Author: Anna Bloom

Princess Emma Reviews: The Game by Anna Bloom

Princess Emma Reviews: The Game by Anna BloomThe Game by Anna Bloom
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4.5 Stars

When Alyssa Rivers accepts the coveted fitness trainer's position with England’s top cricket team, The Red Cats, she knows it's going to be nothing short of hard work.

A woman in a man’s world, Lys not only has to prove she is the right person for the job, but she must earn the respect of cricket’s most elite players, including the surly team captain, Jase Willis. Known for his less than cooperative attitude on and off the pitch, he has the power to end her career before it’s even started … if she doesn’t end his first.

In a game where there is no room for big egos or bearing grudges, Lys and Jase are going to have to find a way to work together ... but can the woman who sacrificed everything for love find a way to reach the man whose only love is the game?

A standalone Sport Romance, unrelated to any of Anna Bloom’s back catalogue.

A woman with big balls – check

A moody, hot sportsman – check

An interesting back story – check

A cute kid – check

I was always going to love this book. This is my first Anna Bloom book, but having met and had a chat with her at a recent intimate book signing, I knew that out all her books, this would be right up my alley; and it really was.

I won’t get into a story overview, because the synopsis really does tell you all you need to know. What I will say though is that this book had everything I like in a sport related romance story. What I liked about this book was that it was in the world of the quintessentially British sport of Cricket. Now, before you think that isn’t for you… seriously it will be, because the beauty of this book is the balance that Anna has got just right. Yes, this is the world of Cricket, and it is a major part of both Lyssa’s and “the Lancashire Lion’s” lives, but you won’t be reading about runs, wickets and balls (well maybe some balls). This book is really about finding love when your first passion lays in a game. It is an engaging romance, without the sickly, boring and obvious insta-love. The characters have something about them, and both have great back stories. I enjoyed every single page.

So if you are looking for a great romance with a British voice,  a book that will remind you of a beautiful summer day (maybe whilst holding a Pimms), then this really is a must read… even if you aren’t a fan of Cricket.