Author: Cat Porter

Princess Emma Reviews: Fury by Cat Porter

Fury by Cat Porter
5 Stars
Also by this author: Random & Rare (Lock & Key, #2), Iron & Bone (Lock & Key Book 3), Blood & Rust


I still have the dreams, baby. Do you?
In mine, I plead and wait for your touch to come like it always did.
But it never does.
I strain against the iron, but you’re no longer there in the shadows.
I’m alone.
One single shard of deep dark hope was enough back then.
Not now.
My claws, your fangs have sunk deep.
Follow my trail of blood,
my trail of anger, desolation.
Am I the same man?
Soul dark,
Heart dense,
Blood fierce,
Purpose raw.
Flame burning.
Brewed on vengeance,
laced with tenderness,
my fury for you.

Chained in brutal darkness, they fell in love. Free in the world, they were torn apart. Empires rise, empires fall, and still, she burns in his soul. But between them now runs a wild river of ambition, greed, and blood. So much blood. He’ll do anything for revenge, and she’ll do anything to protect him. Love and vengeance are the same kind of savage…

**This is for mature readers only! Graphic sexual situations and trigger warnings. Some situations may not be comfortable for all readers.

5 Crowns (I wish I could give it more)

Fury is a standalone, but it is also a spin-off from the brilliant Lock & Key series. You don’t have to read that series to enjoy Fury, but I highly recommend that you do. This book runs alongside all 4 books in that series and it really will only intensify your enjoyment of this story.

Do you know what, I am absolutely lost for words in regards to this book. At this point in my review I usually like to give a story overview, but how can I even begin to encapsulate the epic journey that this book has taken me on. And that guys is what this book is; a journey of love, heartbreak, violence and passion and one that spans 25 years.

So what I will say is that this is Finger and Serena’s story. If you are a fan of Cat Porter’s you have been introduced to these characters in her Lock & Key series. From horrific beginnings a true love is born, but life gets in the way, as well as evil and let me tell you it gives us the reader a book that is gritty, breath-taking and heart stopping brilliant.

I’m not sure what it is about Cat’s writing, but every time I pick up one of her book it causes physical reactions. Fury touched every one of my emotions. I read this with my heart in my throat most of the time and with an anxiousness that only 3 other books have ever caused; one of which is Random & Rare, also by Ms Porter. Seriously, it made me feel sick at times dreading what was going to come next for these star-crossed lovers. And that my friends is what is so bloody awesome about this masterpiece.

Now be warned, this book is not for the faint of heart. It is violent, it is at times very graphic, but it is also freaking beautiful. Cat Porter doesn’t churn out books, she makes us wait and then rewards us with our patience. Her books are detailed, they dot the I’s and cross every single t. They twist and they turn and they push us to the brink, and rather that than a generic book every other month. This is an author worth waiting for because of the end product that she gives us. The writing is first class, the characters are original and the storylines have a depth that most authors only dream of creating. I am in awe of this woman’s talent and her gift for mucking with my damn blood pressure.

So as I have already mentioned, Random & Rare has always been my favourite from this author. Fury though gives it a run for its money in my affection. I am not going to say Fury is now my favourite as it would be like choosing a favourite child, but if you are a fan of this author, well it just gives you an idea of how truly epic this story really is.

In an indie world awash and saturated with MC novels, there are but a few authors that can pull it off for me consistently and Cat Porter is at the top of the pile. So if you are undecided, if you aren’t feeling MC romance like you once were, please take the chance on this author and her books. They are some of the best you will ever read!




Princess Emma Reviews: Blood & Rust by Cat Porter

Princess Emma Reviews: Blood & Rust by Cat PorterBlood & Rust by Cat Porter
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5 Stars

The bad boy.
The fuck up.
The thief.

That was me.
Once a king,
Now a wanderer.

I’d thrown the best parts of me away, over and over again.
I was reckless.
Still am.
I’d been exiled.
I did my time.
I’ve cleaned up.
Well, sort of.
I got plans.
Yeah, good ones.

Then I ran into her.

A bolt of lightning
Out of reach.

The woman I once scorned years ago
is now the woman I can’t live without.
I need what I didn’t think I’d ever need again.
I want and want and want.


She’s the epicenter of the war I’ve triggered,
of the battle in my rusted heart.
I may be as reckless as I ever was,
but I’m determined as fuck.

To hell with it.

I want it all.

Series: Lock & Key #4
Also by this author: Random & Rare (Lock & Key, #2), Iron & Bone (Lock & Key Book 3), Fury

5 Stars

Book 4 in the Lock & Key series. This has a series storyline that in my opinion needs to be read in the order in which the author wrote it. Will you get lost if you pick this book up first? No not really. But what you will miss is a brilliant back story full of club history, relationships and what led to the here and now. So do yourself a favour and read them all, it will make this read even better.

Butler had it all and he blew it all away. Through his own fuck-ups, he ruined his reputation within his club, lost his wife, lost his presidency and the woman he always held a flame for. His club quite rightly showed him the door and he has spent the last year trying to find himself and the key back into the only life he has known since he was taken in by Dig all those years ago. Clean for the first time in way too long, he is finally in a position to make his return. And then he runs into a face from his past. They have a history that only they know about, but they are both different to the people they were 20 years ago. Maybe she can be the unexpected future Butler doesn’t even know he needs.

PEm circle 200

Tania has had it with her loveless, sexless marriage. It is time to live the life she wants, instead of living just to make her husband happy. With her mother suffering from MS, and her best friend back in South Dakota, she knows it time to head home and follow her dreams of opening a gallery in her hometown. When she bumps into Butler on her journey, she is shocked at how quickly they fall into a friendship. There last encounter was 20 years ago and it didn’t end particularly well. Now they are more mature, have overcome heartbreak and are both seeking a fresh start. But will it be together? Or will the club or indeed the self- destructive Butler get in the way?

Butler… How I have waited for your story, but it was going to have to be a great story. This character has been around since book 1 and as a reader, out of all the characters, he has been the one that has provided me with the whole gamut of human emotions. He is reckless, complicated and he wears his heart of his sleeve. Cat Porter had a task in front of her that’s for sure, so I can’t tell you how pleased I am to say that she knocked it out of the bloody ball park. This story is everything I wished for and more. It adds to his past that we are already know about, but more than anything it shows his redemption, his hopes, but most importantly the fears that continue to plague him.

If you have read the previous books, then you need to know that this book really starts prior to him returning in Iron and Bone (#3). Some of the book runs alongside that, as you get reacquainted with Butler and the impact of his return on the club. There is a real slow burn between him and Tania, and it is full of angst, club politics and a relationship that could be the perfection they have both spent their lives seeking.

I thought I knew Butler, but I only knew the surface. That being said, even at his worst I had a soft spot for him. So to find out more about what he has been through and how the past has affected his whole life, well let me tell you, it means that he fights Dig for the top spot in my affections.

So, this may well be the end of this series, but I have it from a very reliable source that it is just the beginning for some side characters. Cat Porter has dangled the carrot and I can’t bloody wait to eat it.

If you love MC romance, this series really is a MUST READ! Cat Porter’s writing is amazing, the characterisation is first class and the cast are everything you want in this genre. The entire series storyline is captivating, fast paced and encompassing. Cat has once again put out a story which is well thought out and brilliantly executed.


I once again now find myself anxiously waiting to see what comes next. An automatic 1-click author for me and a series and author I highly recommend.


Princess Emma Reviews: Iron & Bone by Cat Porter

Princess Emma Reviews: Iron & Bone by Cat PorterIron & Bone (Lock & Key Book 3) by Cat Porter
on January 1st 1970
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5 Stars

A knife that cut too deep, a slash that still burns, failures piled high and flammable. I held my losses at bay with knives, with guns, my hands, my bike, my brothers, my iron will.
But not my heart. No, my heart was the flame that would light the match, ignite the blaze.
I am the enforcer The killer when called upon, the ruthless hound on demand, the one who cleans the mess left behind. The protector I can make you bleed, Smash you to pieces. But she smashed all my excuses, and I shattered hers. For a split second she was mine, but I will always be hers.
Some things, really beautiful things, you can’t hold onto forever.
**** "Iron & Bone" can be read as a STANDALONE novel **** This is a contemporary motorcycle club romance meant for adults over 18 years of age. It contains profanity, violence, and graphic sex.

Series: Lock & Key #3
Also by this author: Random & Rare (Lock & Key, #2), Blood & Rust, Fury

Book 3 in the Lock & Key series. These books do have a series story arc and in my opinion you really need to have read books 1 & 2 to enjoy Iron & Bone to its fullest.

Unusually for me I am at a loss for words. My usual MO at this point is to give you an overview of the story and pose questions that will make you want to pick up the book and find the answers for yourself. This truly is a book that I can’t do that with. I will refer only to the synopsis that Ms Porter has provided and if you read that, you will like me head into this book fairly blind as to the direction it will take. I have no intentions of spoiling that for you. The beauty of this book, indeed this series is that you never quite know the pathway that the author is going to lead you down.

This is Boner’s story, and man what a story it is. I am not letting the cat out of the bag by telling you that this is also Jill’s story, as we have witnessed a growing attraction between them since her arrival. The story itself starts very soon after the conclusion of R&R and with Jill now living in Meager and carrying Lock and Grace’s baby, she becomes part of club through default.

The story takes us into Boner’s past, which continues to haunt him, dictating his life so many years later. Added to that, you get a glimpse into how the loss of Dig and then Grace effected a man so damaged by loss already. The pull he feels towards Jill is undeniable, but one that he is determined to keep at arms length; until his hand is forced. Will he be able to bury the past to move forward into the future with his Firefly?

If you didn’t already love Boner, then this book will seal it for you. Hard as bone on the outside but as soft as molten iron in the middle. His loyalty is his weapon of choice, but don’t break it or he might break you. His moments with Jill will leave you needing a cold shower, whilst his interactions with Becca will make you swoon.

Everything about this book says 5 crowns. The writing is superb, the atmospheric words and the flow of the story are just amazing. This author can write, make no mistake about it. The web of a story she has weaved is just EPIC.

If you are a fan of MC romance this is an absolute MUST READ. It is one of my favourite series in this genre. But more than that I am a huge fan of the style of writing that flows from Cat Porter’s fingertips. If you want EPIC, I can’t recommend this series enough.

Shhhh… I hear Butler’s story calling 😉



Princess Emma Reviews: Random & Rare (Lock & Key #2) by Cat Porter

Princess Emma Reviews: Random & Rare (Lock & Key #2) by Cat PorterRandom & Rare (Lock & Key, #2) by Cat Porter
on March 10th 2015
Pages: 262
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5 Stars

I am that gash in her soul.Once I loved Grace, really loved her.And she loved me, and it was so fucking beautiful.Once.That pendulum swings to and fro.We’re here,and then we’re—No.How can that rare beautiful be rendered irrelevant, intangible when I still feel so damn much?Does all that energy, that glory, that significance simply dissolve?Turn to smoke?To nothing?It can’t. It just can’t.Are the moments that shape us absolutely random?Is time not fluid?I made promises to them, to her.Especially to her.Promises I still burn to keep.

Series: Lock & Key #2
Also by this author: Iron & Bone (Lock & Key Book 3), Blood & Rust, Fury

5 Crowns 

Book 2 in the Lock & Key series. This book should be read after book 1, Lock & Key. If you haven’t read it yet, get 1-clicking. 

I was unsure what to expect from this book. I LOVED Lock & Key, but didn’t know whether another book was needed. I certainly didn’t feel the love story that began with Dig and Grace, but that ended with Miller and Grace had anything more we the reader needed to know. HOW WRONG WAS I!

This is Dig’s story essentially. Yes, Dig is dead, So I was shocked to say the least that his story would be told. I admit that I was a little worried that it would just be a re-hashed version of book 1; be assured it isn’t. Yes we cover some things that of course we know about, but we also learn so much more. We get to know Dig. The person, the son, the brother, the biker, the friend and ultimately the husband. What made Dig tick? Well let me tell you… a lot!

Dig is your quintessential bad boy biker, he is loyal, he protects and he is well respected by both his club brothers and other opposing MC’s. His death was always a bolt from the blue, but it seems it was a long time coming. Dig had 2 weaknesses; Grace and the demons of his past. It is those demons that rule his life, that he is unable to escape and that eventually lead to his downfall.

His journey is an emotional story of family, tragedy, love and loyalty. The assumptions that you may have made about his lifestyle, the path he’s chosen and his foolhardiness will be shot to pieces. But it’s the love he has for Grace that makes it such a beautiful, yet heartbreaking read.

And whilst his spirit still lingers waiting for Grace to find her happiness.

We catch up with Grace and Miller in the present, and watch their attempts at starting a family. The turmoil and the personal struggle this causes for Grace in particular will break your heart. With the deep love of 2 men, one in the flesh and the other in spirit, surely she can find the happiness that has alluded her since losing Dig. The past may align to do just that, but I will leave you to find that out yourself.

This is a beautifully written and essential part of a story arc that Cat Porter has created. I have read some reviews that have used the word re-hashed. What a load of bloody tosh! My biggest hate in a book is reading a story that is retold in a different POV. Let me assure you, that isn’t this book. This book adds another layer to an epic love story that ended so sadly. It gives a senseless death meaning and leaves the reader desperately sad for Grace’s loss, but also hopeful for her future with Miller. It made me cry on 2 occasions, that is a rarity in itself; to provoke that emotion in an MC story – NEVER!!

This is a MUST READ book and one of the best I have read this year. Cat Porter you are a genius and I am in absolute awe of your talent. I reinforce my request to you again now – Please give us more; preferably of the B variety!