Author: Aly Martinez

Princess Emma Reviewa: The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

Princess Emma Reviewa: The Spiral Down by Aly MartinezThe Spiral Down by Aly Martinez
on May 17th 2016
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4.5 Stars

Standalone M/M romance.

I was afraid to fly.
He made me soar.

After years of climbing the ladder of success in the music industry, I finally had everything I could want.
Yet I still found myself wandering through life alone.

Captain Evan Roth was the one man I never saw coming.
Tall, dark, mysterious… Straight.

We were both damaged beyond repair and searching for something so elusive we weren’t sure it even existed.

But, when two broken souls collide in midair, falling is a given.

I just never expected to crave the spiral down.

Series: The Fall Up #2
Also in this series: The Fall Up (The Fall Up, #1)
Also by this author: The Fall Up (The Fall Up, #1)

4.5 Crowns

Book 2 in The Fall Up series. This can be read as a standalone. Although if you want to know a bit more read book 1 The Fall Up, as you will get a bit more of a feel for the main character in this book.

Henry Alexander is a singer, superstar and openly gay. Having watched his best friend Levee fall in love with Sam, it has made Henry ponder his own romantic path. Although more than happy with his sexuality, it’s his inability to find the one that he struggles with. Even his mega stardom doesn’t make the men who enter his life want to stay. Why? Because Henry exclusively sleeps with straight men. He loves the chase, loves knowing he has turned the worm, but alas he doesn’t ever turn them for good. He is resigned to having stolen moments with men… until.

Evan Roth loves his career as a pilot. Having left the Air Force, he now works for a private company flying jets, although unfortunately part-time. Having recently split from his girlfriend, he is starting to re-evaluate his life. When he is drafted in to fly a certain celebrity, little does he know how much Henry will change his life. A life that he has been stumbling through for the last 10 years. Maybe it is time to break some of his own rules, and finally move on.

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I really enjoyed this book. It is no secret that I like a good M/M romance; especially a gay for you storyline. Unfortunately the majority of the ones you get tend to be too sex heavy with a really poor regurgitated storyline. The Spiral Down has the perfect balance and that was such a relief. I have read several Aly Martinez books, including book 1 in this series, and this author is certainly very talented. I love the fact that she has crossed over to M/M. I personally find when a mainstream romance author does that it makes the books so much more appealing to a female audience.

This book had lots of brilliance about it. The storyline was original, the characters loveable, their back stories had a bit of umpf to them and it just felt totally believable in many ways.

I dare you not to fall in love with Henry, he is just adorable. Aly has created a superstar that has his feet firmly on the ground (in more ways than one), but that acts like a diva as only a star would do if he feels like it. He adores his best friend and his prankster, funny guy personality is just the topping on the cake. He does however have many insecurities and this results in his willingness, and indeed weakness, in only pursuing straight men. Evan on the other hand is a lot more serious. He has spent the last 10 years struggling with himself and the direction he wants his life to take. He is compassionate and totally alpha. He is totally perfect for Henry.

Will they? Won’t they? Will Henry finally turn a straight man for good? Or will Evan’s past be too much for Henry to accept? Well folks you will just need to read it yourself to find out.

If you read The Fall Up then you have to read Henry story. I know M/M isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I highly recommend you give this one a go. It has the perfect blend of male loving and is a great introduction to this genre


Princess Emma Reviews: The Fall Up by Aly Martinez

Princess Emma Reviews: The Fall Up by Aly MartinezThe Fall Up (The Fall Up, #1) by Aly Martinez
on January 1st 1970
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4 Stars

I wanted to jump. He made me fall.
As a celebrity, I lived in the public eye, but somewhere along the way, I’d lost myself in the spotlight.
Until he found me.
Sam Rivers was a gorgeous, tattooed stranger who saved my life with nothing more than a simple conversation.
But we were both standing on that bridge for a reason the night we met. The secrets of our pasts brought us together—and then tore us apart.
Could we find a reason to hold on as life constantly pulled us down?
Or maybe there’s only one direction to go when two people fall in love at rock bottom—up.

Series: The Fall Up #1
Also in this series: The Spiral Down
Also by this author: The Spiral Down

4 Crowns

Book 1 in the Fall Up series. This book is a standalone.

Levee Williams is struggling. A world famous recording artist, the pressures of stardom and living under a microscope is taking its toll. Each night she finds herself looking over a bridge, pondering whether she can take anymore… until him.

Sam Rivers visits the bridge that changed his life every night. He sees her, and he feels her pain. One night he decides to cross the line between observer to saviour. But can he be her saviour when he is so much pain himself?

If you have read any of Aly Martinez’s books, then it won’t surprise you to find out that this is a real emotional read. It is a love story born from despair and mourning. A chance meeting between two spirits destined to heal each other. It is poignant and written beautifully.

This books explores suicide, depression and the feeling of despair and guilt. And although the subject matter would make you think that it would be a tough read, it isn’t. That is because of the two main characters that Aly has created. Levee and Sam are great characters and although their lives are heavy, together they are light-hearted and their romance is hopeful and uplifting. Of course you also have the secondary characters that bring the light relief; in particular Henry and Ryan.


An uplifting story of finding love in the most unlikely place. I now look forward to book 2, Spiral Down, which will follow the charming and funny Henry Alexander.