Author: Elizabeth York

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Water Wishes by Elizabeth York

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Water Wishes by Elizabeth YorkWater Wishes (Water Series Book 2) by Elizabeth York
on January 1st 1970
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4 Stars

Well this is the continuation of Candice Carson’s story… you remember the one..

In the last book she loses her fiancé… and she about dies trying to survive that loss… and if it weren’t for the love and friendship of his best friend Jaxson Monroe.. she would have never recovered… oh and that friendship turned into a love story that you just knew would be amazing… so they get married…

Oh yeah.. that story.. the one where her dead fiance walks in at the wedding!!  yeah, no biggie right!???!! OMG WRONG!!!

yeah, not only is Chase back from the dead… he is back in the game and wants his Fiance back… and he will fight dirty to get her away from Jaxson… yeah, his best friend!


OMG… this book is all sorts of totally messed up!! There are storylines, scenes and plots that make you feel like you are on a tilt-a-whirl and can not get off!  You will lose your sanity in this fast paced no holds barred war of love between Chase, Candi and Jaxson.. and you will change teams all throughout!! You will even want to bop Candice on the head several times!!

Elizabeth York is quickly becoming the Queen of “read my books, I promise to put your heart and soul in a ninja blender” kind of writer.  She will make you question your sanity… fling your kindle and worship at her literary mind all in the same breath!  You need your big girl panties to read her books, and the ride is hell and hell-a hot!  But it is a ride.. and you do not come out unscathed.. but you do eventually get to let out a sigh or relief and happiness!

Bring it on Elizabeth!! need more from you!