy road and secures funding from the underbelly of society. The only issue is he used the money for other necessities including designer clothes and sports cars. Out of cash, he’s in trouble.
Cold, calculated and conniving, Cora Caine is one of the youngest female Internet billionaires in history. Her success stems from hard work and a will of steel. Now she’s up for the position of CEO of Ultracom, but in order to earn her place, she must learn to be likable. Whoever said business was nice?
When Ryder thrusts himself into Cora’s perfectly planned life and promises to help her get her dream job all for the small fee of paying for his movie, the offer seems made in negotiation heaven. She never considered he might be risking her life as well as her checkbook to his benefit.
However, when their hearts enter their business deal, they find there may be things in life more important than being Idolized.
Idolized is the third and final book in the Hollywood Stardust series. Each book is stand alone with their own central couple and no cliffhangers.




Hot New Release! ~ Refresh by S. Moose


Refresh by S. Moose


What’s left when perfection is gone?
Perfection slipped through Caroline Spencer’s fingers.  One moment she had it all, and then it was gone. All she has left are her memories, her pain, and her close friends.
And Mason Ryan was not part of her plan–wasn’t even on her radar.  After all, he was her husband’s best friend.  But now that her husband is gone, he’s the only person who understands her, feels what she feels, and knows her inside and out.
Together, they try to rearrange the shattered pieces of their pain.
Sharing their grief pulls them closer together–closer than either of them want to admit and Mason won’t allow himself to fall for his best friend’s widow.  Ultimately, he’s holding the one secret that will destroy Caroline–a secret he cannot even bear himself.
Will they find a way to refresh their lives when the pain of the past won’t dissolve?

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Release Blitz for Mistrust by Margaret McHeyze


From New York Times bestselling author Margaret McHeyzer…. I’m the popular girl at school.
The one everyone wants to be friends with.
I have the best boyfriend in the world, who’s on the basketball team.
My parents adore me, and I absolutely love them. My sister and I have a great relationship too.
I’m a cheerleader, I have a high GPA and I’m liked even by the teachers.
It was a night which promised to be filled with love and fun until…something happened which changed everything.


Read More


Hot New Release! ~Only Fools Jump by K.P. Haigh


Only Fools Jump by K.P. Haigh


Only fools jump…and Zoey Porter is no fool. At least not anymore. One tiny mistake when she was eighteen led to two very real consequences—the kind that keep you up all night and demand breakfast in the morning.

The only thing Zoey has time for these days is dry shampoo, energy bars, and that magical photo filter that erases the circles under her eyes.

So when Elliott MacCallister knocks on the door like a #nofilternecessary god, Zoey knows she’s in serious trouble.

With Elliott as the newly-minted resident of her boss’s pool house, keeping her distance is easier said than done.

Time to stock up on wine, cookies, and a portable fan. This summer just got complicated.

Only Fools Jump is like cotton candy for your soul—light and sweet. It’s a full length, standalone romantic comedy. It’ll be impossible to stop smiling after you devour this perfect summer read.

Recommended for 18+ due to language and some sexual content.


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