Author: Cari Quinn

Hot New Releases! ~Nov 29~Raw Rhythm by Cari Quinn

Hot New Releases! ~Nov 29~Raw Rhythm by Cari QuinnRaw Rhythm (Found in Oblivion #6) by Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott
on November 29th 2017
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Saving her was his addiction.

When Warning Sign drummer Malachi Shawcross first saved Elle Crandall, he put her in a box in his head—do not touch. Not that she remembered him anyway. Then he joined her band, and he got to spend every night behind the kit watching her shred on her guitar.

Hating himself for wanting her.

But that was before the night the band he’d never wanted to join became his family. The night he had to make a choice to save someone, and someone else was lost.

Of course he saved Elle. He’d do it every damn time.

Though she’s filled with guilt, Elle survived—with scars. With her reason to stay clean gone, even temporarily, she’s tempted to be bad.

Oh so bad.

Until Mal’s unexpected help as she recovers turns into something else entirely. She never expected him to offer her another kind of addiction, one just as dark and dangerous as the chemicals she craves.


But with the band under siege from a threat from the past, Mal is no longer fighting to keep from falling for the one woman he shouldn’t.

He’s fighting to keep her alive.




Hot New Releases! ~Nov 1~Manster by Cari Quinn

Hot New Releases! ~Nov 1~Manster by Cari QuinnManster (Hammered, #4) by Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott
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I’m a rockstar on the run from the memories of my past. And pussies in palaces.   Record scratch. Rewind.   My name is Hudson Wyatt, and I raced cars until an injury ended my career. Now I pound the skins in Hammered, a successful rock band. But I still enjoy living recklessly, hooking up and partying all night.    Lately, I’m wondering if I'm missing something deeper, and not just how far I can sink my—   Sorry, deleted. Anyway, it’s time for me to meet someone different.   Not someone who runs a cat café, though. I’m not a cat person. And I don’t pet felines for stress relief.   Other kinds of pussies, however...   Sexy, smart-mouthed vixen Piper Lockwood owns the Pussy Palace, and she has a heart made of cat fur and gold. She drives me nuts.   Until I get her naked, and find out Piper’s kind of crazy is all I need. Assuming this pussy can be tamed.   Or this rockstar.

BEYOND OBLIVION - A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you'll see show up in the books.